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Fresh Step® Crystals

Fresh Step® Crystals quickly absorb moisture and stop odor 5X better than the leading clay litter. The blue crystals are also extremely lightweight and gentle on your cat's paws.

  • Crystals breakthrough technology absorbs moisture
  • Small crystals minimize dust and make scooping easy
  • Lightweight crystals make transport and box changing a breeze

With great odor control and moisture absorption, crystals are purrfect for those looking for easy litter maintenance.

Fresh Step® Crystals 4.7041997909546 1146
Best Litter I've Used I have two cats and they've always stunk up my bedroom. When I came home and opened the door it always smelled bad for a while before I aired out the bedroom. But now, I never have any problems!! This is my new favorite litter and I don't plan on buying any other kind. Also easy to clean and I don't feel like I'm wasting litter when I scoop the box. Only complaints is that I can only find the one size bag.
Wonderful for travel As a long haul trucker my Hokas (a beautiful Egyptian Mau cat) ruled the truck for seven years. Using your Fresh Step Crystals in an aluminum disposable turkey roaster I was able to use one bag per four week period and scooping every day kept this wonderful litter completely odor free. Since retiring I now use Fresh Step Crystals at home for my two cats and scoop it every day - making it last about two weeks. You never have to scoop out their urine. By keeping a semi fluffy bath rug in front of the litter box, I control the litter overflow that they track out of the box.
New to Crystals we just got this litter yesterday and already I can smell the difference. We have two cats one of which is a garbage gutted young male and when he poos it really stinks since changing our litter with the crystals we havent caught wind of it at all
VERY disappointed--I wish I'd looked here before buying Wow!!! Do NOT buy this product!! It doesn't clump. AT ALL! This is only day #1 and I am very annoyed with it!! I shudder to think how bad it's going to be after a few more days. According to the reviews I've read on here, it does not absorb the odor and the urine begins to pool in the bottom of the pan. My cats are 'churners'. They dig for 10 minutes before and after each use. I guess I'll just throw it out and go back to my old clumping litter, despite the dust. I feel like my kitties digging in urine-saturated litter that cannot be scooped out, and then tracking it all over the house, is probably far more unsanitary than the dust from the other litter was. Very disappointed!! Note to self: Do NOT assume that because you pay twice as much for a product it will actually be any better. It might very well be worse!
Great Product, but never any coupons... I like this litter better than any I've ever tried. I have two cats, and this does a great job of absorbing the odor. The only drawback is that it's expensive, and I can never seem to find any coupons for the crystals. I joined Paw Points with the hope of being able to earn a coupon every once in a while with my rewards, but all I ever see are coupons for the scoopable or the clay. C'mon Fresh Step! Show me the money!
My floors are blue and I've been stepping on litter for weeks This product is not the best I've ever used and is the worst in some areas. Cons: 1st. The litter sticks to my car and she tracks it EVERYWHERE and it hurts more than any other brand to step on 2nd. When wet, it turns to blue dye all over my walls. 3rd. It must hurt my cat because she kicks it everywhere, which she doesn't do with other litter 4th. Because you use less litter in the box, my cat has a hard time really covering up her number 2s. So I can smell exactly when she went 5th. It only absorbs urine well for about 4 days and then the urine begins to sink to the bottom and smells horrible. Pros: If the product was cheaper and you used more litter, this would work better because for the first few days it really does absorb urine smell. Also, it doesn't smell horrible, which is rare with litter.
Best cat litter on the market This stuff is amazing how it locks in the oder and doesnt makes the house smell bad. It also is very easy to clean unlike other brands of cat litter. The only con is its a little pricey, but if you can afford it I say its worth every penny. If it is too pricey check out Fresh Steps Dual Action with chrystals its a little cheaper.
Great Product! Excellent! Gets rid of every smell!
Works For Our Maine Coons! We're able to keep one large litter box (instead of one for each cat) very successfully with this crystal litter. For two cats, we change this litter once every 11-14 days and that's it! We really don't scoop very often and we rarely stir it (like the directions indicate). No smell at all until it gets time to change it, and that's our cue. Our female cat has very strong smelling urine, but with this litter, you wouldn't ever know it! Keeps our furballs happy, happy, happy, and us, too! I do wish it was less expensive or they offered coupons more, but this litter is a priority in our budget.
Worth Every Penny!!! This is the best litter I've ever used, and I've tried them all! I have 2 cats who can really stink up a liter box, but I NEVER smell any litter box odor with Fresh Step Crystals! And it stays smelling fresh for so long! Not to mention, it's less messy since there's no dust and the crystals are heavier than traditional clay litter, so there's less mess around the litter box. I highly recommend this! I don't know how I survived without this before, but now that I've found it, I will NEVER go back to anything else!!!
These crystals really work I have a indoor male kitty that has not been neutered. His urine is very very strong smelling. This is the only product I have found that actually does lock in the odor. No more litter tracked through the house or in the bed. Wish I had found this product earlier!
Great litter , expensive put worth it This is the best litter I have ever used. Been using for almost a year now. Have three cats under a year old in the home and no odor what so ever. My only complaint is its one of the most expensive litters your company has , yet they never offer coupons for it.
Awesome Litter! I've tried almost every kind of clay litter and it just wasn't cutting it for me. I also read that dust that clay litter brings is not good for your kitty's lungs so I switched to the crystal litter and I'm glad I did! Not only does it have no dust but it lasts a little over a month for one kitty and as long as you rake everyday or every other day and take out the poops you should be good to go and never smell anything foul!
Crystal cat litter I love this cat litter, its awesome. No odor and no mess and my cat love using it.
Awesome litter! This litter is great for long haired cats, it's virtually dust-free, and it's light weight. An 8lb. bag lasts about two weeks for two cats (if you remember to scoop at least every other day).
The BEST! This is the best litter I've ever had! It smells amazing! And you never smell that awful litter box smell! It definitely worth the few extra dollars!
My nose and I thank you My allergies are terrible, but I refuse to live without my kitties. This litter is awesome: I can clean it without major discomfort, especially because there is so little dust.
IM PREGNANT & I LOVE Because I cant change the litter box cause im pregnant.... My husband does it and loves it. He doesnt have to clean it as much. We even tried organic litter from the health food stores, and they dont work like this. Target is the cheapest place to get this litter. We also have the top entry clever cat litter box which works great. WE LOVE IT
Did not do good with urine :( I have three cats, who would use this litter. However, the urine just went straight through to the bottom so the box had to be changed entirely. And not for automatic litter boxes as it makes a crunching noise which made me concerned. The one quality I liked about this litter was that there was no tracking.
Cats and Me Love This Litter I have 3 cats who spend most of the day indoors only going out in the yard for short periods of time, they all took to this litter immediately. Even our 9 yr old female, who doesn't like anything to change in her world, loves it. Low dust is essential since both she and I have asthma. Even with 3 cats and 2 litter boxes this litter lasts up to 3 weeks. People who come to my home are surprised I have 3 cats I would recommend it to anyone!
This is the Best Litter that I Have Found. This is the best litter for absorbing urine smell. I have a cat that can not use clumping litter so I find that the crystals are a good alternative. It is easy to scoop the feces and the urine is absorbed. This is a fairly low tracking litter compared to others that I have tried. The only downside is the price. It costs more than other litters and since I have 3 cats, I have to buy it quite often. Sometimes I try a different brand of crystal litter, but it is never as good at absorbing odor & does not last as long.
BEST Cat Litter I've Ever Used! Can be used for a couple weeks- definitely longer than regular litter. Definitely LOCKS in ODOR, seriously. I'm surprised more brands don't offer this type of litter. It's the only type of litter with crystals that I can find (Fresh Step brand) ; not that I wouldn't change name brands, but the price is more expensive per pound/bag size ($15-18) than any others--- and I believe they only come in the 8lb size. Would be great if they had a 20-40lb bags! I definitely use the pawpoints so i can get coupons for them.
Small NYC Apartment I recently got a cat, I live in a SMALL NYC apartment and have to put the box in the closet by the front door as there is no where that I can put it and not have it stuck to my feet (she is a kicker) walking into my apartment you can NOT smell anything. (I tried other brands and this is the only one that works) so relieved as the smell was embarassing.
The Best Kitty Litter EVER!!! I have 3 cats & multiple litter boxes... inevitability, all 3 use the same box!!! I was scooping the old 'clumpy clay' litter every day and loosing ground. After, one week there was no litter left in the boxes and the house was beginning to smell bad! So I thought I'd try this new Fresh Step Crystals... WOW! What a surprise! I still scoop daily but do not loose the litter due to clumping and waste. Never any kitty smell when changed as recommended either. I love this stuff and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with cats. It is amazing!
The best thing ever in litter I hate clumping litter. I was always dealing with dust, and nasty clumps when cleaning out the litter. It was the worst time of the month. Then I found the Crystals and couldn't believe how easy it was to clean my cats litter box. Makes having a cat that much more enjoyable. Plus it holds in the bad odor much better than regular clay would.
Finally, a litter I can tolerate. Everyone wins! I love my cats dearly but because of my allergies and asthma, I pondered finding them a new home. With our first cat, Frankie, clay litter wasn’t so bad but when Spike became a member of our family things changed. Having a short-haired cat in no way prepared us for life with a poofy tabby that had the paws of a tiger. Poor guy, litter would stick to his paws and I swear I could see those cartoon stink lines rising from his body as he trotted throughout the apartment. Probably didn’t help that he liked to sleep in the litter box. After trying everything I could find I remembered using a crystal like litter for a long-haired Himalayan I had years ago. Then BAM! No more litter clumped in fur, no asthma attacks triggered by dust from the clay, and NO MORE KITTY SLEEPING IN THE LITTER! Pros: Cats are happy they don't have to have baths anymore. No litter clumps in fur. Cons: Painful when stepped on barefoot. Pricey. Sometimes urine settles on the bottom if you don’t stir it up after removing the feces.
Will buy again Recently purchased the crystals litter, even though it was more expensive just to see if there was a difference. I was pleasantly surprised. We are a 5 cat family with 3 extra large litter boxes. As my two "boys" have gotten older they seem to be contributing more odor lately, but the crystal litter has really made a difference. I definitely would recommend this litter. Just wish the price would come down.
Used in auto cleaning litter box I use this in my automatic cleaning litter box instead of the expensive refills made for it. I could not be happier with the price, effectiveness, etc. No dust, clumps perfectly, using less than half as much as I would with a traditional litter box. While the cats are doing their business they stink, but the minute they scratch to cover it up, these crystals smell great. So much so, my litter box is in the corner of my kitchen as a deodorizer! I've also used it in my outdoor compost when it has smelled too much since it's safe, and also sprinkled a little under the seats in my vehicle. I spray it with a water bottle to just damp and it has a fresh smell for weeks, then I just vacuum it up before putting new in. I'd be disappointed if Fresh Step ever stopped producing this litter.
Love this litter I only use this litter (even though the price has been going up =( ) because it is the only litter that allows me to throw the solid waste down the toilet. I don't have to worry about the crystals clogging the pipes like I would with clay based litters, and I don't have to scoop it into a bag and carry it out to the trash. It's so convenient and it never smells.
Floy-Floy and Ariela love this product No odor and lasts a very long time, so box seldom needs to be changed. Hope it is always available and is reasonably priced.
Fresh Steps Crystals I have been using Fresh Step Crystals since it was available in Delaware. I have 13 cats and 7 litter pans. Crystals are easily cleaned and lasts for about 2 weeks. My cats like it better than the clay litters. Even though it costs $140 every two weeks, I would not switch back to clay or any other type. I think everyone should give it a try, you may never go back.
The Best Litter Available This product is by far the best litter available. I've had cats for over 30 years and I've used dozens of different products. This stuff leaves no odor whatsoever, regardless of how often you clean the box, absorbs everything for even longer than it says on the directions, and simply works better. The only con is that it's typically expensive but I've found it at Target and other big box wholesalers at a greatly reduced price, as low as $9 for the 8lb bag. When I find it on clearance I buy a dozen bags which is enough for six months or more. I even scoop out the hard waste and flush it down the toilet because the crystals don't clump in water like clumping cat litter does so it never causes any plumbing problems. I highly recommend this product.
Works Great I have three kitties and one is picky about smelly litter. I live in a travel trailer so no out of the way place to put litter box. People come in and don't even know its there. This litter controls smells really good sometimes I only scope every other day and still no smell. It also lasts two weeks before I have to replace it so even tho it costs $14 a bag it is still cheaper than other litters that have to be replaced every week or more often.
Switched to crystals and no going back! This is the coolest litter I have ever used! The crystals absorb the odor extremely well and my cat loves it. Thought there might be an adjustment period for her from clay but she "jumped right in!" For my one cat household there is literally no smell as long as I keep the solid waste out. It's not clumping but the crystals absorb the moisture so it balances out perfectly. It is a bit more pricey compared to other bags but the crystals last me more than a month. Love this cat litter so much and comparing prices it actually saves me a lot of money in the end! I never want to use clay litter again! Thanks Fresh Step!
my cat the peepod I like the crystals but it doesn't seem to be a good fit for my cat. he doesn't mind them but he pees a lot and this litter isn't good for that. We have the scoop away crystals electric cat box. it doesn't do a good job with him. plus it doesn't help that its so expensive. 17 bucks for a bag i get two uses out of and it only lasts a week before i have to dump it. If your cat pees a lot too or you have multiple kitties i would not recommended this version!
Best Litter Ever Even though it doesn't clump, the crystals beat odor better than any litter out there. Even with the daily scooping, NO ODOR!! It is worth the price and our cat loves the feeling of the crystals between her paws.
awesome if you want to have the best for your cat or cats this fresh step crystals is the best.
The difference is absolutely night and day!! After trying a new, leading "odor and feces control" litter, we couldn't believe the stink! We have one cat, and we could smell the litter from the other room. After picking up Fresh Step Crystals, we couldn't believe how amazingly well it's worked! You could sit next to our litter box and not even know its there! No more smell!
This product is the best of the best i have been using tFresh Step Crystals for years. I have multiple cats and I found this lasts the longest. The problem I have is that not every store carries "Crystals"". I would recommend this product. I found this to last the longest and the ordor is minimal. I could use this for almost two to two and half weeks. Of course, you have to dump the lumps every day.
Great stuff Have tried many different brands of clumping litter before giving the crystals a try. I have three cats, 2 of which have the stinkiest poo you'll ever smell. I must say this is by far the best odor control I've experienced. I was worried about the crystals hurting the cats paws but they really love this stuff and took to it immediately. It's also got the least amount of dust out of all the litters I've tried. Theres no dust at all really except when initially filling the boxes. If your using clumping litter you don't know what your missing! Just be sure to stir the crystals daily for maximum litter life and odor control.
Crystals Stink Cat doesn't seem to mind, and it is great for solid wastes. However, it is suppose to last a month with one cat, however, that is grossly exaggerated. At most, it lasts maybe a week and half, and must be dumped and replace. The frequency make this one of the most expensive litters available. There is no way to get around the life of the litter because it begins to smell of urine after a couple of days use, and after a week it is unbearable. Have gone back to Fresh Step with crystals, which I find overall to be the best out there, with little dust, minimal odor, and great clumping. Unless you want to spend $40 a month on litter, stay away from the crystals.
Diabetic Cat I have an older cat and even with her diabetes under control she uses the box a lot. Other litters never covered the smell and I would have to change them about every three days. With this litter there is no smell and I went over a week without feeling the need to change. I am so glad that I tried this product. My cat did not have any problems with the change either.
Multiple Cats I have used this for years with 3 cats, one age 21. On recommendation of vet I have 4 boxes located in different areas of house. Only problem is tracking. We live in Florida with lots of tile floors. Tried a brand that did not track that were pellets but they did not like the smell. Would rate this 5 Paws but need something that does not track.
:-D I've spent hundreds of dollars trying litters! This is the absolute best litter ever! My cats like it they jump right in without hesitation. No smells,no tracking of litter everywhere. Very easy to scoop. In the past scooping required a mask. The ammonia about knocked me out every time. The urine locks into crystals. Before urine always settled onto bottom of pan,making it really gross and smelly to clean. Every other litter stays it clumps up,not true! It was just a mess in the pan and sometimes leaked from pan. Another great thing is I don't have to lug a 40 bld bag or bucket anymore! Thank you fresh step from me,Sammy and Lilly my kitties! =^**^=
NOT A GOOD PRODUCT I thought this product would be great product for me and my cat since I only have one cat. The bag said it was to last for 20-30 days for one cat it does not. It is not scoopable at all. It does not block order either. My cat did not like at all and I was disappointed with the product. However I did go back to the old product that I used it is just a lot better.
Does NOT block ODORS!!! Cat didn't seem to mind , but I did I knew right when she used the liter box didn't block odor at all!!!
This is the only litter I buy now. This litter is miraculous when it comes to keeping the house smelling fresh. The only thing I don't like is that the urine doesn't clump. Besides that it's great and my babys' love it.
MY CATS LOVE IT We have 3 cats and they will only use the crystals. If we try something else they wont use the litter box they love the crystals.....
Great for small rooms/apparentments I rent a small bedroom at my Aunts house with my one cat, Keekee. I've been using the Crystals for about 2 years now for the simple fact that you are able to flush the waste and the crystals in the toilet, which is allowed in my city (some cities ask you to not). The crystal soak up the urine smell very well. If you scoop and 'stir' the crystals least every other day a bag for a single cat can last nearly 2 months. The only cons are that they are a little dusty when you FIRST fill the box. Definitely not as dusty as clay litter but you can still smell it. I often fill it outside and lit it sit for 10 mins. The only other con is I'd like to see the crystal be a little more absorbent with urine.. it masks the smell well but almost always I find wet crystals at the bottom of the box, which with a good shake usually falls in the trash.. but it would be nice for them to be slightly more effective.
Best Litter out there We rescued our little kitten from under an abandoned house, she was nothing but skin and bones. When we brought her home it was a little hard to get her litter trained because she seemed really picky. We tried using the $4 big bag kind (the cheap stuff because we are both college students) but she was not having it. There was a lot of dust and she just did not like the feel of it, she would go just outside of the litter box. Then we tried the Fresh Step scoopable hoping that would please our little miracle, but she just was not having that either. We finally came across the Crystals and it has worked wonders. At first we were a little hesitant because of how expensive it was, but it is expensive for a reason, it works! We scoop out the solids 1-2 times a day and about every two weeks we shovel out the yellow and put in a little more blue. We do full cleanings once a month which is wonderful because in the end it winds up being much cheaper for us, and you cant even smell it! Definitely a must.
