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Fresh Step eliminates odors so
well, it's almost like not having a
litter box at all.

Fresh Step® Extreme Odor Control Scented Litter

Specially formulated to handle the stinkiest litter boxes, our patented CarbonPLUS™ technology eliminates extreme odors around the clock.

  • CarbonPLUS™ provides extreme odor neutralization
  • Contains an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacterial odors on the litter
  • Clumping clay makes it easy to scoop

Take litter box freshness to the extreme with our Extreme Odor Control litter.

  • Odor-Eliminating Carbon

    Absorbs odors 24/7

  • Neutralizes

    Extreme Odors

  • Inhibits

    Bacterial Odors

Fresh Step® Extreme Odor Control Scented Litter
2 Bengal 1 Savannah This is the only product that has been able to keep my house from smelling like stinky butts. We love it!!!
Best Litter I've ever found. I've had cats all my life and I don't know why I never tried Fresh Step. I was sick and tired of all the other brands because even though they said odor free. I have a covered litter box with a top and I just turn it on the side to empty any clumps and I do it every morning. All the others smelled nasty but I finally tried Fresh Step and I no longer have any odor at all. Thanks Fresh Step.
Awesome Odor Control When I first switched to Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Litter I was a little nervous my cats would not accept it and have unnecessary downloads. I got even more nervous when I poured it out of the bag the first time - there was an extreme amount of dust that immediately clouded the litter box area. I was sure then that my two new cats were not going to be a fan of that either. Later in the night when I went for my daily scooping and cleaning of the litter box I was again surprised at just how much dust went into the air. However; besides this litter being "dusty", in my opinion, I am very happy we made the switch. It clumps extremely well, does an excellent job with odor control, and my two cat's are using the litter box just as they did before. I did notice that at first it seemed like they were wondering what the deal was with all the dust in the air. I plan to stick with this brand and type of litter until it no longer does the job.
This product is almost "amazing"!! and I say almost only because the only downfall is that the litter is so full of dust that when I pour it into the litter boxes I just about need a mask because I have COPD and the powder is just too over whelming for me. Other than that I LOVE this product! I have 5 cats and 7 litter boxes and my house does not show it! People are amazed when they learn I have so many cats and they say that they didn't even smell them! Please figure out the cause of the dust as you definitely have figured out all the other issues dealing with cat boxes! Thank you!
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