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Fresh Step eliminates odors so
well, it's almost like not having a
litter box at all.

Fresh Step® Crystals

Fresh Step® Crystals quickly absorb moisture and stop odor 5X better than the leading clay litter. The blue crystals are also extremely lightweight and gentle on your cat's paws.

  • Crystals breakthrough technology absorbs moisture
  • Small crystals minimize dust and make scooping easy
  • Lightweight crystals make transport and box changing a breeze

With great odor control and moisture absorption, crystals are purrfect for those looking for easy litter maintenance.

Fresh Step® Crystals
Best litter ever!! Won't go back to traditional litter after trying this product. Great odor control and no dust. My cat has a bad habit of spending too much time in the box making sure his business is buried deep. He use to get a bad litter dust smell as a result but not any more! My cat was accepting of the change since day one.
Bring it back! I have been using the crystals for many years and it is no doubt superior to all other litters. I too, like others have noticed that it is not sold at grocery stores or BJ's any longer and that is frustrating...Bring it back! I have to go to Target and sometimes the supply is low or they are out of stock. Also, since it is the more expensive litter, I would like to see an occasional $3 off coupon like you offer on the other Fresh Step litters.
Allergies After trying many different types of cat litter, this is the only one I can handle. With my cats and I both having allergies, it was hard to breath with clay cat litters. I have 6 cats using a litter box and this stuff is awesome with clean up too.
Best litter I've tried! This litter, is dust free, lightweight, easy to clean, and odor free for a month even with both my cats using it. My older cat’s bladder isn’t what it used to be, so I unfortunately need to keep a litter box in the living room. For the last 2 years I’ve been searching for something that was dust and odor free, and finally I’ve found it! It is more expensive, but it’s so much better than everything else, so I’m not going to complain! Plus I think my cats are happier because it doesn't smell anymore!
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