Diabetic Feline I have a 13 yr old cat who has been insulin dependent for 3 years now. A sure sign of high blood sugar is the urine in litter box turns sludgy in clay litter and sticks to her paws. I have had to wash all paws daily and finally decided I need to find another litter. I tried the "organic" types, it is gentle on her paws, does not stick, but it is everywhere and has no odor control. I saw the Crystals and thought I would try it. does not stick to paws, is not all over the floor and is not hard on her feet. Best thing is, NO ODORS!!! I scoop every evening and clean out and add more on weekends. still spending about the same amount over all, but this is a little more expensive than others, but so worth it!! Thank you!
Nothing Else in Our Litter Box! When my fiance and I moved into our apartment and took in 3 cats (now 2, Katt passed away from old age in the spring) whose owners couldn't keep them, they all recommended a different brand of litter. We tried generic type, trying to save some money. I wasn't satisfied. But when we got the Fresh Step Crystals... excellent. This was our brand for a year. We went shopping and saw a 'discontinued' tag on the them and bought what we could. I was kind of upset. When we couldn't find it anywhere we went to another type of litter. We were constantly refilling the box! We spotted 4 bags of Crystals on a shopping trip about a month ago with my mom and got 3 of them. I just didn't have enough arms! Hopefully they come back and stay back. Our cats are much happier with this type than anything else we've tried. No odor, happy cats, happy me!
I love this litter! We used this for cat and I scooped out solids everyday and raked it, I would change out half the litter and than add fresh into it and mix it. I go about a month before compete change outs. Now we got a second cat and I expected it to get dirty quicker, not really. Still no smells, no dust! <3 this stuff. I do get litter on the floor even though we have a mat but thats expected when having cats. Best litter and I will continue to buy!
Fresh Steps Crystals The best litter around. I have 6 cats and it last me for over 1 month. I don't lose any litter like all the othe litters out there. It is the best. Anytime I see someone buying cat litter in the stores I recommend this cat litter.
BEST INVENTION EVER!! Great odor control, and so easy to maintain! I had a hard time with my teenager keeping the litter boxes in our house clean. the clumping litter made it hard for her to keep up with our 3 cats....with the crystals, it's a breeze....and the last 3x longer than our clumping litter! We are now a clump free house!
GREAT FOR SENIORS I'm nearly 80 yrs. old and cleaning out the litter boxes for my 2 cats (7 and 2 yrs.) was a chore I absolutely HATED!!! Not only was it a somewhat smelly job, but the weight of all the clay and 'stuff' was so heavy for me, and emptying the boxes to strain out the clumps really did a number on my back. I was wishing I'd never gotten even 1 cat. Then about 3 months ago a clerk at Walmart told me about Fresh Step Crystals. I had never heard about the product. but thought I'd give it a try. What a blessing!!! A little scooping and raking of the crystals each day and my job is done. No heavy clay, just dried up little 'poops', no odor EVER, and once a month cleaning. No more wishing I'd never gotten the cats and no more dread about cleaning out their litter boxes. Thanks for a wonderful product. Now if I could just find something to control the cat hair flying around the place if I don't vacuum every day.
Awesome Odor Control + Less Mess = Perfect Litter Fresh Step Crystals is amazing! The product outshines all other crystal litters by leaps and bounds! We have cautiously tried other brands that were more costly, but they never performed quite as well. The odor control is unbelievable. We've been using it for 3 years and will continue to use it exclusively.
WON'T USE ANYTHING ELSE I have used this crystal litter for over 4 years and I WON'T use anything else. There was a point in time where my local Walmart, Kmart & Targarts were all out of this litter and I had to wait an extra couple of weeks for the shipment to come in (I scoop solids out on a daily basis and rake the litter daily) and unbelieveably the litter lasted for and entire 7 weeks.I know that was pushing it but the only problem was it got a little dusty at the end but it NEVER EVER smelled. If my store is out of this litter I tend to freak out, I'm completly sold on this stuff and after 4 years I refuse to use anything else. And I have a very picky cat and she loves it..It does track a little bit but I have a broom so no big deal....Thanks Fresh Step for a GREAT product,,,,
Crystals work like Magic! These things are magical little pebbles, works so much better than any other litter I've used!
The only litter I will use! I have one cat and he loves this litter! I change the litter once every 3-4 weeks and I have no problem with odor control. Yes, the crystals do track outside of the box but so does every other type of's easy for me to just sweep up and it's not terribly messy. Easy and odor free..perfect!
Best stuff out there My cats love it, wont use anything else as i found out the hard way a few weeks ago when i purchased another brand of crystal litter that was half the price. They let me know, promptly that they did not approve. I wish this stuff was a little less expensive though. There is also never coupons available for this. It is amazing though.
Love this litter I love these crystals, they are absorbant and keep the litter box smelling fresh. I keep the litter box in my down stairs powder room and I have never had anyone even say they can smell that there are cats living in my home. Thank you Fresh Step!!
Great for Dual Cats! I have two long hair cats (complete with toe tufts) and they love this litter! We had been using a regular clumping litter for the longest time and, when wet, it could get caught on the toe hair of their paws, dry, and be hard to remove. This stuff fixes all of that. There were some tracking issues like with any litter but an extra large litter mat solved that problem. Additionally, there are no odors. When you have two cats using the box a lot, it reeks most of the time a day or two after fresh litter is put in. With the crystals, I'm getting about 2 weeks before 1) it smells a bit when cleaning the box or 2) the level of litter gets low from scooping out solids. Truly, the stuff is wonderful. I recommended it to my mother-in-law with her multiple cats.
Follow the Trail... I like this litter except it is all over my house. I vaccume constantly which upsets the cat and once you've crunched it the powder it leaves is impossilbe to simply wipe up. Has anyone had a "tracking" problem with the "Natural" type? My cat is a long hair and would the Natural be worse? The best mat I used she hated and had two incidents right on the mat to prove it, so I am back to crunchy floors.
Performs spectacularly at absorbing odors but tracks EVERYWHERE!! Litter does exactly as it says. Completely eliminates odor! was very impressed... until the next day. Woke up to see litter tracked everywhere. Bought a litter mat to try and control the issue. All for naught. Litter is everywhere anyway and had to make a solid effort to vacuum more than clean out the litter box. VERY inconvenient. Will not purchase again.
LOVE IT! YIPPEE SKIPPY, no more litter dust and ordor. This product has been a life saver. I have a small house with three cats. The only down side is that I need to change the litter about every 7 day but the positives outweight the negatives. WalMart seems to have the best price -- wished there were coupons available for the Fresh Step Crystals. Yep, I would recommend this product to anyone.
Best Liter Ever! I have two cats and you would never know it. The cats don't mind the cyrstals. In fact they never seemed to notice the change. There is no dust and the crystals just absorb everything. They even dehydrate the fecal matter so there is no smell. My only complaint ever would be that there are no coupons for it and that it is not carried by many stores but I am more than willing to pay the full price and to go out of my way to get it. I will not use any other type of liter ever.
Fresh Step Crystals I absolutely LOVE this product. A++++++. Never will go back to clay litter, no mess or smell!
LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I love this product! I have a Scoopfree liter box and Fresh Step Crystals do a better job in absorbing the odors than the crystals that come with the replacement trays! It does not last as long as they claim, but it's definitely the best there's out there!
AMAZING This liter is absolutely amazing. I have two cats and feel like I have tried every possible litter on the market. Then I found this one. I never once smelled any kind of Oder. I would scoop the box every other day and did not need to change the litter for a month (tho I am sure it could've went longer.). It is a little more money but comes out cheaper in the long run because you don't have to change it as often. Thank you fresh step for making such an awesome product.
I wish I had tried this first! We went through 3 different types of litters and 2 litter "systems" berfore I finally picked up the FS Crystals. No matter what I used, I couldn't get away from the litter box smell even though I was cleaning it constantly. I picked this up assuming there would not be much change, but it was night and day. I rarely write reviews, but the difference it has made in our home was so amazing that I felt I had to share. Thank you Fresh Step! Tina & Elvis
amazing! my friend told me about this litter and i said i would try it. i finally did and i can't believe how amazing it is. it absorbed all the odor so my apartment didn't smell like cat anymore! i am never using another litter again!
NOTHING BUT FRESH STEP CRYSTALS I first tried FS regular litter and couldn't stand the dust or smell. This was recommended by a friend and can't image why everyone doesn't use it! Only issue I have is with the "zip lock" seal. It's difficult at best to close but I bought a $10 container for food that works perfect for the crystals. It's sealed and has a pour spout if needed. Works much better for me. Otherwise I love the crystals and tell everyone about it! My first kitten ever and she has no issue with the crystals. Thanks Fresh Step
Never Going Back!!! Crystal cat litter is seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I don't think I would own a cat anymore if I still had to use any other kind of litter. I tried EVERY litter on the market and EVERY litter smelled bad after only a day or two, no matter how much you scooped! There seriously is no odor with crystal cat litter. I do have a cat who refuses to "cover up", and still the odor is nothing compared to soiled regular cat litter. I just scoop away the solids and the litter is like new. But even if you don't scoop, it still does not smell for weeks, but the cat may not like you waiting so long. The urine does not start to smell unless you leave it for nearly a month. (I know disgusting, but true!). The crystals are more expensive, but since you can leave them longer before replacing, it really turns out to not be more expensive. If you buy it at Walmart or Food For Less, it comes in a 8lb bag and is many dollars less than buying the 4lb in the grocery store. Never going back to regular litter, every!
The crystals don't bother my asthma This litter is light weight which is great! However, I think the most important advantage, is that this product doesn't bother my asthma! The dust in regular litter can bother it, and other natural products don't absorb odor as well. Fresh Step Crystals has been great! I will definitely continue to purchase this.
Oh My Goodness! I love this stuff. I add it to my Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter (I use the Extreme Formula) and it does wonders! It's fantastic at controlling odors (I have a three month old kitten and three one year old cats). ou can't even tell we have a litter box, and you don't need a lot to make the stuff work :)
This litter is AMAZING!!!!!!! Geddycat joined our family in early February. We have used Fresh Step Crystals since then. I scoop every couple of days and change the litter maybe every six weeks. The odor control is amazing, even when I go several days without scooping. When we fostered my sister's two cats, odor was still controlled well, even with 3 cats total. Of course, the litter was changed every couple of weeks because of three cats...there is a limit to the effectiveness. I have used other brands, including pet store brands, but this product is way more effective and less expensive. Thank you, Fresh Step. Please don't ever change this product. [Okay, if I could change one little thing, I would make the crystals less sharp so it doesn't hurt when I step on litter that somehow gets kicked of the box - even with a cover...LOL!]
The *Best* I have 4 cats (adopted) and found that Crystals are the very best of any litter! I can only find it though at Walmart and buy several bags at a time. It lasts alot longer than any other litter I've had! Thanks for making Crystals!
Perfect Cat Litter is Fresh Step This is the best cat litter in the world!! I have tried every cat litter on the market. I had a out of town friend come over for a visit and he was amazed that there was no smell at all. He said he uses Johnny cat and when you open up his garage door you immediately smell the cat urine. When I was changing there box my Auri jumped in the box before I finished pouring all the litter in there ! My cats love it!! I will never buy any other product but Fresh Step Crystals. There is no odor, little tracking,if you scoop on a regular basis it lasts along time,my cats love it and I love it. The only problem is that there is only 2 stores in Phoenix,Arizona that carry Fresh Step Crystals. Walmart and Target are the only stores that carry it. None of the grocery stores carry it. They carry some fresh step products but not the crystals. Thank you Fresh Step for creating the perfect cat litter in the world!!
Fresh Step Crystals makes life better I live in a small 2 bedroom home that is about 900 square feet and I have 4 cats. In a small house you can smell everything from every room. So you exactly knew when its time to change the box. Before I tried Fresh Step Crystals I was going though about 16 pounds of clay cat litter a week. That was mostly to keep up with the smell. Now a 8 pound bag of crystals will last for 2 weeks. Well worth the price. I can stop buying all the candles and air fresheners to cover up. Plus, turn off my air purifiers now! Which will save me money too. Plus, my cats seem not to track it though the house as far. You know who else should be thanking you? My garbage men... Thanks again
Awesome replacement for old-school clay litter! My two old cats took to this right away with a minimum of fuss. Love the fact there is no dust, and no clay sticking to the sides of the litter boxes. MUCH easier cleanup....just stir the litter and remove the solids. And the odor control is fantastic...light-years ahead of the clay stuff that smells after a day. Wish I had switched from the nasty clay-based litter a lot sooner.
Best Cat Litter Ever This is the only litter that my cat will use without problems. I never have it smell up the house and it doesn't smell when I am trying to clean it out either. My cat loves it and I do too since it absorbs all smells!
The is the best litter I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!! This litter works so well - I never have to scoop out urine - and it locks the odor in like it says it will!!!! I just stir every once in a while and scoop the solid waste. It usually lasts longer than the 30 days also. My cats switched to this litter easily. I would highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looked for a while We have Himalayan show cats and other litter gets stuck in the toe tufts and its a bit like cement to get out. This stuff is perfect for these guys' feet. Our short-hairs like it too. The stuff lasts a long time and does not smell bad because it traps the odors in! I am glad we tried it!
My cats and I love it I've tried many cat litter brands and 2 other brands of crystals. This is by far the best in my opinion. It has a light scent and controls urine odor very well. Even my picky cat loves it. She has stopped urinating around the house. I just wish it came in a larger size. With 3 cats I have to buy several bags at a time.
CAROL in CAROLINA The CRYSTALS are the BEST WAY TO GO!!! I have 1 cat & now disabled living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Our maintenance man has been in for regular upkeep & inspections. After 5 years with the same pet, HE finally saw her run through the bedroom 1 day & claimed, "I didn't know you had a pet!" I told him that was the way it was suppose to be if you use the RIGHT LITTER. He asked what it was & I showed him the bag. He said it definitely was working. I've never had a complaint from company or family visiting. It's also much easier to clean up if you use plastic liners in the box. NEVER ANY scratch thru when she covers, the litter is easier on her feet & VERY LITTLE tracking when getting out of her "potty".TRY IT...YOU'LL LIKE IT! Only thing that would help...if it were a little less expensive. Thanks for the opportunity to share.
Try every brand of litter and will never go back..Love Crystals I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CRYSTALS FRESH STEP LITTER. i WILL NEVER TRY ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN CRYSTALS
You got to be kitten me,this litter is purrfect! This litter is so purrrrfect ! I have 2 cats and I cannot smell it at all! I use to use a clumping litter,but it was so dusty,and by the 3rd day it would start to stink! This litter is so easy to use,just scoop out all your kitty presents everyday and I change the whole litter every week (Both my cats use the same litterbox) When I just had my first cat though,she used this,and I didn't have to change it for 2 weeks ! I loooove it ! I do have to say,It's a little pricey,but it's worth it !
Best Cat Litter This cat litter does the best job of controlling odors. We have a Maine Coon who requires non-clumping litter due to the long hair on his feet. The vet said that clumping litters can collect in his foot tufts and then enter his digestive tract when he cleans his feet. Well the crystals are by far the best non-clumping litter product that we have used. The odors are controlled far better than with clay, and you have to dump the entire contents far less often. There is also less dust with this product. Wouldn't use anything else.
It worked for us for awhile I really like the crystals. Since it absorbs the moisture, it really made scooping easy and the litter would stay cleaner longer. I used it for a couple years and then I went on vacation and left my cat with my dad to watch. He used a regular litter (he has his own cats) and when I brought my cat home he refused to use the crystals again. We've now switched a different type of Fresh Step.
Outstanding oder control and CLEAN Tried every litter out there. This is by far the best there is. You must "stir" up the litter daily when you scoop out the feces, to mix the crystals up- but that's hardly a chore. It also tracks 100x less then clay.
Amazing!! We have 5 cats (3 indoor, and 2 indoor/outdoor.) Fresh Step Crystals is the only litter all 5 will use. Before we started buying the crystals, I had 5 different types of litter I used for each cat, now it just the one. We frequently clean our boxes, and completely change the litter ever other week now instead of each changing litter in each box 3 to 4 times a week. I have tried generic crystals to lower costs, but they do not work as well, and track much more then Fresh Step. My only complaint is the cost it higher than clay, but overall since I don't change boxes so often, my end cost is cheaper.
Amazing! I never knew I could be so in love with cat litter. Seriously. You do NOT smell the litterbox. You do not scoop any urine (think gooey and stuck to the bottom). Just pick out the poo. The litter doesn't get tracked out all over the floor nearly as much as regular litter. It lasts forever... I only change mine out every 2-3 weeks. It is much easier than lugging around regular litter, since its so lightweight. I can't think of a thing that would make this any better!
BEST EVER! When I first adopted my cat, I bought the Extreme Odor Control litter because we are in a small apartment...but she was sneezing like crazy! Thought the dust made her do this, so I switched to the Crystals, and WOW! This is literally the BEST litter on the market. No dust, no smell, and it will last almost a month for my one cat. The price is a little on the high side, but since you only have to change it once a month its totally worth it. LOVE that you don't have to scoop the urine clumps out; makes litter box maintenance a cinch! You won't be disappointed with it!
WONDEFUL This is the best litter I have used, and I have tried almost every kind out there. I love that it doesn't clump the urine. It controls odor very well. My only complaint is the price.
The choice is crystal clear I had tried Crystals many years ago, at that time I had only one litter pan and my primary cat did not like the Crystals. Fast forward to now with 4 cats and 3 litter pans - I need to minimize dust so I tried the Crystals in one of the litter pans and it seems all 4; including the primary cat have accepted the Crystals. Stays in the litter pan and no dust when dumping the bag into the pan.
Crystals Used w/ 2 Special Electric Self Clean Boxes Great stuff. 2 cats. No odor ever. One cat very fastidious. Clean when litter looks a little yellow. Use it w/2 special self cleaning litter box. Scoop out hard stuff. Box mixes up wet stuff. No mess, no fuss. Easier to keep clean and wash than 2 old clay self clean boxes I had.
No odor control!! I used to buy this regularly before my 2 males cats were fixed because it worked better than the store brand clay litter I used to buy. After a couple of years of using this, and my cats getting fixed, the odor control stopped working. I'm guessing they must have changed their formula. Also, a friend of mine had originally recommended this to me because of its lack of dust, which again was a problem after so much time. Every time I buy this there is a huge amount of dust and it leaves a grimmy film on everything even before the cats get a chance to use it! (and I only get it for when we go away as it's not clumping so it's easier on our house sitters to sift) After just 3 days of this stuff used by my cats the odor control stops working and it really exaggerates the smell of their urine. I no longer buy this for regular use. Arm & Hammer clumping does a better job at controlling odors and clumping. This is not a clumping litter, and I don't know why some people are calling it that. The cats have no problem with it though.
Amazing!!! Best litter ever!! At first, I was hesitant to try it since I have 7 kitties and wasn't sure it would really live up to it's claims. Wow am I glad I tried it! I was looking for something with low/no dust, and the crystals have solved my problem. With a baby on the way, I no longer have to worry about litter dust, and my cats love it! Odor? What odor?!! Even my husband loves this litter, and that says a lot :)
AMAZING I absolutely love this stuff. It's goal is to keep the nasty odors away and it does just that. It doesn't all clump together and waste a bunch of litter while doing it's job.. It's easy to scoop and my cat loves it :) I've tried to get others to use it but their excuses were they are too lazy to scoop cat litter. I have 1 cat, so I only have to use 1 bag a month which is AMAZING!!! it costs me $15 a month whereas when I was using litter I was paying closer to $30/$40 month because I hate the smell of urine Thank you for such a great product
Fresh Step Crystals BEST CAT LITTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I've tried every litter on the market and the crystals are the best thing since sliced bread! Even my cat thinks so. He is very finicky about having a clean litter box. He's been known to rebel when he feels his litter box is not clean enough. No more problems since changing to the crystals.
Love this stuff I'm not a cat person at all. My husband deals with the litter box. Over the years he's tried many different types of litter. Since he began using this litter a couple of months ago, I've noticed a huge difference in the smell. I can walk down the hall without the awful smell of kitty litter. I have been recommending this stuff to any person I know with a cat. It is amazing and worth the money because now we don't have to buy it as often. I gave everything an excellent even though this stuff doesn't clump.
Love Best litter I have ever used and my cat loves it..
Coonhusker Maximus Loves It! Best litter I have ever tried, and we are going on eight years with it. No urine odor and with very furry paws, less tracking. Because he is a 16 lb. cat, I really need to change the litter every 3 weeks. Having disabilities, the litter is so much lighter and easier to manage for me. Wished we got coupons for the Crystal litter.
Love My favorite thing about this cat litter is that it is Soo light. I can carry it from the car to the house without bothering my husband!
Best Litter My cat is very picky about her litter. This is the best stuff I have found and she loves it and the best part with this litter I smell nothing...For a while I had a hard time finding it I have a Walmart 2 minutes from my house and they never had it, I liked this litter so much (I drove 15 miles just buy it) thank goodness my Walmart finally has it all the time...
I Will Always Buy This I have long used Fresh Step Crystals in one of our litter boxes (I have one cat who will not use clay/clumping litter) and it is absolutely amazing! One 8 lb bag more than fills a jumbo size litter box and lasts approximately one month (by comparison it takes about 40 lbs of clumping litter to fill a jumbo size box). It's been my experience that Fresh Step Crystals is actually a much better value than their clumping litter.
Nothing could be better. We have four Siamese cats and two litter boxes. The litter boxes are kept in the master bathroom so keeping odor down is very important. Our vet got us started when we got our first kitten and eight years later and we are still 100% happy. We once tried to switch litter but the girls left a present outside the litter box to let us know they were not happy. I scoop everyother day and change out the litter every two weeks and this seems to really keep the cats happy and special us with the odor.
Excellent! Have had cats my whole life and just recently discovered the best cat litter ever! A neighbor in our apartment complex mentioned it to me and I was hesitant at first because of the cost and I thought the bag was small for what I was paying, BUT, it is worth every penny, and then some! Lasts 3 weeks with one cat, but would be able to make it 4 if we didn't live in an apartment and have to keep the cat box in the bathroom closet. Most important thing is to keep the litter stirred up every day/every other day so that it absorbs as much of the urine as possible. Absorbs, clumps and hardens #2 feces very quickly. Will NEVER use anything else again!!!
Definitely a must-have! Three cats, two litter boxes, and a small apartment. My boyfriend and I thought it would be a fiasco... until a friend of mine told me about this litter! The apartment doesn't smell at all! We still scoop it out every night; we also wash out the pans and put in fresh litter once a week. This litter just makes the job a lot easier!
The Crystal Experience Once you try Fresh Step Crystals, you will never return to regular cat litter. The crystals are truly amazing. Recently, I had my carpets cleaned and the carpet cleaner never realized, until I told him, that I have two cats and a dog. He was amazed that there were no odor issues. Fresh Step Cat Crystals are the reason my home stays fresh. The cats seem to like the crystals as the granulars don't seem to stick in their paws as much as the regular litter does. To be honest, I tried a cheaper knock off product of the Crystals and even though it was slightly cheaper, I ended up changing the pan much sooner. That being said, Fresh Step Crystals are the only alternative in my household.
crystals will not last longer than fifteen days for more than one cat household> almost no liter or urine or fecis smell for two weeks or so.
LOVE IT Odor control is fantastic. At first i kept using clumping litter but that never worked for the odor control.
Best Stuff Ever!!! There is no other litter as far as I'm concerned! No odor at all, ever. I love it! I DO wish I could get some coupons for it, though. It is relatively expensive and the Fresh Step coupons I find do not include this product...
Crystals of Excellent!!! It's a little bit to expensive compared to some other brands that are coming out with crystals but it is great on odor control. Urine doesn't always absorb well and ends up in bottom of box. Overall it is great because of odor control which is important to me. It doesn't track as bad either.
Only litter I buy now I've had cats ever since high school, and when I first owned a cat, I'd basically by whatever was the cheapest (which was some weak, dusty, clay litter from the dollar store) litter I could find. I used clay litter for about 3 years, and I hated it. Any time I'd place new litter in my cats litter box, the room would get super dusty, making it hard to breathe. On top of that, whenever my cats would use the litter, I could smell it from several rooms away. Don't get me started on cleaning up! If the particular cheap brand decided to clump, it would cement into the box, and if it didn't, it was just a pile of mush in the box. Then I came across Fresh Step Crystals in the grocery store. Apart from noticing it because it was "oh so pretty crystals," I was intrigued by the promise of "locking in odors." I got some for my one cat at the time, and it was great. It was easy to tell when it needed to be clean (i.e., all the crystals would be green instead of blue) and it wouldn't smell as much nor be hard to clean. The crystals lock in the smell of cat urine really well, I never know when my cats use it. The only complaint I have is, it doesn't quite mask the odor of feces well, but I know that could lessen with the type of food I feed my cats, so it's not a big deal. Other than that, I love the crystals and don't mind paying a bit more for it over the clay stuff. One suggestion though: make a larger size of the crystals, it would make my life so much easier if I could buy something bigger than a 4 lb. bag!
Life Saver :) Best cat litter ever!! It controls the odor perfectly.... I was loosing my mind and spending a fortune trying to get rid of that strong litter box odor ~~ nothing works like the crystals.... and I really do change it every 10-14 days with 2 cats!! Amazing!!! Thank you Fresh Step!!! woo hoo!!!!
THE BEST !!! The fresh step crystals is the best litter ever !!! I have 3 cats and would never use anything else ever again. It is more expensive then the other litter but it worse every penny. I have tried everything out there and this by far is the BEST !
Fresh Step Crystals My cats refuse to use this, I have to assume the crystals are too sharp for their paws. This product was a total waste of my money!
How Did I Ever Miss This! Crystal litter is the best thing since homemade apple pie! I don't know how I ever lived without it. I own 1 cat and since I began using crystal litter, I have not smelled the cat litter box at all. The crystals absorb all liquids and the solids are so easy to remove. The crystal are lasting me about 3 weeks. Honestly, I could leave them in longer, but I want to make sure it is changed long before the cat would begin to refuse to use the box. I love this stuff and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with a cat. Please don't go for what is cheapest. With regular litter, you will smell the box between changes and have to change more often. In the long run regular litter will cost you more in time & money.
Wow! There is a Kitty litter god! Love it! Love it! Love IT! This product rocks! This is my first time purchasing the product~and although its a bit expensive in my neck of the woods~the price is worth it compared to not smelling "the box" when i come home from work in the morning. I give this product 2 kitty thumbs up!
He had to admit I was right! Best stuff ever! My boyfriend insisted I try something cheaper and it took the kitty 1 trip to the litter box for him to admit I was right!
Love the Fresh Step Crystal Litter Don't even know there's a cat in the house the crystal litter works so well.
LOVE,LOVE IT!!!! just brought home 2 kittens(never had a cat before). I had bought a different brand(was told was the best). It was to dusty for me to change and was dumping the litter pan EVERY day. Then came across this product. What a difference. I filled the pan on Monday and this is Wed. and have not changed yet and i can breath. Just wish more stores by me carry it. There is only 1 store by me that i found that has this.Oh Yeah! The kittens love it as well.
greatest thing in litter I have four cats and use 4 litter boxes. two in garage and two inside. they are in the garage when I am gone as they tear up the house when alone. They are 2 yrs, l yr and two are 7 months. they are so particular they use one litter box for lquid and another for solid waste. I scoop every two days and change litter in 2 weeks when the crystals lose their color. it's a great time saver and very cost efficient. no smell at all and easy to wash out the boxes. not like the clay litter which glues itself to the bottom of the box like gum.
Best Thing Ever! After several recommendations from other cat owners, I purchased this item for two female cats. The older cat took to it immediately, the other was hesitant but used it after 1 day. It lasts for 3 wks, all I do is scoop out the BM every other day. The urine smell is gone and I am freed from the daily scooping and worry about the litter being too dirty for the cats to use. Highly recommend!
What I prefer This cat litter is perfect for my house! I can't stand the smell of the clay litter when it is poured cause it creates that dusty smell. But these crystals eliminate that problem.
Cats no longer need to use dog wee wee pads-they love this litter and none else I have purchased every type litter available. My 2 cats switched from my persian rug to dog training pads (thank goodness),but have been urinating on the pads in my living room for months. Health good-No known traumas. Just an apparent preference for the feel of stuff on their little cat paws. They defecate on the crystals in their box,now and no longer race to the fountain to rinse the liitter from paws. I see a switch from wee wee pads to litter in near future,as all other marketed litters disgusted them,except for these crystals... BUY THIS TODAY>>IF NOT SATISFIED
Really Wonderful I love, love, love this litter. It truly does eliminate odors you can hardly tell there are cat;s living here. I have two kitties and they both use it. One of them is very finicky when it comes to his litter odor and the other loves to scratch his litter usually making a huge mess with the traditional clumping litters. Now the finicky one is happier and the litter lasts longer, and the scratch-er hardly leaves a mess at all. No more litter all over the floor outside the box after he goes. Also is much lighter than traditional litter so with my nerve issues it makes it so much easier to handle! My only complaint is it can be quite stinky when it's time to change the litter but that is more on the times when I've been lax in scooping and dispersing during the time between changes. Over-all extremely pleased with this product and will not go back to other types.
LOVE crystals! I love using Fresh Step Crystals! I have always used Crystals and my cat (and my last cat) love it! I always scoop after our cat goes "#2", and the crystals absorb urine and leaves his box odor free. I also love that there is hardly any dust, so it's healthier for me and my cat to breathe when I'm scooping or cleaning it, or when he is using it. We always have company over and nobody smells the litter box! Wonderful product and I will always use it for my cat (and future cats!)
fresh step crystals The new fresh step crystal have really solved a problem in our family. We have three cats that produce a great deal of waste. The odor of urine can be a real problem in our small apartment. These crystals really absorb urine and its odor. Perfect for small homes with many cats.There is no dust too!
The best Occasionally we try the cheaper ones but always come back to Fresh Step Crystals. The crystals are small enough to sift through the scooper. It neutralizes odors very well. I will admit that I put a Breeze pad in the bottom of the pan to absorb what filters to the bottom and to get a little longer life out of the litter. I also like the antibacterial quality of the crystals. A sanitary litter box is so important.
Great Product! I have four cats and 3 are male. This is the ONLY product that controls the urine smell AND is easy, easy, EASY to clean. No clumping dampness that sticks to the scooper....Purrfect from my family of 4. We give it 16 paws and 2 hands and 2 feet up!!
Best Cat Litter So Far! This is the best cat litter so far. It absorbs urine, so I don't have to worry about big clumps! My cat is indoor, and it smells fresh every time I walk in, when I was using Arm&Hammer I would smell cat urine (that annoying sour ammonia smell). Thanks FreshStep!
Fresh Step Crystals Excellent product. Have one cat, scoop solid waste every day, crystals absorbe the urine. I use 2 bags in the litter box which last about 3-4 weeks without any smells. I love the product.
this product is great i have 5 cats, so this litter is a plus for that reason another good reason ls that i have a very bad back and it is easier to clean!
amazing change i used to use fresh step clumping litter and recently changed to crystals. it was a great change!!
Luv the Crystals Fresh Step I never smell the cat odor and I always recommend it my friends. My friends never believed that I had cats because my house never smelled like a cat box!!! That makes me happy :)
Two Prissy Cats Love Crystals! My two girls will not use the same litter box! However, I have found that Fresh Step Crystals keep odor down, AND it lasts for weeks. It makes them happy, and me happy. With two litter boxes, I buy several bags a month, but it is worth it!
great on smell we have 2 cats. they share a litter pan. this is so great on the smell and clumping. if you keep it cleaned out everyday it can last a few weeks. which is great on the money. only one thing, no coupons for this. bummer! other than that the crystals are great!!
Almost perfect I've used this product off and on for years. Once in a while I'll try a new product to compare but I always come back to Fresh Step crystals. It is the best for odor control, the best for ease of cleaning, and my cat likes it, too. There are just 2 negatives: sometimes I step on a stray crystal in my bare feet (ouch) and I never see any cents off coupons for this product...but these two issues aren't nearly enough to make me give up using Fresh Step Crystals for my Diva's litter box.
Amazing product I was looking for a new cat litter that would keep my home smelling fresh and that was cleaner to use. That's exactly what we got with this product. Never smell anything offensive from the cat box anymore and keeps a cleaner environment for my cat and home by not being powdery and getting everywhere.
Only one problem My cats and I LOVE this litter but there are never ANY coupons for crystals :(
Awesome Odor Control I have been using the crystal litter for years, I would never go back to regular litter. It lasts so much longer than other litters. Its great for odor control and it makes cleaning the litter box so much easier.
Greatest thing since sliced bread You know the saying: "build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door..." well this is even better than a better mouse trap. "Finally" a litter that controls odor, lasts weeks and isn't nasty to change. As long as you follow the usage directions; remove solid waste and stir to airate frequently this stuff is amazing. Thank you Fresh Step.
The Best**** I have tried just about every kind of litter out there for my two cats and this rates the best for an apartment dweller. It causes the least amount of dust and tracking and I rarely smell the litter. If you scoop and remix the litter every day, it lasts a couple of weeks and stays fresh. It costs a little more, but my cats are happy. My one cat has longer hair so this does not get caught in his fur and clump like most other litters. The one drawback is that it is only available at Walmart (in my area) in the larger size. The smaller bags, sold in the supermarkets, are overpriced and don't fill a litter box sufficiently. I recommend buying the larger sized bag at Walmart for the best value. Overall, this is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it.
the best if your looking for that little extra odor protection, this is the best product out there. just add it to the littler. and it smells great. i never have any problems with odors when i use this.
never go back, would I!! Crystals make dealing with liter so much less of an ordeal. I have normal cats so the don't urinate excessively - I clean the box once every two to three days and it stays okay fine long enough! Have to get the depth correct but you can figure it out pretty easily. Franny and Zooey are appreciative of the crystals...
AMAZING!!! this product is almost not avalable everywhere i get mine at genuardis but i wish that pets smart and petco cary it because this is the only litter i use! and it works better than the other litters! so get to it pets smart and carry these crystals!!!
Great for Asmatic cats I have been using this product every since I found out that my Tortie was asmatic. There is little dust. It does very well for odor control, however it doesn't do very well for my Kidney failure kitty who uses the box quite often and urinates alot. The crystals have to be mix up with him every day to prevent urine soaking and sticking the crystals to the bottom. I have had to go to adding some clumping litter in the bottom to prevent a soggy mess and to help stretch out the cost. This is a very expensive litter, however I have yet to find another littler that has so little dust that is does not affect Celebrity's allergies. I do not recommend this litter for any cat with medical issues that tend to cause them to urinate more frequently and in large quantities, as there is no way to prevent urine soaking even mixing the crystals up daily, I have tried. It also shortens the life span of the crystals, I am lucky if I can get a week and a half our of a bag because of how much urine Pachabell produces. This litter controls the odor very well, with the exception of the one that my kidney failure cat uses, but i can only ever smell an odor when I have to shift through the box to clean it out. I often can no longer smell an odor once everything settles. I do wish this product was a little more affordable as with multiple cats I spend roughly 100$ on cat little alone a month. I also wish that I could get this litter in a bucket rather than a bag, as I have had multiple bags break in transportation to my house. I highly recommend this product for most households and have to comment that if you mix the litter up frequently, once daily, the crystals last longer. I use to be able to get 5 weeks out of a bag when I only had the one cat. Also I have never had a problem with any cat disliking the litter, they have all adjust to the crystals very well. Also I did not rate clumping as this littler is not designed to clump, which makes me happy because when there is no clumping there is a significant decrease in the dust.
cats?? where? I personnally LOVE cats love it........... my friends that come over love it........what an awesome product !!!!!!!! i wish there were coupons for a price reduction...........i use 3 of the value size bags a month. i have4 cats that are indoor., due to being too young to spay. my other 3 are indoor/outdoor..............depends on the weather if they go out...........
The Best Love love this litter, I have 3 cats and there in not a lot of odor and you don't have to change it as much. Even with 3 cats, if I clean it out every day and mix it all up it still smells good. Just wish there were coupons for it the cost of the bigger bag is a lot more, but it's worth it.
never go back to any other kind i love this litter - will never go back to clumping/clay types. i do wish it was bit cheaper though or had coupon options especially in the rewards catalog, did find walmart to be cheaper than a grocery store. my cats love it - and sooo easy to sift and clean .. works great.
I love this litter.... I love the look and smell of this litter. Sadly the price is a tad bit too much but the worst part is my cats loved this litter so much they began to play and eat it. So I no longer buy it. I guess what I'd like to see from this product is: Please don't make it so tasty. Lol.
My cat and my HUSBAND love it. No dust, no odor, less scooping. It's right up there with potty trained cats. Love it.
Better than Most I like the crystals more than any of the others. Due to the fact that I have 3 cats, I use alot and change often. The main thing that I do not like about the crystals, is the packaging. No matter how I cut or tear the top, it is very hard to get it to reclose without several tries. Could you please make a better closing system for this bag? Maybe an outside ziplock instead of the inside one without raising the price?
THE BEST EVER...FLUSHABLE This is the best cat litter ever....I love it cause it is flushable according to our plumber.
Try it! Fresh Step Crystals is by far my favorite litter to use, it's much easier to clean and it contains the odor to only the box. My cats love it as well! (: I would recommend it any day.
love it never imagined using the crystals when i first saw them on the market but tried them after someone suggested them to me and won't use anything else!!! they don't clump which definitely would be a great feature but the odor control is superior to any clay or clumping litter out there!
Fresh Step Crystals I tried this litter type and it is my favorite. It is gives a long lasting odor elimanation and last longer. Keeps you from buying bags of litter for quite some time.
Not a favorite Doesn't clump well and cat really doesn't like it.
This stuff RULES! While I find it sad that my life has digressed to writing reviews about cat litter.... this stuff has made my life so much easier, as well as less messy and smelly. Cleaning the cat boxes now is less labor intensive, plus, one is only throwing out the waste, not 5-7 extra pounds of clumping material or clay. I had decided that all cat litter was, for the most part, equal. Not any more. I have two cats and three boxes. I use two bags and can last for 3 weeks between full changes. It is also lighter, making it easier to empty and rinse the boxes when replacing the product. I am a pretty cheap person, and detest spending money on things like cat litter. This is worth every single penny!
Just wish they lasted longer Overall, the cats and I are much happier with pure crystals than with any clumping litter. That being said, they really don't last for us as long as I might have expected. With one small and one average size cat, a tray (ca 4 lb) is good for about six days before all of the crystals are at capacity and it is getting a bit too redolent of ammonia. Also, definitely need to stir the box once or twice a day . So, my only caveat is that this is a bit pricey (a little over a dollar a day for us)
Best litter out there! Honestly, I was a little iffy about purchasing this. I have 3 cats and HATE changing the litter pan. I use to use the multiple cat scoopable litter which was pretty messy and I had to clean the litter pan often to avoid my house stinking like cat. I went through reviews for hours and finally caved. It's pretty expensive, but well worth it. I ended up buying 2 bags. I poured one of them into the large litter pan and kept the other to use as refill. Every day I scoop out their "business" and pour a little extra in and mix it up. I haven't had to do a complete litter change in over 12 days with 3 cats and still going strong! And to top it off no smell or big mess from the gross clumping that was hard to clean off of the litter pan and scooper. I love love LOVE this product!
Lots O' Kitties I dont think there has been a time in my adult life where I did not have one or at the most 5 cats at a time. Fresh Step Crystals is by far one of the best litters I have used. Multiple cats can be a big oder problem, using this product you can not even tell I have cats when you walk in the door (except the occasional fur ball). This product is worth the money!
Fresh Step Crystals I have been using this product since I first got my cat. I was hesitant about having a cat in the close quarters of an apartment because of the litter box. I picked this product because it seemed like it would control odor better and scatter less. I have been pleased.
well worth the money it's a bit pricey, but i'll never switch to a cheap litter. works great. no smell (except a little fresh scent that makes my kitten smell good). the way the crystals absorb the urine is better than dealing with clumping litter. you don't have to scoop the clumps or deal with clumps stuck to the pan. it completely dries out the feces so there's no smell or mess. the crystals kind of color-change so you know when to replace it.
NO DUST!!! First time user of Fresh Step Crystals; really love that, unlike the other litters we've tried, with Crystals there is absolutely NO litter dust, which was getting all over our house, in our noses every time we cleaned the box, and even irritating our cats' eyes. Great odor control, too.
Misty says MEOW MEOW No odor Everyone loves the no smell litter. Been using for 4 years. Will never change to another kind Love those crystals
Carbon and crystals I love this product, I mix it with the carbon clumping litter and it works great
NO DUST!! Crystals are so much better than clumping litter. There is NO DUST to deal with, only the non-clumped urine. To combat this, I give it a good stir and it dries out with NO SMELL. Poops take a little bit to not stink, but overall this litter has no odor. We have three cats and go through about three bags per month. I change it when I notice the clear crystals aren't clear, and the blue crystals look green. Much longer, and it will start to smell bad. Way better than clay!!
The only litter I buy Excellent product in many ways. Nobody ever guesses there's 2 cats in the house and the litter is near a common area. Easy clean-up too.
Crystals Rock I absolutely love the crystals litter. The odor control is fabulous and the crystals actually suck up the urine and then when they are "full" they finally get yellow but still work real good. We have 3 cats and they had no problem adjusting to the crystals. I just put it in their litter box and they went. Looked at it funny and had some fun the first few times but they like it. No dust comes off of this kind either. People come into my house and tell me the litter box looks pretty. Go figure. The blue is pretty though. When I had 1 cat an I used this kind of litter it lasted me 1 bag for 3 months and now that we have 3 cats 1 bag lasts 3 weeks. Still a good deal I think. Wouldn't trade it for the clay but still use clay litter occasionally.
CRYSTALS I like it a lot better than the clay or other litter products. My cats don't have urinary tract infections either since i started using it. Found it cheaper at the Commissary than Walmart and Target. I clean it twice a day and I usually dont have to change the box but every 1 to 1 1/2 weeks. I have 4 cats.
Love the Crystals! Best litter ever! Works great for multiple cat households, good on odor control and actually ends up costing less because you're not replacing scooped out clumps all the time. Have tried multiple brands of this type of litter, Fresh Step is by far the best, highly recommended! AAA+++
I like this product, with one exception My cats like this litter, It's ok, but I have noticed when I clean my bathroom that there is a blue film on the tub, floor and any other fixtures in the bathroom. So I am assuming that when the cats get in the box it must stir up blue dust which causes a film to be on various items in the bathroom. This litter to me is way over priced and there are never coupons in the litter to help with the expense. There is a $5.00 difference from one store and another store of which I will not name. I will say that Wal-mart and Target are the cheapest. $13 compared to $18. I have two cats and have to change this twice a month so it gets to be expensive.
love the crystals Have use this cat litter since Mr. Bigglesworth was kitten. Love it!
Worth the Money This stuff is the best I've ever used. I know it's pricey, but you dont have to clean the litte box half as much, and there is no odor! So worth it to me! I hate cleaning the box, but I hate the smell worse. Buy it you wont be sorry, and no grittysand all over the floor when the cat walks away!
Just got it...looks good so far So I just changed the litter in one of the litter boxes to see how the cats take to it. So far it is a score. Bubbles is the only one brave enough to try it, but the other two are awfully interested. I may have them converted in just one day. Yay!
No Odor & I DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN IT! I used to use the clumping style cat litter. Now I use the crystals, and I would NEVER GO BACK! With the clumping style, you have to clean it constantly, because it clumps around what 'duty' your cat just did, with the crystals, it's like it dehydrates your cats 'duty' making it hard, and there is NO SMELL! I have one cat, and a bag of this last me at least a month and 1/2. I only clean his litter box once during this time. I think it works better if you don't clean it out, and stir the litter, but rather do NOT stir and do NOT clean but once in the span of 45 days. Another good reason, is that clumping style sticks to your cats paws when coming out of the litter box, making cleanup after him horrible. with the crystals, he still tracks some out, but not near as much becasue it doesn't stick to their feet! I live in a camper 7 months out of the year for my job. I have one cat, one litter box, and I don't notice the smell of the litter box at ALL! I definitely recommend this to ANYONE! I will NEVER go back to the 'old' clay style, clumping litter.
Great Litter for Traveling When my wife and I moved to our present community three years ago, I bought a sack of Fresh Step Crystals to use in the temporary litter box we brought with us to use until we could move into our house. That four-pound bag of litter served us very well with absolutely no odor until we could get settled into our new home. I recommend it to anyone who travels with cats, or who must get by in a small room with cats for any length of time.
Odor Control of Crystal Litter My kitties and I are truly happy with the odor control of the Fresh Step Crystal litter and the compliments I receive from visiting guests regarding the complete lack of cat / litter odor is a pride factor in keeping our apartment smelling fresh and inviting.
Found the perfect cat litter This litter does not clump. Its has so little (to no) dust, it doesn't get all over the bathroom when I pour it into the litter box. It doesn't smell, the dried solid waste cleans up easily, and the amount of litter I have to clean up has decreased significantly because I ONLY have to scoop out the solid waste!! The crystals really do eliminate or lock in the urine smell. It doesn't stick to my cats feet, so there is very little tracking. I used to have to vacuum and/or sweep the bathroom floor 3-4x/week with clumping litter, but with this product, I don't have to! I clean the bathroom as a regular routine, rather than having to do extra work due to tracked litter. Also, the product is very light and so its easy to walk up my three flights of stairs to my condo while carrying this product, and easy to move the litter box around so it can be cleaned. I am very appreciative of this product!
Awesome I like this product because it's easier to clean and it's not as dusty as clay litter. The cats seem to like it better too.
Older Cat loves the crystals My cat, Chica, is now 13 and we were beginning to have problems with her going outside the litter boxes. We changed to the crystals and she loves it. Fixed our problem. It controls odor, easy to use and Chica prefers it to the downstairs litter box which has the Fresh Step litter in it but not crystals. We will be switching the downstairs box to crystals as well.
the best i have tried every kind of litter out there. i was very leary of the crystals when i first saw them but i figured i'd give it a try. i have not used any other litter since. it scoops out easily and my favorite part is that the cat's don't get litter stuck in their paws and leave it all over the house. very satisfied.
fresh steps crystals I have been using the crystals since I got my cats in 2005, and I think it is great. I have not been able to change to anything else and the cats love it.
Awesome! The crystals do not clump, but when you use them you can hardly tell that you own cats!
so far so good We have a total of 4 indoor cats. I bought Fresh Step Crystals for the first time a month ago. I really like it so far.
It's Great! We sift this and it works better than any product we've tried. No cat smell at all!
LUV CRYSTALS I have tried other brands and Fresh Step Crystals ROCKS!
my nose thanks this its oder control is amazing! but im the girl who likes clumping litter i can change. also i dont recomend leving it in to long or you'll clean out green crystal instead of white
Like most qualities of this litter I like the odor control, but it is expensive and hard on the knees. My cat has his own little apartment in a huge crawl space but to clean the box I am on my knees! Ouch.
Expensive, but worth it! I use this for a kidney failure cat, that urinates frequently.
Two indoor cats This is the only cat litter that I use; I have very little odor and it is so easy to keep the litter box clean. I have gotten my mom hooked on this for her own cat.
The best cat litter ever I Love this cat litter. I used Fresh Step for years but when I tried the Crystals thats when it all changed for us. The Crystals are dust free, odor and wetness absorbant. My cats and I are very satisfied with this product!
Crystals ROCK! I have 5 cats and they have three litter boxes all filled with Fresh Step Crystals. I like the low dust rate and the great odor control. The cats seem to appreciate the soft texture too.
It is the best!!!!! My cat's love this product. I am so serious, they love it!!!!! They play like they have a little sandbox. It does not clump on their pads and there is no odor from the litter and it is easy to scoop and clean the area in which they just used. The crystal litter is the best product that has been made for my babies. Thank You
Awesomeness in a Bag I have been using this product for almost 3 years and I swear by this cat litter... I have 2 male cats and if I scoop often the litter will last for 2-2 1/2 weeks. I hardly ever smell anything, clean up is easy. Most importantly my cats seem to like the litter (I know this because I tried to change the litter to save money and Sushi was having none of that)
Love it I absolutely love the fresh step litter crystals! I go out of my way to go to the stores that carry them, because I won't go without them. I have 4 cats and have been using the crystals for years. They keep odor down and my cats happy!
I've used them for years.... This is my second set of cats that use the crystals. My first two were started on the old clay litter which I hated. I tried clumping litter, but they didn't like it. I tried the crystals and it's all I use.
Low odor, low dust and a happy cat I wish I could toilet train my cat, but she's too old to go for that now. Since I have to use litter, this is the only one I'll use. Low odor, low dust, and a happy cat mean the world to me! I tried other crystals...although they are cheaper, they have problems. They let odor seep through sooner, so I end up changing more frequently and paying more in the long run. Their crystals are also smaller, so there's a lot more dust. Can't beat Fresh Step Crystals.
Better than any other litter on the market I run a rescue and have way too many cats in the house. This is the ONLY litter that keeps my house from smelling like a litterbox. WIth anywhere from 15-20+ cats at a time in a 1050sq ft house I can't use anything else. I do have a couple of automatic litterboxes and as long as I stir the litter daily it lasts a week with only 2 litterboxes. Everyone comments on the fact that my house DOESN'T smell like a litterbox :) PLEASE don't EVER discontinue this product. NOTHING else works as well!!!
Fresh step crystals I'll only use fresh step, it's the only litter that really works, and the crystals are great !!!!!
Love This I love these crystal! Odor control is wonderful and I have 2 cats. The only negative thing is that it will leave a pale blue dust on everything around the litter box.
Fresh Step Chrystals I have tried many cat litters,but this one is my favorite! It stays fresh long and keeps odor at bay.This is a non-clumping litter...I rated it as good cause it wouldn['t let me skip it.
Medical reason I use this My cat, Izzy, has mega colon and is on meds. I need to use the crystals so I can monitor his stools and this litter is the perfect answer. I can differentiate his from the other two cats easily. I HATE clumpling litter. I only wish this was not so expensive.
Works well! I've used the crystals for over a year with my automatic scooping litter box and really like them alot. They are dust free and are easy to clean up. Can you please include them as one of the "gifts" in the paw points giveaways?
Love it!! Love it!! The best ever!! I would not use anything else!! and I found out the hard way that the crystals are non toxic. My grandaughter was eating them and we called poision control and found out they are non toxic!!! Thanks Fresh Step!!
Second only to the Toilet I used Fresh Step® Crystals to train our cats to use the toilet. The training only took a month or two and I was litter free! The cats loved the freedom from the box so much that whenever they got the chance they used the neighbors toilet. Never did teach them to flush :) Sadly our odorless litter time was cut short when one of our cats lost her tail and became incontinent. It is easier for her rush to a box then jump onto the toilet bowl. The cats went back to the box with Fresh Step® Crystals willingly and seldom use the toilet anymore. However, the tailless one doesn't sit in the box but places her paws on the rim of the box like she did on the toilet. This is where toilet training BACK FIRES! Her toilet/litter box trick makes a hug mess. If not caught a poor soul will be walking on thousand of sharp Fresh Step® Crystals, that sick to the bottom of now dirty bare feet. >^-_-^<
Wouldn't think of using anything else I have two cats and every other brand of cat litter I try I end up changing the box every 2-3 days and it makes the whole house smell !!! With the crystals i change every 2-3 weeks and their is almost no smell !!!!
Thank you I am the mom of four kitties and have always had serious litter box issues. We provide 2 boxes and have always had to frequently change the boxes.. I am not a rich lady and admit I have had to purchase store brand litters in the past to make ends meet. But I had heard some good things about the Fresh step crystals, but hesitated to purchase it because of the cost. But I took a chance and I couldnt be any happier with the product. It is more costly, but I am on week 2 of the same litter and it still smells as fresh as the first day I put it in the box. My cats love it and adapted to it very well. So thank you so much for this great product..
Awesome!!!! Best Cat Litter Ever!!! We have 2 older cats (about 15 years old) and keep our litter box in our basement in the laundry room. We have a small house without central air. When we were using clay clumping cat litter and it was 90 degrees/humid our house would REAK! It would seem like all I could smell was cat urine. Then just to make things better, one of the cats started urinating outside of the box (even though it was scooped every other day). My friend from western NY recommended that I try the Crystals cat litter, she was currently using it and loved it. I was very skeptical especially when I saw how much it costs but decided to give it a try. All I can say is THANK YOU! I only have to change it once every 3 weeks and whichever cat was urinating outside of the box has stopped. I do keep it scooped of feces b/c if I don't then the cats get funny about using it. All in all very grateful for this product and it is worth every penny.
Only cat litter I can use I have a diabetic cat, he urinates a lot. This is the only cat litter I can use with him, it controls the urine smell and doesn't cause the entire box to be saturated in one day. It awesome!
Adsorbe Unfortunately, the cats urine passes through the crystals and sits at the bottom of the pan or tray. If you are using an automatic cat box that has a rake, the top layer of crystals are eventually raked off into a catchment area exposing the urine soaked crystals underneath. I have two cats, if I don't replace the litter with 4lbs of fresh crystals each week, or 7 to 8 days, my larger cat will not use the box..... A 8ib bag of Crystal Litter is $14.00 at Target. However, with baking soda underneath the litter before it's changed, this helps a little. I am thinking of changing my automatic cat box to another type that is make for clumping dry littler instead. This way the urine will be disposed of in the container. You have to consider the downfalls and health risks of clay and dust. That's my experience. I would recommend this product to some one who has one cat and is scooping their litter by hand.
Great litter The only con is that it's not a very good leak guard.
Awesome stuff! I love this product! I have 2 cats and I am very sensitive to the smell of cat litter; not necessarily the smell of cat feces or urine, but actually the smell of cat litter when it has been used. I also HATE to clean the litter box, like everyone else I am sure. I decided to try this stuff even though it is very expensive (about $14 for an 8# bag at CVS). But it was totally worth it! I use two 8# bags in an open top box (kinda like a large Rubbermaid tub) and I "litterally" (hee hee catch the pun?) don't even have to touch it for a month or more (depending on the weather). My litter box is even right in my family room. The package says to remove the feces and sift the litter often, but I don't even do that and it is NOT a problem. My cats still scatter it some (more one cat than the other) but they don't seem to mind the product. I was afraid at first that they wouldn't like the feel of the crystals on their feet, but they jumped right in and never seemed to complain. The only problem was that one of the cats must have got his face to close to it and breathed in the crystals. He hacked and coughed for a bit until it cleared up and then he was fine. No more problems. I didn't rate "my cat's satisfaction" because I am not able to read their minds with something like that, but they at least didn't seem to dislike it. I didn't rate the product's clumping ability because it doesn't clump. It just sort of dehydrates the feces and, I guess, absorb the urine. Heck, I even used the litter (unused litter of course) to dry out my daughter's lei that she got for her high school graduation! My only wish for this product is that I could find it in something like 50# bags. I live in the country and the product is sometimes hard to find. Please try this stuff. I really want to keep it on the market!
LOVE IT! works great for multiple cats! with no smells! and lasts longer than normal litter.
Great absolutely the best odor control for multiple cat households. So much cleaner than that nasty clay stuff!
Love it I was amazed at how well this works. I have 3 cats and I started adding it to the reg FS clumping litter and was amazed at how well it worked just adding some. Truly worth the money - just wish they came in bigger sizes.
Love This Product The Best Cat Litter is Fresh Step Crystals have used this product for 10 plus years. While having 4 cats, it really does work & contains odors!! Adele Rea
I love the odor control, and my kitties love it so much they play in it! Absolutely no odor, which is great because I have two kittens who have to use the bathroom A LOT! When I switched from the standard generic clumping brand to this, my kittens were so shocked that they actually went into their litter box and played for a bit. My Minky even took a bite out of one of the crystals, which I hope she never does again! My kittens love it, I love the odor control, it's easy to clean and the nice blue color isn't too shabby. I definitely recommend this product, now I just hope my kitties grow out of playing in the litter box!
best I have used I like the crystals because they look clean when I put a new supply into the litter box. When they change too much color (yellow instead of blue) I know it is time to change the litter. They have good odor control. The crystal do not get tracked all over the house as much as clay. If I put 2 litter boxes side by side, and one has a different type of litter, my cats go to the Fresh Step Crystals everytime. Sometimes I do mix the crystals with fresh step clay (NOT clumping- I hate that kind) and it is ok, too.I just wish more stores had the larger bags and that the larger pet supply stores carried the crystals.
Fresh step crystals I used to use pearls and they quit making it then went to crystals. With 2 cats it was great. Now we only have one and something is just not right. The price went up to 11 dollars for only 4 lbs and it is not absorbing the urnine at all. The urine is settling on the bottom of the llitter box. I clean the littler box everyday and it is not absorbing. Please help me with this problem. It always worked before but not with the fresh step crystals. Its AWEFUL.
6 Indoor Cats...One litter box! Okay. I know what you are thinking...CRAZY CAT lady. However, I'm 12 year old SON is the animal person. We had 2 cats when we got married. Then, Speedy the Cat came into our lives...After that, it snowballed! A feral cat had kittens. We snatched her up, got her fixed and got all the kittens fixed BEFORE we gave them away. However, 3 didn't get homes, and that's how we became a 6 cat family. We've tried so may litters, automatic boxes, multiple boxes, etc. You know what finally worked for us? A BIG Rubbermaid plasic container. We found it at WalMart for $13! And, ti's PURRFECT! It has high side, holds litter, etc. And, it's easy to clean. However, we couldn't find litter that would contain the smell of 6 cats in 24 hours. So, when at Walmart, looking for litter, a man suggested the Crystals. WE NEVER WENT BACK to clumping! OMG!!!!!!! Talk about the PURRFECT litter! And, the smell is non-existant!!!! LOVE THE CRYSTALS!!!!!!
Worth every penny priceless ;) This is my first cat and this was my first cat litter. but I tried to save money thinking all were the same but was so wrong.. The next day went back to the crystals. I know that whiskers loves it to.. it's smells greats and I love how it hold together & easy to clean and almost as if it let's u know when to change as it let out a different smell all though I do clean out everyday just the droppings but I have change out every week and steel looks fresh but even if I forget it don't smell like others I've used. Yes I would tell others about this Crystals thanks so much for this one thanks u so much for who ever made this one ur awesome love The SILVA family and most of all whisker smile;) as we r ....
Lasts long and great clean ups The crystals are great for my cat, who had his front claws removed. Most clay litters usually get's bits stuck in between where his claws would be but not with the crystal litter. Urine usually tends to seep down but overall it's a great product for someone who doesn't like odor or scooping every other day :)
AMAZING! My cat Valentine is allergic to the dust in most other litters. The crystals were the only thing that didn't flare up her allergies. I recommend it to all of my friends because there is no odor, and there no digging through the whole box to shake it out.
Crystal Clear I love the crystals, I actually mix them with the uncented clay litter to get better odor control and it works great! Never going back!
MY CAT LOVES THIS LITTER I changed his litter to the crystals one day when the crystals were on sale at the local store and i wanted to just try it. My cat loved it so much that he was just fine with the change. When the month ended and I had got some of his old litter he decided to let me know that he wants the crystals by peeing right outside of his box. The only time he has ever done that and he was 4.5yrs old. I have not used anything else but the crystals for the last year and half:) I like the odor control.
Thankful!!! I am so thankful that Fresh Step came up with the crystals. I have tried other brands crystals and some were so big it was like stones and they were fairly unscented. My little Margarita loves her Fresh Step Crystals. This is the only brand I use now and I couldn't be more pleased.
Iggy's story Iggy loves these crystals and his owner does also.We will never use clay litter agian
Cool My cats like it, I like it, It works good with my automatic litter box too! Nice going!
L O V E this I have tried many types of litters, but this cat litter is the bees knees. It doesn't clump or smell bad. Small bag, but it actually lasts a very long time because of the non-clumping and because of the fact that it doesn't stink. This is the only litter that my cats love and will actually use. This is the only cat litter I will buy from now on. Trust me when I say it's the best.
SO HAPPY WITH IT i love it ! it helps with order control and i will always buy this
Awesome odor control It definitely worth paying money for this product. You will actually save money because this product last very long. My room won't smell at all anymore!! =D
Satisfied This is my favourite litter to use. I've tried many others before, but this is the only one that keeps the smell down, and keeps things incredibly fresh. I will never use a different litter other than crystals!
Love It! This is the best cat litter, by far!!!!! My cat loves it and I love it too! There is practically no odor and it last for a long time! The rewards program doesn't hurt either! :-)
Crystal litter For years we used Tidy Cat crystals and were very pleased. The stores we normally shopped did not carry it any longer. In our search for it, we found Fresh Step Crystals. Yes, it's expensive BUT one bag is enough for two months for our one cat. The ease of use for those of us who really don't like cleaning a litter box is such a bonus. If it wasn't available, I am not sure I would have a cat!
Fresh step to a fresh smelling house I used to buy the tidy cats litter at Wal-Mart because it was cheap. But my house would always stink from the cat litter. My aunt suggested using Fresh Step Crystals which is what she buys for her cats. I brought the Fresh Step Crystals and in two days the smell in my house was gone. It was more expensive then what I normal would have paid for cat litter. But the Fresh Step Crystals was worth ever extra cent. My house no longer stink and my cats love it.
The World's Best Ctg Litter by Far This is the best cat litter I have ever used. It lasts longer than expected, eliminates odors, pleases my two big cats, and best of all, it does not weigh as much as other litters. I can carry it into the house after shopping without straining my back and hands. I love this litter!
Fresh Step by far the BEST kitty litter on the market! I was slightly apprehensive about spending $13 dollars for such a small bag. But after the first month I was more than happy purchasing the Crystals over the clay. I actually saved money as well. The Crystals have done the BEST job at controlling odor hands down. It amazes me that one bag can last up to a month with regular scooping. Very Happy.
Crystal fresh step cat litter! The best!! all other litters I have used always put off such a bad odor throughout my house, but fresh step crystals seriously absorbes all odor and stays fresh for much longer then any other litter. Aside from that, my cat lives it! I will never buy any other kind. :)
Best Litter I Have Ever Used! I have four cats of my own and I am fostering two for a soldier while he is on deployment. I have tried many different litters, and with six cats it is hard to control odors no matter how often you scoop the many different clumping litters. Also with the smallest cat being 19 lbs, litter boxes just become one big clump! But the crystals have no smell are very easy to clean up even with 6 cats!
Perfect for RVing My husband & I live in a motorhome full time and have used the Fresh Step Crystals for years! Because of the enclosed small space we had to find a litter that had no odor, no tracking, light weight,easy to clean but most of all our kitty had to like it! People often say to us "no way can you have a cat, there isn't any ordor at all." I would recommend this to anyone living in a small space!
The best litter in oh-so-many-ways! I adore cats & I've rescued cats for years, finally volunteered with a cat rescue & then started my own! I take them to the local pet products store on weekends to get adopted after they've been fully vetted & fixed. I love what I do but I have some major health issues so I quickly learned that clay litter was too heavy for me to load in/out of my car weekly. Too heavy to pour into the16 litter boxes & especially to heavy to then carry in trash bags to my dumpster! It was killing my lower back! I tried the crystals & was pleasantly relieved. It's so much lighter in all they ways I have to transfer it around! Plus, I actually scoop less since I'm not scooping the #1 clumps anymore... only the #2! Raking the litter only takes a second. Yeah! Wait, there's more... I get 'Paw Points' with every purchase that I can redeem online for cool stuff for me & the kitties!! I'm using most of my points to enter the drawing for the double cat perch!!! Did I forget to mention that at Christmas time, my husband's relatives didn't even realize I had 21 foster cats behind bedroom doors?! I'm sold on these lovely Crystals!!
Great for confined places We are over the road long haul truck drivers. Fresh Step Crystals are by far the best solution. No odor. Does not fill trash with clumps of litter. Easy to maintain and clean up. Have tried othe brands and they do not work as well. Great product!
My Favorite Litter I have multiple cats and this product really keeps the odor under control. It made no difference to my cats once I switched, they carried on as usual. I love that it doesn't have the dust that other litters have and it's very easy to clean up after they shake their nasty little paws all over the place! The only downside is the cost but I am willing to pay for it since it does make a BIG difference.
Best available I love this cat litter more than any clay litter or any other litter for that matter. I live in an apartment and have to indoor kitties so it's very important that my home doesn't smell like a cat box! With this litter I'm able to live in such a small place and have 2 cats. The litter keeps all the urine smell contained better than any litter I've ever used and I only have to scoop once a day since I don't have to scoop urine. In addition to meeting my needs it meets my cats needs since it doesn't kick up dust. Since my one cat Lulu has asthma she cannot use clay litter because it triggers her asthma, with this litter she has no problem. Love this litter and would definitely recommend it!
Crystals keep my house clean Crystals keep my house clean by staying in the box much more than ordinary cat litter. Better yet, they don't smell! Fresh Step Crystals are great when it comes to odor control.
Best Cat Litter Ever I love this cat litter. It causes less waste, doesn't track all over the house, and doesn't give off all the dust that regular fresh step does. It smells nice, and my cat had no problem transitioning to it. It is a more expensive than other cat litters, but for me it is worth it. My only complaint is that it is hard to find, and I have never seen it come in large-sized boxes
The Best Ever For over 50 years I have enjoyed being on the staff of many cats and Crystal litter is the best we have ever used. There is NO odor in our home and the Crystal litter is much cleaner. It doesn't track nearly as much as clay litter.
Crystals My boyfriend and I have 5 cats and we use the crystals in the boxes. There is little to no dust, no odor; our friends say that they cannot smell cat when they come over, and the cats like it better than any clay product. Even allergies are milder since we started using it. Friends with kitty allergies can stay longer. Thanks Fresh Step Crystals! (the only thing I would change is lowering the price... 4 boxes of crystals adds up! Lots of coupons would be great too!)
No more kitty smell! I moved into a new place and the only option was to turn my coat closet inside my front door to my kitty's private bathroom (in other words, no where else to keep the kitty box). I was horrified at the idea of visitors smelling kitty litter the minute they walked in my new home. I decided to switch to Crystals and I am so glad that I did. There is not a smell at all. Also, because the crystals are blue, it's easy to see when my long haired cat has tracked litter outside her "bathroom", so I know to clean it up. Clay litter would have just blended with the carpet. Yuck! I highly recommend this litter. It's a bit pricey, but you don't have to change it as much and it's definitely worth it.
The Best Litter This is the best litter. There is no odor. and no dust .
Crystals & coupons They used to have coupons for crystals on this website. They stopped. :( Wish they would again. These crystals are better than anyone else's. I buy them even tho they are x 2 more expensive than others bec they last about 2-3 days longer. But I find they definitely don't last as long as the label says. One week for my 2 cats MAX.
It's Purrfect! I Love it! It doesn't leave my place smelly & i no longer become embarrased when I have guest over to my house. No fuss no muss.
best for auto littter boxes this is the best i have found for the automatic litter boxes , just wish i could find coupons on the fresh step site
AWESOME I love this litter, in fact I have never been more pleased with a cat litter in the 7 years I have owned my cat. I can weeks without smelling my litter box! If you are looking for an alternative to regular litter this is the stuff!!!
Love love love this!! I have two cats and have been looking for something that controls the odor in my townhouse. This is the best hands down! I have only been using it for a couple weeks but love it already!
Why is it so hard to FIND at local grocery stores? I LOVE this product, it is THE ONLY LITTER that I will buy. I will not use scoopable litters, and my cats are so spoiled from many years of Crystals that they will no longer use clay without complaining. THIS STUFF WORKS & it doesn't track. No, it doesn't clump, it doesn't have to, it's not supposed to. THey chrystals absorb the liquid & lock it in. My only issue is that for many years I have only been able to find it at Target. My local Jewel-Osco finally started carrying it, but since they have a habit of discontinuing everything I like well, I fully expect it to be discontunued sooner or later. I will drive miles & miles to obtain this stuff, just wish it were easier to find.
The best litter ever! We have tried practically every litter on the market and NONE has worked as effectively as these crystals. They last a very long time, they prevent odor and they don't track like regular clay litter. Our cat had no trouble adjusting to them. We buy two bags at a time when we see them because they don't seem to be readily available everywhere. It would be great if Fresh Step sent out coupons since this litter is pricey but, even if they don't, we will continue to use it.
The best yet We have antique cherry floors in a small cottage so every kitty footprint shows up. There is no tracking with this litter, contrary to every other brand. We have probably tried them all. The crystals alway stay in the box or the litter mat next to it and no where else. Stormy adapted to it mixing necessary. NO odor, period. Love it. It doesn't clump really, but is easy to clean. We have stopped trying other brands....finally. Thank you.
WE LOVE IT OVER ANY OTHER LITTER! Crystals are the best!! very minimal odor and locks in moisture. I tired the new Fresh step litter carbine scented litter but Fay has been using the crystals for 8 years and did not like the litter partials between her paws and the crystals don't do that. Its a little pricy but worth every penny last much longer then any other litter out there by far!.HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!
Best Litter I love this litter, I have 3 indoor only cats and my townhouse is the model for my complex so there are people in here all the time and I have to keep it smelling like I DONT have 3 cats. This litter is the best I have found. It lasts a very long time and controls the odor better than any clay or pine litter. Very satisfied with this product and definitely recommend.
Cheapest, Most Effective Crystals We've got five cats, and two are longer-haired who will only use crystal litter. As people who buy crystal litter know, it is not cheap! However, not having peed-on bath mats, welcome mats, or laundry baskets means that it's worth it. Having tested the expensive store-purchased brands and many smaller brands available at boutique pet stores and online, I have to say these crystals are the best for the money! They absorb more and the fact that half the crystals are blue make the litter box look non-disgusting for far longer than an all-white crystal litter does. Thanks, Fresh Step!
To Each Their Own Some people like this product and some don't but let's face it, it all comes down the cat. My 13 year old cat Sassy will NOT use any other liter. I've done other crystal liters as well as clump liter and I don't know how, but she knows the difference.
Love the CRYSTALS I ahve been using crystals for 6 years now. Me and my cat love them. I have tried every other litter out there and this one outperforms the rest. It is worth the extra money!! Try it, you will love it.
Fresh Step Crystals I love this brand of cat litter as well. Blocks odors,last longer than others, works great, but somewhat expensive. Worth the money though. I agree with many others who look forward to coupons since this economy is not so great at this point in time. Love the point system rewards that it offers. My cat notices a difference when I switch from the cheap brand to fresh step crystals.
DO NOT BUY THIS...My Husband messed up wanting to try this!!! I have to say I was very mad at my husband when he brought this home instead of my normal brand! He said the "lady" at the store told him it was scoopable and worked better and lasted longer than our brand....So he got it to try out?! My house stinks everytime my one and only cat goes to the bathroom and odor controled crystals?? That's a joke! I will be going back to the store and buying our normal brand of fresh step cat litter that is scoopable and does not smell horribly from now on! DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!
The best litter ever I am nearly neurotic with cat litter odors, because I have bad cat allergies. I learned I was allergic after I fell in love with my cats, and I just couldn't bare to part with them. This litter has changed my life, I'm not kidding. People always comment that 1) it looks pretty and 2) you don't even know there are two cats living here. Seriously, it may be more expensive, but I will HAPPILY shell out the extra clams for this litter. My allergies are almost non-existent, my cats are happy, and I am not spraying enzyme spray three times a day. I'm thrilled, and I recommend this litter to everyone I know who has cats.
Great litter! Fresh Step is the best! It really controls odor and clumps very nicely. My cat make less of a mess and it does not stick to their feet!
Best cat litter I absolutely love this cat litter. It is definitely more expensive but it works so much better than the regular cat litter. Better odor control, better dust control, cleaner, etc. The only down-side is that I have yet to find a coupon for the crystals. I wish that Fresh Step would send out some coupons once in a while for this type of cat litter - no doubt they could hook alot of customers with some good coupons to get them to try it.
awesome they're great like tony the tiger says, only problem is I can't find them anywhere. I add them to the litter so it stretches it out & controls odor better, like right after the cat goes, it makes a difference, but I can't find them in any strores, by the way, I refuse to go to walmart so I don't know if they have them there.
Buy Fresh Step Crystals - you'll never go back! We have six darlings. I have ALWAYS hated the thought of kitty litter until I discovered Fresh Step Crystals. When I'd fill the kitty box with it, the dust flew everywhere (including my eyes and nose) regardless of how gentle I tried to pour it. Not so with the crystals. They leave no 'muddy' poo-tracks either, which is a huge plus!!! We're on a tight budget, but this is one area where I am happy to put out the extra $. When I'm close to Walmart, I make a point of picking up a bag even if I don't really need it yet because.....I don't ever want to run out and have to substitute with the "muddy' poo-tracks kind again, LOL!!!! It really is the best kitty invention ever! You'll never go back!
THE BEST!! Fresh Step Crystals is by far the BEST litter ever! When the grocery stores stopped carrying it (probably because of the high price), I thought it was discontinued. Then I found it at Walmart. THANK YOU!! I go there once a month & buy 4 bags. Both of my cats love it & there is NEVER a urine odor. I change it once a week, altho' it would last longer. That's good for 2 cats. It doesn't make the mess & dust of clump litter. Don't know why most stores only carry the clumping litter. PLEASE don't ever stop making the crystals!!!
no more dust I have changed from clay over to the crystals...but a difference!!!! They are much more expensive, but so much better...for my lungs, for the cats lungs and it doesn't track like the clay, it last longer!!!!
THE BEST This is hands-down/paws-up the BEST cat litter on the market. It costs more, but is worth every penny. I love the blue crystals and if you clean everyday and rotate the crystals, the crystal litter can last a long time. I like cleaning up the blue crystals over the 'sand' litter any day. I wish the major grocery stores in my area carried this crystal litter, but I always have to go to Target or Wal-mart to get it - I think that's because it's more expensive than clay litter - more "high end". But sooooo worth it! I never see coupons for this litter either - it's always for the clay or clumping litter. Unfortunate. That's why I joined this site - to see if I could save some money on the blue crystal litter.
Your cats will love it and you will too! My cats took to this litter right away. I wasn't sure if they would adjust well so I kept two litter boxes: one with the scoop litter and another one with fresh step crystals. My 2 cats completely ignored their scoop litter box when i brought in the crystals. Plus, the litter area stays fresh and clean. I don't have the dust and litter trails to clean up any more. The only drawback is the price, but I think it is well worth it.
Love the crystals I have three cats. The crystals make managing a multi-cat household easy. The Fresh Step brand is the best we've tried at litter control, and unlike the litter pearls, isn't dangerous on a bathroom floor.
Perfect for apartments Easy to handle in tight spaces and to sweep up when needed. Freshstep crystals is easy to use, change and maintain.
Fresh Step Crystals Best cat litter ever. I haven't used another litter since I was made aware of this product.
Side Benefits My cat has a problem where she forms crystals in her bladder and is on prescription cat food to keep this from happening. If I hadn't used this litter I would never have noticed her urine was pale pink 6 years ago. So, I continue to use it, regardless of anything because I can always make sure her urine is the right color. Something you cannot tell with clumping clay of any type. A+
Best Cat Litter on the Market When managed properly according to directions, the Crystals last much longer than clay or 'natural' litters (clay IS natural). There are rarely odors unless the box is not stirred once a day. Plus, we have a dark grout that is close to permanently discolored when clay, scoopable cat litter is tracked onto it. This litter has NO discoloring on the grout. It is wonderful and my friends that visit do not smell a cat box EVER. - PS - this gets a low rating for clumping because it is not supposed to clump.
Absolutely Fantastic!! I love the Fresh Step Crystals! It doesn't clump, but the crystals eliminate odor almost instantly. It is easy to scoop, and lasts longer than other litters. My cat loves it! I use the Clever cat top entry litter box which is very deep. I use one bag every 6 weeks and it stays fresh and clean the entire time! Excellent product!
The Cat's Meow I love this product. I would like for it to be added to the paw points items. I have two indoor cats (1girl / 1 boy) and it works wonderfully to control odor and tracking.
Crystal Litter Heaven! I have two indoor cats, both boys. I love this litter because the box never smells and they boys don't track it anywhere. There is very little dust, and no allergies for Duffy because he is a sensitive cat. I recommend it too all of my friends who have cats
Love it! My cat and I love it, it controls odor amazingly well! When other cat owners come over and see how well the crystals work they all say they are going to start using it too because they are so impressed with it.
Great Product This is one of the best cat litter products on market today. Easy to clean up and masks odors well.
great litter The crystals work great. Really controls the odor and lasts longer. I am allergic to the scoopable . so this product doesn't affect me at all. Kitty is well Pleased. My only complaint is that I spend the money on this litter and can't redeem paw ponits toward the crystals. Even a coupon would be nice
Automatic Cat box I Love this!! Its is the Only litter that works with My Automatic Ionized Cat Box. They Do Not Work With ANY other litter. Trixy my Cat Loves it. Every time I clean The unit when it done, she gets in and makes sure i Filler it right. Then comes and gives me a big snuggle and Licks my face. ??? My Cal loves her box..
Love this product I have used every new kind of litter to try and control urine odor. Nothing worked I was changing cat litter every few days because of the smell, even the clumping brands could not over power my CAT!. The crystals are great. The trick is to stir the litter every few days and it can go a week or longer without being changed. That makes up for the difference in price.
SIMPLY THE BEST! With three indoor cats-i am a firm believer in Fresh Step Crystals!! People who come to my house know i have cats-but always comment about how there never is an odor!! It might be a little more pricy that the clay litter, but it last WAY longer!!!
Perfect For Urine Odor I absolutely love this litter & so does my cat. My favorite thing about this litter is that my cat doesn't track around everywhere like he has done with every other litter I've tried. I also love the non-clumping factor. Other litter I always needed that clumping factor. With this litter you don't need it and you won't miss it. Trust me! It absolutely is amazing at how I don't smell any urine odor at all. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't get rid of the feces odor. I've only ever had this 1 cat so I'm not sure if it's him or what; but his feces odor is unbelieveably awful. Since I'm home most of the time I try to keep up by removing his feces right after he is done. I must say that by doing that with this litter the smell does go away once I "stir" the litter around. The last litter I had been using was "pine scented corn cob litter". It was great because of the price and the way it clumped perfectly, but the tracking it around everywhere was horrible. I'm going to stick with this new FRESH STEP CRYSTALS LITTER. I am hoping to figure out a way to control that feces odor problem I'm having. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.
The Best Litter Out There It does not Clump but thats good, the crystals takes in all of the oder, its like I don't even have a cat box. I have tried many litters and this is the only one that I like. I have two cats and for the first time I don't smell the litter box, its great lol.
MY FAVORITE LITTER This is the best odor control litter, in my opinion, because it doesn't have an unpleasant odor of it's own. It doesn't clump-you have to change the litter when it begins to smell too strong. I have 2 cats and I can leave the same litter in the box about 10-15 days. I stir it everyday when I remove the solid wastes. Yes, the cats track it out, but I've had that happen with every litter I've tried.
This product has great features I love this cat liter. I have two cats and this is the only cat liter that keeps the house smelling great. I wish the company would offer more coupons for the liter and if you could redeem your paw points for a free bag. This product is great, but is more expensive.
Great odor control I prefer this over clumping litter because it doesn't set off my allergies and the odor control is very good.
Automatic Cat Box The ordor control is great...but the crystals go EVERYWHERE and I am not longer able to use my automatic cat box cleaner because the crystals are too large. I am torn.
LOVE IT I absolutely love this litter. i used to have a very ferrel cat who had very strong urine and this litter was the only thing that would stop the smell. now i have two different cats and it keeps the smell gone longer than any other one would.
love it! This is the only cat litter we purchase. Wish the company would offer more coupons for this product because it is quite pricey.
Great Stuff I love this litter. My cats love this litter. I only buy at walmart and it kills me when they sell out. I have taken to buying multiple bags at a time. Keep up the good work!
doesnt control odor this is my least favorite fresh step product. i have multiple cats and this does not handle the odor. it will make your box wreak of urine and it doesnt actually clump so its prettty useless. =0( i like fresh step multiple cat or scoopable.
Crystals rock! Like the crystals the best. How can I get coupons for this? Cost is more. My two cats seem to like it as well. Low dust. Helps with the oder. I would really love coupons.
Crystal Litter I do like the crystal litter, although I don't think it locks odor as well as I'd like. I can still always smell whenever my cat uses her box. I do like how it doesn't clump. I've been purchasing crystals now for 3 years, I will probably never switch!
Fresh Step Crystals I have 2 cat's and I love this litter. It's the only litter for my cat's. Absolutely no odor and it scoops easily.
This is the best product This product is fantastic. Controls the odor and is low on dust. I only wish that all the local stores carried it.
LOVE IT. NEED COUPONS ! Love it , love it , love it . But .....sure would love Coupons for Freshstep Crystals a LOT better !
great product we have 3 cats and they seem to use the litter box more than the outdoors
GREAT All my four cats and rabbit love it, they will not use litter box if any other litter is in it.
awesome product! Ive been using crystal cat litter for years, but its nice to be able to walk into a store and find it on the shelf instead of having a palet delivered to my house. People are always shocked when they walk in and are greeted by my Bengal, since there is ZERO odor in my house, despite having 2 very large male cats.
lol this is awesome best u wondering y i do not like clumping well i use arm and hammer liter deodorizer and it works so check it out
Excellent Litter I choose this litter because of the low dust and the ability to lock in the smell. It has performed to my expectations
It was horrible I tried this litter because I use Fresh Step all the time I have 2 cats. To be honest 2 cats equals a lot of litter because I hate the "smell" of cats. I bought it because the advertisement made it sound better then the regular carbon Fresh Step cat litter and I was so disappointed and will never buy it again...
best litter ever Since i tried my first bag of crystals ive never used anything else. It may cost more then other types but, in the long run, lasts way longer. I use one bag a month, removing solid waste daily. there is no wet on the bottom of the litter box at the end of the month and no odor. My friend now uses it becaues she was so impressed by mine.
hard to find and cost has went up a lot I add these to the clumping litter when I clean out the litter box and they keep it fresh much longer but they are getting harder to find and the cost has nearly doubled.
Not working I feel badly because of all the great ratings BUT it's NOT working for me any more, I used it and loved it and recommended it to friends and family but after couple 3 months( of new litter) it just wasn't working past first week each bag. I thought maybe I got defective bags but it wasn't three different bags couldn't all be bad. I loved it in beginning but had to change to your large box scoopable and so far not an odor...........YEAH
Odor control like no other! My husband and I have five kitty babies and we have always had a problem with uh ::ahem:: odor control... Despite multiple scoopings daily, our cats just seem to pump it out, and it's never fresh... After much debate over the (very) steep price, I decided to purchase a ten pound bucket of the Fresh Step Crystals at my local BJ's. I changed up the way I wanted to introduce our cats to this litter as I was in fact adding a new litter box altogether. I filled the new litter box with most of the pretty blue crystals and then dumped the rest into the other boxes that have regular clumping litter. Within ten minutes, the smell in both rooms was noticeably reduced and my cats started to use the 'Crystal Box' the first five minutes(mostly for liquid relief). It has been three days and I am very happy witht the odor control. I have to find a better way of removing the yellowed(used) crystals, as they don't really clump too well. Solids are no problem. Please do heed the advice to reeeealllyy stir up the crystals every time you scoop. This will prevent pooling at the bottom of the box. I pour one box of 50cent baking soda in the box before I put in the new litter, and add a pinch each scooping. Overall, LOVE this litter and will continue to purchse! :)
great product this kitty litter is alot better than any we have used before.
hard to find Best cat litter ever! But why is it so hard to find? Not many of the grocery stores sell the crystals. why is that?
Expensive! But works well My two cats are happy with this litter which is the most important thing. I like it because the bag is light (I have to carry it up a full flight of stairs from the garage and I'm pretty old) and it's the best at controlling odors of any litters I've ever used with previous cats. But it is Very Expensive!! And the sludge of crystals and urine at the bottom of the box grosses me out, so I change and rinse the whole thing out once a week. Someone commented that you can't get a coupon on the Mypaw points page, so, yeah, that's a negative and it never goes on sale. I can also only get it at Safeway (no Walmart close by). Safeway has its own brand which is cheaper, but the crystals are huge and don't sift through the scoooper easily, even with a scooper with big holes.
Best ever! Just adopted our second cat and this is the best litter ever! Had trouble finding it last week and bought another brand....horrible...finally found this again and put the other brand out in the garage for "other uses" Won't use any other as nothing controls odor like this one does.
Suki's the sales cat Suki loves this litter. We took her to visit relatives in Florida and sat up her litter box and her kitty cousins loved it to. After we left I got a call to let me know that their cats would no longer use the litter they had, and were searching for Suki's litter. Thanks to Suki Fresh Step Crystal litter has 3 new users. I think that is the highest praise a product can receive.
Crystals I have 2 cats and the odor control of these crystals is excellent. We also use the crystals in our camper and hardly need to change it. Even in a confined space like the trailer you still don't know we have cats until they come to greet you.
Wonderful Litter I have 8 cats, yet every time someone enters my house they are amazed that the "cat smell" does not exist. I wish this litter was cheeper, as I use two bags a week; but I love it. I've tried using different brands and the kitties turn tail and run, and the smell comes back. I love this litter.
Best litter out there best value love paw points!! I have an automatic litter box for my 5 cats. I get 2 litter changes a month out of one small bag of fresh step crystals. The refills for the litter box by the maker cost $20 each from the manufacturer. so i started just dumping out the collected waste and using fresh step crystal litter and i save over $60 a month. This is the best value on crystal litter on the market, I work for a large retail pet supply store but still purchase this litter for value and product effectiveness. Thanks fresh step.
Best Product Out There I have 10 cats and wouldn't think of using anything else. Absolutely nobody detects any odor in my house. I simply scoop out the solid matter and stir every day. That's it, until it's time to be changed. It's expensive, but worth the price.
Great product Best litter available. Cost is high but worth it. Cat likes it. I change it about every 2 weeks. Haven't been able to go a month. Have used it for almost 3 yrs.
crystals They are really great and keep the rooms where the litter boxes are kept smelling fresh I recommend the crystals.
Crystals are Awesome! I regularly scoop solid waste and stir the crystals to keep moisture from accumulating in one spot, and there is NO litter box odor whatsoever in my house! Yes, the crystals are more expensive, but they work so well that I don't change them nearly as often as I changed other types of litter, so the cost works out to be the same overall for me.
Love the Crystals These are the best I have found for odor control. I tried another brand of crystals for awhile because they were cheaper, but they did not work as well as Fresh Step Crystals (The other crystals were too big and didn't have as good odor control). My cats like them. They look clean. I wish they were cheaper. The best price I have found so far is at Wal-Mart. I will buy them for as long as I can afford them.
Best ever I was skeptical -- but the crystals work so well... my baby cat took to Fresh Step Crystals right away. I tried every clumping clay litter on the market. This product really does work as the company claims. I scoop the waste everyday, and there is no odor. I am very pleased!
Eliminates Smell Completely I mix the crystals with multiple cats clumping litter and it works great to get rid of odor and doesn't cost as much as using the crystals alone.
best stuff i love the crystals. im very happy with the the product. it works very well with the oder control. easy to scoop and easy to dispose of. doesnt stick to the bottomn of the litter box tike the clumping kind. i will use this product as long as its available. on the high side of the cost scale.
My cats love this stuff I have been using this product for the last two years for my 2 cats, and I recently tried to change from crystals to another cat litter product to try and save some money because it is a bit pricey , and my cats absolutely hated it !! They love the crystals and so do I !
Best This litter is the best! You can't even know where the litter box is!!!
Fresh Step Crystals This product is amazing and it does work. I have two cats, it the best thing ever for litter box smell. There is no smell! Trust me it works! Its' a little pricy but it's worth every penny. The best product I have ever purchased!
Great! I mix this with Fresh Step Multiple cats, and I have never had problems with odors.
A PERFECT FIT! My cat is diabetic and the clumping litter just wasn't enough to conquer his increased urination. While the crystals don't clump, they control urine odor like you'll never believe!
The Best! I have 2 cats and this litter is really great - it does not trail out of the litter box, is easy to maintain and needs total refresh (for me) only every 9-11 days.
Couldn't be Easier! Fresh Step Crystals take all the work out of cleaning the litter box! Strangers wouldn't even know I have a cat!
Always A Crystal I have never used anything but these beautiful coloured crystals and yes they do become somewhat annoying when u step on them and when they get tracked around the house but they are also the easiest and mess - free to clean up, they trap odors, wetness and make life for u and your cat amazing, i highly reccomend these crystals to everyone and i guarantee not only will your cat be as pleased as mine but u as well and the price is worth it for 10/10 stars reasons and because it lasts so long, i only have to change my cats litter box once a week with these crystals and the great thing is by the time i am ready to change it, it still smells great!
Product is Awesome! Fresh Step Crystals is so good that I don't use anything else. It really absorbs the smell, so you can't tell we have two litter boxes in our home. It is also very nice when scooping - it doesn't stir any dust particles like other litter brands. And, it lasts a lot longer.
i don't get this product i thought this would be terrific. my boys have a covered box with a litter rug. normally this keeps every thing in place. i tried the crystals and two things occurred. #1 NO SMELL which was great. #2 they texture of the crystals seemed to stick too their feet and they tracked the stuff all over my house.i am not happy with the non-clumping quality of the crystals or the fact that they seem to migrate, but their "NO SMELL " effect is formidable
Amazing I will never buy anything other than the crystals. It does get all over, but no more than normal cat litter. It is uncomfortable to step on if it tracks around the litter box, but still locks in the odor better than anything I have ever used. The price is completely worth it!
Best Litter Out There I've been a loyal fan to this litter for 3 years now. I started with 2 kitties, and now have 3.... all about 15lbs ;) This is the ONLY litter than controls the odor at all times. I've tested out a few others - clumping and scooping, ones promising odor control, ones for multiple cats, etc. I've tried a little of all the different kinds, for no other reason than price, honestly. But I ALWAYS regret it in a few days and end up going back to buy this one anyway. There are cheaper ones out there, yes. But I assure you, it's not worth it. If you can walk in my house with 3 cats, and NOT smell one of the 2 cat boxes, that's an achievement ;) And I am not obsessed with cleaning it constantly, either. Also, I find it's much lighter when I change it out compared to others. In other words, when I dump the whole box in a trash bag to throw out, with other litters it feels like the bag weighs a TON! But for some reason, this stuff is much lighter so it's just one extra perk ;) Would love more promotions and coupons for it though - I think it's worth the price, but it can get pricey keeping 2 boxes going at all times!
crystals are fantastic Love these - crystals are the only product (and I've tried em all!) that totally shuts down litter box smell. My cats have no problem with them. My only concern: what if they stop selling the crystals and I have to go back to sand or clumps? Nooooo!
We love this litter!! My cat has been using this litter for two years now and it is great. Every cat owner knows that the liquid is the big problem, not the solids. These crystals are the best thing possible to absorb all liquids. Just empty solids every few days and rake the litter, and it lasts up to TWO months with one cat. Well worth the cost. Crystals absorb the smell too. The only thing I don't like is when my cat shakes his paws and I step on the crystals! It's not bad though compared to another crystal brand I used that had huge crystals and you step on one of those and it hurts. These don't because they are smaller and are shaped differently. Pay the extra one or two bucks and get the Fresh Step brand. I will never go back to clay or clumping again. I JUST WISH MORE STORES WOULD CARRY THIS PRODUCT. The only place I can find it is at some wal mart's. My grocery store had them for a while but quit carrying them. I don't know why because they were popular and sold out fast. Thank you for this product.
My cat loves it! My cat is very picky. He refuses to use the litter box when I use clumping litter. He loves this one. It's very effective. Now we are happy again.
Fresh Step Crystals I started using this product about a month ago and I am very pleased. I have five adult cats. And this litter which is made up of crystals by far holds the urine smell. Which is what usually is hard to mask. I have tried all kinds of scoopable clay littlers with this and that added to it. The crystals by far work better. They cost more but work better for multiple cats. By the way my cats adapted to it with no problem. An 8lb bag will last about a month. And cost about $14.00. Its. not cheap, but you can't smell the urine. The clay scoopable doesn't work that well. I will stay with this.
more comfort for his paws My cat is 23 years old and I always have used fresh step. I switched to the crystals to help my kittys paws. He is old and the litter was sticking to his pads and his cut wouldn't heal and he does not like baths! LOL! The crystals are worth every penny! My kittys paw is healing and the stuff really does work great. No more litter all over the floor! That is a big plus and my kitty is healthy.
Best Product on the Market We have two sphynx sister kittens, 6 months old. They are very bald babies :-). We got them at 3 months and the breeder used X litter (I'll leave the name of the litter out); so, we used the same also. Granted, this was a safe litter for us and our babies and not harmful to the environment(corn-based product) yet, a month or so ago, we began to notice a discoloration on our girls abdomen and neck - it was a rusty color and, if you're familiar with sphynx, you know they don't have hair to absorb their body oil so they get dirty and must be bathed weekly. We just thought they were dirty little babies...then we tried to correlate the excessive dirtiness to the litter change, dust from the litter hanging to their body oils, etc., etc., etc. Eventually we did realize our babies had a skin integrity issue and long story short, it was diagnosed as yeast, cause by the litter. There was no way we were going to use clay (I personally feel it is not healthy), so we decided to try the crystals. Initially, I thought that has to be the nastiest stuff in the world...the urine just lying there in the box and on the crystals...didn't think I could handle that! However, my husband (William) and a friend that owns two sphynx also (Lindsay) set up a litter-lab and proceeded to conduct their own experiment...they used food coloring and water, with food coloring 1 representing kitten 1 and food coloring 2 kitten 2 (kitten 1 covers when through eliminating; kitten 2 does not). The crystals clearly evidenced complete saturation of the liquid and complete dryness in the box - no remaining moisture at all. Next came the odor test. My husband poured tuna oil/juice in the crystals, allowed to remain overnight and the next day, approached different individuals and asked them to see if they could detect and identify the odor. NOT ONE PERSON EVIDENCED DETECTION OF AN UNPLEASANT ODOR IN ANY DEGREE. They had no idea tuna oil had been placed in the crystals the day before. Note, during the experiment, the crystals were raked with a hand-held scoop, as directed by the instructions; and the crystals were changed at the end of 2.5 weeks (the changing time would depend upon your cat's elimination needs/habits - could be more or less). William, Lindsay and I were concerned about the urine remaining in the box and on the crystals and the kittens walking and pawing in it and then walking throughout our homes...the concern for unsanitary conditions were great, hence the internal experiment. We just needed to see for ourselves, absent the companies promotion and claims. Bottom line, Fresh Step Crystals are EXACTLY as promoted by the company - they absorb the wetness/moisture from the elimination process, and no moisture remains on the litter or in the litter box (must rake as instructions direct); odor...what odor??? No odor! The only problem that this litter would offer is tracking...which we don't have due to William's litter chest he built (contains a maze the girls walk through with a grate to catch the litter from their paws prior to exit. This litter is safe for us and the girls - no dust, so no fear of respiratory issues, etc. Our girls are back to normal, our home remains fresh-smelling and clean. Nothing is too good for our girls and we were in the search of the best litter available for THEM. We are convinced and sold on this product- Fresh Step is the only litter we will use.
My Cats Are Happy I totally love fresh step crystals.I have 4 adult cats & 2 kittens;so needless to say I need litter that works.I never have any odor from the boxes & it is so easy to scoop.My cats jump in the box before I can even put the lid back on o the box after adding new litter. LOVE IT!!!
One Word: AWESOME I have always had multiple cats and especially with more than one the cat littler box can get very scary, BUT with Fresh Step Crystals I don't have to worry about odors lingering and my kitties LOVE IT!
The best product! I confess...I am a clean fanatic! I dispise dust & cay residue from litter products! It gets everywhere. Fresh Step Crystals are by far the most superior in this category! I've tried other brands...they do not work as well as this one! The only complaint: never find coupons for this choice in the mail, stores or on line...good product though, but very pricey for the budgetwise..... :(
helps with allergies I love this litter. It was determined that my cat may have an allergy to clay and pine litters. After trying many different kinds of litter to rid her of the sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes, we tried the crystals. Within a day, I could see a difference. Newspaper litters worked well too for allergies, but not for odor control. Yes, this is on of the more expensive brands of cat litter, but for the results, it is worth the money!
Crystals! I was filled with hope that the Crystals would be an improvement and make cleaning the litter a less pleasant task. I was so wrong! The Crystal litter was over the top expensive...$13.49. Now if it worked, that price would be worth it. But, , the fragrance was awful and it didn't absorb any liquid! I ended up with pools of urine in my cat box. Plus, my cats tracked the damp crystals all over the house... What a mess to clean up! I only hope that Target will take it back with a receipt.
WOW I have had cats for my entire life...I never tried the crystals till last October. THE BEST PRODUCT on the MARKET !!! No more "your house smells like KITTY .I would never have believed it until my granddaughter found Jade and she brought this over with her !!! Thank you for an amazing product !!!!!
I won't use anything else! This is by far the best litter for odor control. One bag lasts me 2 weeks for 3 indoor cats. I use a half a bag per change and change the box once a week. I scoop it every morning and I don't smell the box until probably the night before a week is up.The crystals soak up the urine and it stays at the bottom of the litterbox. I won't use anything else! It is very expensive and it is tracked everywhere, but I have not found anything else that hides the odor like this.
Great stuff! I have come to rely on the odor control of Fresh Step Crystals to keep my house smelling cat free.
Love it I love this litter. It takes cats some time to get use to, but if you follow the directions on the bag and mix your old litter with the crystals they will get use to it. I gave the clumping factor a one just because I had to give it some rating. This is not a clumping litter, and it does not claim to be; it absorbs and disperses the urine and amonia. My only complaint is that it truely needs to be scooped and STIRRED multiple times a day to work at its full potential like the bag claims it will. Overall, I am highly satisfied.
I try it and Cat likes it too.. i mixed it with scoopable cat little. and cat like it. no smell cat give me paw we it dirty
My cats no like My cats stepped right in to use it, I keep my cats potty boxes very clean, they did not like it, and I did not like it either, to perfumery and did not take care of potty odor. I clean out the three boxes several times a day and it was was not pleasant, my cats started flipping the crystals out of the box, I guess their way of saying get some different litter.
Very Good Stuff Great if you have more then one cat - it solves the problem of the massive clump tower multiple cats can make and keeps the smell as hidden as possible
Crystals are the BEST I have tried them all: clumping clay (Fresh Step Clumping for Multiple Cats was my favorite), Sweet Scoop, Corn by-product, newspaper by-product, Pine by-product...The Crystals are better for 3 reasons: 1} Cats do not track it anywhere outside the box because the crystals are larger & heavier than any other product, so it is much cleaner overall. 2) It traps urine odors instead of mixing the urine odors with the substrate and forming a gross hybrid odor, like the corn gluten and wheat products did. 3) It seems to dehydrate the feces & thus neutralize the feces odor much better than any other product, too, for those of us who don't like to scoop every day. Plus, instead of fresh feces coated in clay litter getting smushed onto the scoop, the dried feces are a lot easier to scoop. Oh- and 4) Again for those of us who don't like to scoop every day but are also germphobes: the urine sinks to the bottom of the box, so the cats won't be stepping un urine-soaked clumps and tracking that around. You are supposed to stir the crystals and distribute the urine throughout for more equal drying, but I let it sink out of harm's way and they like it better too... they aren't stepping in urine-filled clumpy litter later. Anyway; I have tried ALL the litters out there, and am most happy with this one overall. GOOD JOB! My cats and I thank you.
Ouch, My Feet Hurt While I think this product is good overall, what I hate about it is that my cats track the crystals everywhere. Thecrystals hurt my feet to step on, so I wonder how much it hurts my cats to step on. You need to do something to stop the crystals from sticking on cats' paws.
Best Cat Ever! I 'd like to start off by expressing how wonderful this product is. I have 2 huge cats, all they do is eat,sleep, & well you know!! Last summer we went on vacation,although my neice did feed & water my cats, she did however," forget" about the litter boxes. After 2 cats & 2 weeks, surprisingly their wasen't an odor! This cat litter is the best one I'll ever use!!
This product is great i have three of my own cats and watch my parents cats also while they are in Florida. we have four litter boxes and this cat litter absorbs all the odors. it is easy to scoop and lets us know when we need to totally change the box. It does not stick to the cats paws either which makes cleanup much better. i would rather spend a little extra for a good quality litter that is hassle free. I never smell litter boxes at all. All the cats use the same boxes and seem to really like the litter. i adopted a cat that only has three legs and she does not have difficulty covering her excrement. i would recommend this to anyone with multiple or diabled cats.
Best Litter Out There! We tried many brands and kinds of litter and the Fresh Step Crystals are by far the best choice. We have two cats and buy the big bag from Target. We can get about two-three weeks out of one bag.
The only one for us! We have four cats (3 Persians 1Himmi) and three automatic litter boxes! It works great, no dust, no clumps of litter between the paw pads. Light weight makes schlepping the bags easier too. The poor rating on clumping is kinda misleading because this litter is NOT suppose to clump! Overall a winner for the cats and for us as well! Makes for a happy family!
Awesome! Best for my stinky Kitty! This litter saved my kitty from being kicked out of the house!!! He is a stinky old Grandpa Kitty, and I had been through every litter available trying to keep our house from smelling like his litter box. One of my friends recommended the crystals very highly. It took Kitty a few days to get used to the transition from Fresh Step clumping litter to crystals, but he has adjusted well, and no product matches its odor control! Our new motto is "Scoop, then stir! " LOL
BEST LITTER EVER I love the crystals, no odor, the cat loves it , and I use it in my automated litter box.
the best odor control This is the best litter for odor control, just wish it would clump better especially for the urine, but over all the best product I have found for cat litter.
LOVE IT!!! This is the best litter ever! My husband really hated the smell of our kitty's box, we opted to try the crystals. Best decision ever! You cant even tell there is a cat in the house!
Love the Crystals We have a long haired cat and the clumping litters stuck in his fur. Fresh Step Crystals stay in the litter-box instead of all over the floor. That makes me happy, and our cats love it.
Wonderful! After using clumping litter for so long and never liking the clay, a friend told us about the crystals. We have been using them for the past couple of months and there is such a huge difference in odor control. I would highly recommend this product!
Easy to scoop After trying clay and wheat litters, we have finally found a good match in the crystals. It is so easy to scoop and lasts for a very long time--even with four cats. I can only imagine how great it would be for a one or two cat household!
Crystal Formula The first thing is I am new cat owner. My cat is very large. I used the regular Fresh Step clay formula for about 2 months. However, my cat is very messy with the litter, and the dust is everywhere. So I tried the crystal fomula. The bag said for 1 cat, I should change after about 20 days. Today is day # 5 and oh my gosh. The smell is horrible, it is no longer absorbing the urine, and when I picked the box up to take it outside to clean and change the crystals out, there is a huge puddle of urine on the floor. Does someone have any ideas what is wrong? The box does not seem to have a hole in it. I just hope I can get rid of the odor from the floor. I guess its back to the other kind of litter for me. Very much disappointed. The good thing is, there wasn't a dust problem with the crystals.
Love it! My two cats are extremely picky with their litter. I tried several kinds until I gave the crystals a chance... now I CANNOT AND WILL NOT try anything else! My cats love it!!!!!! No more odor issues, that's the best for me since I live in a small appartment.
best litter on the market We have a pride of kitties (3-5, depending on the day) and we never have any problems with the litter box. We change the boxes (2) on saturday. Between changes there is never an issue with litter box smell or improper elimination. The cats love this litter. I would never even attempt to change brands.
7 cats agree I have 7 cats (4 are mine, 3 are fosters), and they all love this litter. The litter is scooped daily and there is never any odor problems... it stays fresh for days. I've been using the crystals since my days of only having 2 cats in the house (the crystals would last about 10 days with two cats), and would never switch to another brand!
Lemon Candy Fresh Cat Urine Smells Like Lemon Candy in Fresh Step Crystals....I'll never switch cat litter again, it's worth the money.
I love this cat litter. I have tried all kinds of litter for my 2 cats and this is the best. One thing that I enjoy about this litter is that it is light in weight. It is very easy to buy a few bags and bring them home. The only thing I wish is that it would be a tad bit cheaper. Keep the coupons coming!!!
CRYSTALS The Best I use this for 5 years with 3 cats ,the best on the market only 1 things with points no coupons for discount.
Hands Down THE Best Litter I love this litter. I double line my litter pan because the liner is completely claw-shredded way before the litter needs changing.
Finally Made A litter you can live with I became an unexspected 3cat owner who has always refused to own a pet that needed a litter box. Afriend brought over a bag of the crystals to get me started,A Cat Warming Gift she said.The was no dust no smell easy to keep clean and the kittens went for it right away. Oh happy day.The major draw back for keeping this abandoned young cat and her soon to be born kittens,just scooped away with my first 14lb. Bag of Fresh Step Crystals. She is now my best friend.
money saver This litter is a money saver. You do not have to use as much or change it out either as much. I have two cats and one is very picky about his litter but he loves this after I did the change in the directions the bag suggest. Odor control is great and if you do as the directions suggest you find you do not use as much litter . Keep track of the number of days it is in use by writting it down so you know when to chage it out. It will help to never have odor again. I use a bag and half with two cats every 15 to 18 days . I spent much more on clumping litter. Yes, price is high but you need to factor in the number of days and if you prefer not to smell your litter box in the house. also register your points it helps in getting coupons and other great items.
Multi Cats use Cat litter lasted 1 week. Better than most. However, 5 times the price.
crystals the way to go My cat and I love the fresh step crystals. Its easy to remove the poo without wasting litter. The litter lasts so long that it saves me money. There is no oder and everyone is happy.
Poor It doesn't clumping at all. It does help control the odor but I don't think my cats like to see yellow Crystals that absorbs their urine that I cannot clean it out because it doesn't clumping. Make me waste and change the litter too often.
Nothing even compares or comes close! The first time I used this product and saw how incredible it was at controlling odors, I was sold on it. I have used this and only this for 2 years and have no desire to change litter box products. It is the best ever!!
LOVE THIS LITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best litter I've ever found! I hate that clumping stuff...with this I can just sift out only the poops and flush them (and not clog up/ruin my "sensitive" very old septic). I then mix around the wet litter with the dry litter and use a new bag when it has changed color. I REALLY hope that you never drop this product. And if you do, I wish you would inform customers in advance so I could buy out every bag that I find!! In conclusion, Jojo and I love it!!
wonderful product I love this litter. No weird odor and lasts soooo much longer!!!
Fresh Step Crystals We stayed in our 26' motor home for 11 months after selling our home and searching for our new one with our two Persian cats. No one ever knew there were cats if they were sleeping! If this isn't the ultimate test of cat litter, I don't know what is.. Thank you Fresh Step for making it possible for us all to live together in very tight quarters! Love this product. Others have said it is pricey, but it isn't if you consider how long it lasts even with multiple cats.
Not happy with odor control I have always used the fresh step clumping litter and just tried the crystals. My cats are fine with using the crystals without any mixing to get them used to it. Like that the crystals have so much less waste but, I am not happy with the odor control at all. I don't think I would try it again at the price it is with no coupons.
Quich Drying I use the crystals with a scoop-free litterbox, and it works great. I check the litter once a week to see how its doing. And this is with 2 cats! I do wish it absorbed the odor a little better, nothing a liter baking soda won't cure though.
I LOVE THESE CRYSTALS Taz and Emily do too... Yes, it's pricey, but it lasts much longer. Clean up is much simpler, just scoop & flush. I have two cats that can kick some crystals out of the box & even that is easy to sweep up without damaging my floor. This is the best product, I won't go back to the old clay stuff. Sometimes change really is good!
Great Litter This is the best litter I have used in 25 years of being owned by a cat. It lasts so much longer than clay and controls odor very well. My cats never cared which type of litter they used, however I do not like clumping litter. Crystals is the best non-scoop litter.
Fresh Step Crystals Best product out on the market. A little pricey though!!
best litter ever I have three cats, and I've tried nearly every type of litter-- clay, wheat, pine, pearls, crystals. All have tracked terribly, all were dusty (including the pet store crystals), and all have smelled. I wound up changing to FS crystals because one of my cats is asthmatic and I wanted to eliminate the dust so it wouldn't irritate his lungs. FS crystals is awesome in that regard. It's not at all dusty. Added bonuses, it doesn't track as badly as other types of litter, and it doesn't smell at all as long as you scoop out the solid waste and stir around the crystals. The clean up is easier too. There are no clumps to remove, so the solid waste is seriously reduced. I use a litter box liner, and when it's time for fresh crystals, I just remove the whole liner and throw it out and start anew. I get the big bag, and about half a bag lasts for one week. One downside is the cost. Because I have three cats, I'll go through two 8lb bags a month, which gets expensive, but I do feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I would imagine for a single cat household, the expense would be much more manageable. Probably one small bag would last three weeks. In 12 years of being a cat owner, this is the first time I can say I'm completely satisfied with my cat litter. For the first time ever the cat box doesn't disgust me and cleaning it is not a chore. My one complaint is that it's really hard to find in stores. There's a large retail store in my area that sells it, but they often run out.
Read Me! My cats was not very happy with this product. The only thing that I liked about it was the scent of the liter itself. My cat was not using his liter with the crystals, but when he was it was not clumping normally!
My cats even had mixed reviews.... My older cat refused to use the 100% crystals, but my younger 2 had no problem. I'm currently using a mix of scoopable and crystals.....with a sprinkle of Arm&Hammer.
Nothing but the best for the boys and girls My wife and I adopted or should I say they choose us, a litter of 6 kittens 2 years ago. They are all inside cats so to keep the smell down and the users happy it takes a special kind of litter. At first we went cheap but we would have "accidents" on occasion. The dust on the generic brand would end up downstairs in a 2 story house and really we were only saving a few cents per pound of litter. After the switch to Fresh Step the dust has been dramatically cut and we have not had one single "accident". I know they all are satisfied since we have four litter boxes and six cats and they share or use which ever box hasen't been used or used the least. Also with the store bought brand if we didn't scoop at least 3-4 times a day we were just asking for trouble and inviting them to find another place to go potty. Now we easily get by with a cleaning in the morning and one at night before bedtime. What makes me happy is the cats seem content enough not do dig to "China" and getting the liquids stuck on the bottom of the litter box. That saves a lot of cleaning of the boxes.
best in cat litter It's one of the wonders of the world---just how does the crystals soak up the odor???? It's probally the best cat litter ever!!! I would always buy it for my cats
silica crystal magic Cat litter made from Silica Crystals remove liqiuds and odor from both solid and liquid waste so fast and completely that litter odor is no longer a problem in our home at all. I have also discovered that the tiny clear silica crystals may be used to remove moisture from fresh cut flowers while preserving the texture, shape and color. The preserved flowers are now perfect for use in display and art projects. I pour the tiny clear silica crystals into a jar to cover the jar bottom and then place the flower upside down onto the crystals. Next, I add more tiny clear crystals until the flower is completely cover. I cover the jar with its' lid and wait about a week for smaller flowers and after a week I uncover the flowers which are by then perfectly intact and preserved.
Wow you Can keep up! I am a litter box expert as I have 25 to 30 rescue kittens. Through the years, I have used every cat litter available. Fresh Step Crystals is the best product for small fragile baby kittens. Most of my kittens are potty trained by 12 to 14 days. There is never product stuck between their toes. My house is odor and dust free! As a volunteer and retiree, I have to watch my spending. Fresh Step Crystals is the most economical litter. I am able to scoop and eliminate waste without dumping out too much product. The bonus is that Fresh Step Crystals bags are light and I am able to carry bags upstairs easily. Keep up the good work! Thanks! M Cork
Love using this product! I have been using this product for over a year, it works great to control odor! There was a brief period of time getting my cats use to it, but now there are no problems at all.
Great Product This Is The Best Cat Litter I Have Used, It Works So Good..
Crystals I add these crystals to FS lavender valley litter. Alone, each FS product is great but together, they're awesome! The odor controlling lavender scent clumping litter with added odor controlling crystals keeps everyone in this house happy. I have three cats and since I've been combining the two products I no longer dread returning home after a 16 hour day. I know my cats love it. I've never completed the task of freshening up their litter box without at least one cat performing an "on the spot" odor control or clumping test. FS passes every time.
best ever! Awesome! By are the best litter on the market!! Can't even tell we own cats!
The best litter on the market I have tried all different litters and this is the only litter that last the longest for smell - the crystals absorb the urine and last a lot longer then all other litter that I have tried. Especially great for multiple cats. My cats don't seem to drag it out on their paws as more clay or dirt type litter. Don't know what I would do without it.
My Cat will ONLY use Crystals Okay, we can all agree if your on a budget, Crystals can be a little pricey. But I learned the hard my cat will ONLY use Crystals. I'm not sure WHY, but if Crystals will keep her using ONLY the kitty litter, then hey, Crystals it is. I like the fact that I don't have gravel all over the house to step on and the lasting order control is Awesome. Thanks!
BEST cat litter option EVER I would NEVER go back to clay litter after using this litter. I have a very large household of cats - 13 - and this litter allows me to only have to empty and clean litter boxes every 2 weeks as long as I clean them daily. With other litters, every Sunday I spent 3 hours emptying, cleaning and refilling litter boxes. This litter also controls odor better than any other litter I've tried. THANKS so much!
best odor control not only great odor control but works well in automatic cat box!
Not a bad product ... I like to use the crystals because it lasts for a month! It has saved us a lot of money. The cat doesn't care but I do!
Cats love it and I don't have to hide the litterbox I love the crystals. I live in an apartment so the clumping litter always made my litterbox an eyesore with guests but the fresh step crystals look nice and control odor very well so I no longer have to find creative ways to hide my litterbox. It now sits out in the laundry room off the living room and my guests comment about how pretty the crystals are and how they didn't even know it was cat litter due to the lack of odor. I don't always have time to manage the box every single day which was a problem with the clumping litter but the crystals do well even with skipping a day or two between managing it. The best part is my two cats accepted the change from clumping to crystals with no fuss. The only real downside I have is the cost as it is around $14.00-$20.00 for an 8lb bag where I live and also there are no redemption coupons with the paw points for crystals. The coupons are only for the clumping and clay litters.
Only litter I buy! Great product! Really absorbs odors and is easy to clean up.
the cat decides this is an excellent product - good to start a kitten with as older cats sometimes resist switching - excellent for pet parents with physical challenges that hinder litterbox maintenance - the crystals make once a day maintenance passable, though not ideal - an excellent alternative to consider
cat loves it I like the crystal cat litter because their is no dust. The oder control could be a little better but overll this is the best litter I can find and we have tried them all. My cat loves it and she is a very fussy cat so I am happy we found something she likes.
crystals are great I loved using the crystal litter when I had one cat. The crystals are an added odor control when combined with the clumping litter now that I have 2.( Even with multiple litter boxes the cats did not like sharing the crystals, so I switched to the clumping and all is great!)
Crystals Cat Litter I really enjoy this litter. The only thing that gets me is the price. Most places it's betweetn $17-$20. Why is this? Also, I participate in the Paw points but you can't redeem for any crystal litter. You can only get the regular. What is the point then? I have been seriously thinking of switching just from the price alone.
Fresh Step Crystals We have more than one cat and I cant stand any cat liter that has dust so we have used Fresh Step Crystals and it works the best. It has no dust and makes for an easy clean up.
crystals I like the crystals even though they cost a little more. I nearly always buy Fresh step, my cats like it best.
Fresh Step Crystals Rule! We rescue stray animals in our neighborhood and, of course, once people find out that you take cats then your phone is ringing off the hook. We now have 9 cats in the house - 7 are males. The Fresh Step Crystals are the ONLY litter that not only absorbs the urine odor, but it also lasts longer than any other litter I've ever used. It's worth every penny!
Using Crystals I found that adding to crystals to clay litter helped it absorb order better and last longer.
Like Crystals best I've tried nearly every kind of litter. Though the crystals are more expensive they work great, which is important when you have multiple cats. Odor is kept to a minimum and it's easy to clean the box. Also, the crystals are not round so they don't roll around if they end up on the floor. Crystals also seem to last longer and are less messy.
Best Crystals on the market My two kitties prefer Fresh Step Crystals to any others on the market. I tried a couple "store brands" and ended up using them as "pick up" stuff for garage spills. Fresh Step is the best!
Easy to clean out the box I have been using this product for 8 yrs or more and I won't use anything else! There is no smell and the feces dry out really fast with the crystals, a plus when scooping later. I tried another brand of crystals and came back to Fresh Step Crystals.
Liter and health I have asthma and the dust from the clay litter always caused an attack. Now i can keep the house fresh without literally killing myself!
Nothing To Sneeze At! My cats actually sneeze when using the litter box if I don't use Fresh Step Crystals. Also with Fresh Step Crystals I don't sneeze when I clean the litter box. So Fresh Step Crystals are truly nothing to sneeze at. I also have a LOT LESS dusting to do around the litter box.
crystal litter i used this for the first time and its awesome! and the color is pretty cool too
A GREAT ODOR BLOCKER We have 8 cats in our family. With 4 litter boxes, we need all the odor control we can get. We use the crystals as a supplement for our multiple cat scoopable litter. It keeps the odor almost undetectable until we can get to the box to scoop. We don't even have to buy that much, we only purchase a bag about once a month. I would buy 2 if necessary though, it is definitely worth it!
Neat Like the crystals...they seem to soak up the urine better.
Love the Crystals Both my cat and myself love the Fresh Step Crystals my house smells so good you would never know I had a cat unless you saw him. It stays fresh longer than any other litter I've tried and believe me I have tried them all. I love this product and suggest that all the cat lovers out there try it at least once.
I love my indoor kitty and she loves me too! I love having her indoors, however she does stink up the house once in a while. But thanks to these Freshstep Crystal, the house is smelling great once again! Thank you, Thank you!!!
The best litter ever !! I have 8 cats in the house and you can't smell them at all !! Prior to using this product the boxes (3) had to be changed twice a week. Now with an 8lb bag filling each box, once a week is sufficient. Of course I do scoop continually because they eat alot. It is funny to watch them get excited when it is changing time. There seems to be a competition to be the first cat in the box !
Thank Heavens Finally, a kitty litter that stays fresh for the longest time. I have two kitties and we used to go through cat litter like crazy. The crystals stay fresh, are attractive and really attack and maintain odor control. HOOORAY!!!!!!!! I liked it so much I gave a bag to my mother at Christmas for her six cats.
its ok you will DEFINITELY know when its ready to be replaced, the litter either locks in order super well or doesnt at the end of its life, also, when cleaning it tends to create a lot of dust that irritates my sinus, which is the silica
Mesmerized by the deep blue... :) Picture posting yet to come; Our kitty is absolutely mesmerized by the fresh step crystals. We aren't sure why, but he'll stand outside of the box and stare at it for like 10 minutes, then place a paw in it like a kid placing one foot in the sand at a time, then he will get back out of it and stare again... Hilarious!
Great Litter This litter has excellent odor control and is well worth the extra money. My cat still seems to prefer the clumping as the crystals don't seem to absorb liquid as well as the clumping liter does. I like to fill the liter box with half clumping liter and then top it off with a generous portion of crystals. It works great! I was a little worried the cat would not be able to find the liter box, but she did!
four paws and a tail swish the cats love the crystals. as do the people in charge of cleaning after the cats. the crystals do what they say they do.
Excellent litter I have used crystal litter for several years and my cats very much enjoy the Fresh Step Crystals! Great for odor control, even with 2 (older) cats - less 'tracking' (but no clumping - which is FINE)! I am always happy to recommend!
Litter I've never tried crystals till one day it was given to me... but my kittens refused to go in the box. I had to return it to the person who gave it to me. I tried at least!
I love it but cats still like the other litter I love how it keeps the litter fresh but I have to mix it with the freshstep clay litter since 1 of my cats (the older one) won't go into the litter box with just the crystals. It does keep the oders down. I wish I could find the mixed litter.
Best litter so far We have a 3 year old Tonkinese that is very particular! We always used "yesterdays news" but that did not control odor the way we would like. So my wife heard good things about the crystal type litters, so we grabbed the first bag we saw, which was Fresh Step Crystals. Our cat was suspicious and hesitant at first but by day 2 she was all for it and we love the odor control, look, and overall performance of this particular litter. We will continue to use this until it is no longer sold or way over-priced!
1 cat loves it; 1 hates it my 2 cats use separate litter boxes; 1 loves this stuff and the other won't step on it, so using the crystals keeps them from arguing over whose box is whose. the recommended depth in a normal size box lasts the 1 cat 2 weeks before I have to dump and replace. scoop daily even if there is no feces to keep the crystals stirred or they will not control odor. the clump question is N/A - this is not supposed to clump
Very good performance The best feature of the crystals is the odor control. Other features are average to good.
Great as a mix! Alone, my cat doesn't really like the feel of the crystals but, mixed with Fresh Step Clumping litter; he likes it and I love the extra odor control!
Great product! Great litter absorbs the wetness and smell. My persians prefer it over any other type of litter and especially great for long haired cats. Keep making it so that we have a happy household. I did not rate clumping factor as it is not a clumping litter. I would recommend this to anyone.
Only cat litter Mr. Kibbles lets us use. We purchased an automatic cat litter box and the only cat litter Mr. Kibbles likes is the Fresh Step crystals. It never sticks to his paws and has a fresh clean scent. We tried another brand and he refused to get in the box. Needless to say my carpet took a direct hit and the Fresh Step crystals were back in the litter box that afternoon.
Love It!! The label states it is not a clumping litter which is why I wanted to try it. The crystals absorb the urine and there is no smell. At first my cats were not to thrilled with it but have since been using it without a problem. We have been using it for six to eight months and love it and I would recommend it to others.
Sgt Awesome product! I've got allot of kitties and no one knows!
Not for clumping Folks: This is not a clumping cat litter. Works great on orders - but scoop frequently.
Great product This litter is the best, no smells and super absorbent.
just alright I belive the product has changed over the last year and it's not as good as it once was. The package is smaller and does not work as effectivly.
Crystals are great I really like the crystals because it doesn't track as much as scoopable or clay litter and has excellent odor control.
Best Ever This litter is the smells and super absorbent . My friend recommended it to me and im recommending it to all of you...yes its a bit more than the others but it last longer. I buy one bag like every 2 mths...and my kitten loves it.
Fresh Step crystals I use the crystals when I hyave a new persian kittens because i can see the color of the urine. It tell me how much the kitten is drinking. Light yellow to dark. It really helps me. I breed about 40 kittens a year. I also like that it last longer than the other litters
Crystals are th best! Fresh Step Crystals is the only litter I buy for my cats. It's fresh smelling and is great for my 2 cats. I find it a bit pricey, however it's worth the money and I have recommended it to all of the kitty moms I know!
Fresh Step Crystals are great as a mixer! I use Fresh Step Crystals as a mixer with Fresh Step Scoopable Litter and find that it elongates the life of the the litter being used in the box! Not only does it help with odor times x2, (because they are both "Great" products) but the "Mix" tends to extend the usage time and in my opinion in the long run save me money! (Now who wouldnt like that!)
Best for odor control The Crystals truly outshine any other product when it comes to minimizing litter box odor. Unless another product improves on this, I will continue to faithfully buy this product. Thanks, D. Bell
Expensive but worth it I have two FIV cats that live in a room by themselves so they don't intermingle with my other non-FIV cats. I want my two special cats to have the best life possible and that meant finding a litter that controlled odor. After careful research, I tried Fresh Step crystal litter and have never needed to try anything else! Yes, it is more expensive than other litters but it's a great product and my two cats are worth it. If you really want to control odor, this is the litter for you.
It helps keep the odor away Its great for keeping the odor down when u have two cats. It last for a long time too.
Love it This stuff is the best for urine. The solid wast needs to be taken out, but no amonia smell at all!! With cluming litter, it still breaks off a little. With this the amonia is TOTOALLY absorbed. I just take out the solid waste and change the rest once a month. I love it.
The Best A real 5 star product. Both the cat and I love the stuff. Easy to clean, lasts a long time and no smell. Great stuff.
My cats love the crystals! The crystals are great! I have two cats and this product controls the odor wonderfully.
FreshStep Crystals I really like this litter. It has great odor control, however it does not clump very well making it difficult to remove soiled areas. Overall I do like this product and would recommed it to a friend.
I love this product I have tried a lot of different cat litters and I keep coming back to tidy cat Crystals because its easy to use and my cats prefer it over any other cat litter I have tried.
crystals Well I had to go buy a bag of crystals when I used it before my cats didn't seem to like but I read SEVERAL of the comments in these reviews and I must say I was influenced by it. SOOOOO I am willing to give this another go and will let you know what happens ----maybe because it was 1-2 yrs ago that I tried. I will inform everyone on how it goes. Thanks so much for having this rating system.
The Show Cat Litter My mom show cats from time to time, and the crystal litter is her choice for those cats. She says the litter is clean and does not get in there long fur. Crystal litter is great for long hair cats. We also have a cat that has urinary problems and out vet recommended using Crystal litter. It also last a long time and is easy to clean up. It helps to eliminate strong urine smell that boy cats sometimes have. I recommend this litter to anyone. Thanks Fresh Step
Great Product I am very hapy with this product, I have two cats at home and this is the only litter that truely helps with the odor. I would recommend this product to my friends.
I LOVE crystals This is my favorite cat litter! I have tried many brands and different types and I keep coming back to this one. My cats use it without any problems. The cleaning of the litter box is easy with this product and the odor control is wonderful.
crystals odor eliminator works great. I add these crystals to litter to eliminate any odor.
Love it! I have two cats and they love it! Every time I change or rotate the crystals they are right behind me to use it!
Crystals are the best We have tried all types of litter in our household. We always come back to the crystals. And our cat prefers the crystals; she appears to dislike anything else. We highly recommend the crystals!
odor control i love this product my aunt told me about it. the only drawback is you pulled the coupon for the crystals in the rewards shopping.
Ammmmazzzing We have Five Cats and no litter can compare to the crystals. They make a complete differnce in our home. Now if only i can get my cats to stay out of the box so much lol!
Crystals are best We have two cats and have used crystals for most of the time we have had them, we decided to try the clumping brand for a change and experienced upturned kitty noses. Our littlest went as far as to find a small pile of crystals and use that instead of the brand new litter in the kitty box. We wont try a switch like that again! Its great on odor control and easy to clean up.
Great odor control This is a great product. I will definitely buy it again. The odor control is great and I like that it does not produce too much dust.
Thank you Crystals I have been using Freshstep crystal litter for probably 7 years. I love it and the cats do too! After using crystals, I don't think I'll ever go back to anything else. No smells, easy to clean, and lasts a long time even with two cats! My only dislike is it is a bit pricey, but it is well worth it.
No Odor, No Dust. While I was pregnant I was concerned about the cat litter and the dust. I swtiched from the clumping to this brand and have never gone back! I love it. I love the fact that even with 2 cats I only need to change the actual litter every 2 weeks. The rest of the time it is just scoop and be done!
Crystals The Very Best!!!! I am so happy with the Crystals. When the store was out of Crystals I tried the clay. Never again!!!. I buy 2 bags at a time, this way I always have the back up bag.. The crystals last my cat about a month with regular cleaning. We live in a 5th wheel trailer. Odor control is very important. I believe she likes it, a covered box and she loves to throw the crystals around till they are piled up in the back of the box. Every things is covered up...
Great Product I tried this product and my cats loved it. It has a very fresh clean smell. I have a mutliple cat home and this product is great. I highly recommend this product.
Not super impressed This litter covers the odor pretty well, but it wasn't anything that put a new spring in my kitty's step... I'll stick with the original fresh step over this.
Thumbs up This is easy to use and can easily be added to litter when extra order control is needed
Minky likes It's great for small spaces like between the wall and the toilet without smell. My cat uses it when i go to the bathroom. It helps with her past usage of unwanted areas as a bathroom for her. She also has clumpable in the basement.
The best This is the best cat litter I've ever used. It is expensive but the odor control is worth the extra $. I've used it for years now and I will never use anything else.
Crystal Clear We are a three cat household. Odor control is essential. It is crystal clear in our household that "Crystals Fresh Step" has by far the best odor control. Allergy control is also important and this cat liter has little dust. Low order + Low dust = a Happy Cat Owner! :O)
The BEST I have tried every kind of kitty litter out there, and this is by far the absolute best!!! There is no odor, and 1 bag lasts quite a long time for my cat. I honestly will never use another kind of litter!
Great Odor Control Mixed this with regular Fresh Step litter when I could not find the multicat on one of my shopping trips..........................It is a little expensive---but it controlled the odor just fine and seemed to last longer---more uses and the cats liked it too!!
I love this product.... The best litter I've tried to date! I have 4 cats so they frequent the box a lot. The odor control is fantastic. Easy to clean. Would highly recommend.
love this stuff My cats and I both love this litter. I like it because it's light to handle, no heavy bags to schlep around. Thanks!