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Fresh Step eliminates odors so
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Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable

This unscented litter is strong enough for multiple cat households, but doesn't have any perfumes or dyes.

  • Activated carbon and plant extracts eliminate odors
  • High quality clay absorbs and traps liquid
  • Free of perfumes and dyes for sensitive noses

With Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable litter, you'll have a litter box so fresh, it's like not having one at all.

  • Multi-Cat Unscented Formula

    Powerful odor control without added fragrance

  • Odor-Eliminating Carbon

    Absorbs odors 24/7

  • Plant Extracts

    Paw-activated to neutralize airborne odors

Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable 4.5819997787476 256
3 Persians - But dust free :/ I have 3 Persians and 2 cat boxes. Love this litter, BUT the dust is horrific and bad for their short noses. I really liked the Fresh Step Cedar when they had it.
GREAT LITTER....BUT..... Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable works very well in my multiple-cat household. Tried the "scented" version, but scent was way too strong. Am pleased with how well it controls odors. It is a very dusty litter...can see the 'cloud' when pouring. Although it is very easy to scoop, harder clumps would be better. My main problem is with the PACKAGING....Whenever you pick up the box by the handle after the top is 'opened', the whole top rips off....NOT GOOD. A plastic container with handle would be a wonderful improvement. We do recycle plastic these days.
Not a fan My cat and I prefer regular unscented, which is now impossible to find. This version has so much dust that it makes me sneeze too. The pour spout is much too large, and the entire top can come off while trying to pour it. Please go back to the smaller opening. Also, I find the the scent overpowering. Perhaps it's because of the dust.
Dusty The only negative on this product is the dust when the litter is placed in the pan. In addition most store carry very little of the unscented product. What is it, that everything has to have a scent added?
Good odor control but could clump a little better The odor control is just about equal to another cat litter, but it can throw up dust like that one too. I wish it had more solid clumping, but I also don't keep 3 inches of litter in the box. One of my cats prefers to feel the litter box.
Unscented is a Lifesaver! Scented cat litters give ME an allergic reactions. Other unscented and/or clay litters do not control the odor. Fresh Step unscented litter gives met he best of both worlds. Freshness for my cat and my nose and no allergies for me. I just wish it came in larger quantities so we could control the cost of litter as well as the allergies and odors!.
Like the Litter - Hate the new spout strip Love this cat litter, clumps great, no strong perfume, keeps cat-poo smell to a minimum, everything you want in a cat litter ... EXCEPT the new opening they designed. It opens a large gash in the end of the box. When lifting a nearly full box it feels as though the entire top will rip right off. Also, it allows a much greater cloud of dust to disperse, as opposed to the much smaller opening of the older boxes. Fresh-Step, please, please, PLEASE go back to the other spout!
Favorite litter This is by far my favorite litter for my two cats. I am not a fan of the scented kinds and this one is very neutral but keeps odor at bay very well! I have tried other litters and always go back to this one!
Super Clean We have tried many different kitty litters over the years but I can honestly say there is nothing like Fresh Step Multi-Cat. It says amazingly fresh smelling for at least a week and the kitty litter tracks are not as extensive as other brands. Both my cats enjoy using the two kitty litter boxes we have since the Fresh Steps clumps to neatly.
My Cat Loves This I have one cat and she is pretty particular with how her litter box is. This litter not only keeps the litter box fresh but it does not have an overpowering smell. I have used other litter brands but nothing has compared to fresh step. The clumping ability makes it an ease to clean the litter box. Would definitely recommend this!
Unscented..... Wish it came in the 42 pound's a much better value. My picky female doesn't like anything that's scented. She's grown up with Fresh Step and she won't tolerate anything else...won't use the scented......such a picky girl.
Works for me and my Cats I have three cats and we've been searching around for a decently-priced litter that all of our cats will use, and that will keep the smell at a respectable level (non-existent). Our litter boxes are in the basement, and are cleaned mostly daily. Some brands have had odors traveling up from the basement into the living room, and were quite offensive while we were entertaining guests or watching tv. Fresh Step litter has eliminated this odor problem, and it clumps quite well, as many other brands have also performed in less-than-acceptable fashions in the past.
I think I've tried them all I have 2 kittens, two cats, so I think I've tried most every brand of kitty litter out there, at least those with decent reviews. They are also exclusively INDOOR cats. I have ONE electric cat box. So, I dump the little clump box daily if I remember (which is usually). I had extreme 'cementing' of litterto the bottom of the pan with previous brands, since I switch to Multi-Cat and I clean the box at least every other day, usually every day, this doesn't happen. I do get an occasional stick, but it takes almost no pressure to remove it. (Well that was after I got the 50 pound dog to stay out of the box). Now, as said, I have four cats, one 40 lb bag of the multi cat seems to last me over a month, because I'm not having to replace as much. So whereas, it might be 'a bit' more expensive, it lasts longer and the 60 second cleans means I'm not thinking of getting rid of the cats and box. Oh smell, except for today, I haven't noticed any smell. What was different? Well one of the cats had JUST gone, and I stuck my nose in the box. The box is in my basement, where my office is. I have asked guests, ones that I trusted would be truthful (because they knew I wanted to know to fix it), if they smelled anything bad, and they've all said no. Now, if I hadn't have stuck my nose in the box so soon, I would never have smelled anything. As I said, I am not thinking of experimenting much anymore, because I think I've found the best.
Please keep the unscented available! Thank you to others for writing in: please keep the unscented formula! Multicat works best for my 2 cats, and the scented version makes them sneeze!! Not everyone needs perfume. I wrote no to recommend because I want the unscented formula back! Thank you.
Fresh Step For Multiple Cats Unscented I have been using this cat litter for the past four years. I normally purchase the 42 pound bag from Petsmart. This week Petsmart informed me that you no longer make this product, but my feeling is that they no longer want to continue to stock it. I was able to purchase it at Target. Both of my male cats prefer the unscented litter and won't use anything scented. Please continue to make this product available.
Can't find in stores anymore Both my cat & I prefer the unscented, yet for the past few months you can't find it in either Wal-Mart or PetSmart stores. Why does everything have to be scented! Some of us are sensitive to perfume smells.
Best cat litter ever! I have been using fresh step for many years since 1999 for my cat smokey. At one point I had 6 cats when I took in a pregnant cat I called missy who had 4 kittens. There was never any odor in the house. All are happily placed in good homes (except for smokey of course!).
Three Cats: One Box With three male cats this litter is the best. Controls the orders very well. Cats never avoid the box. Really good stuff!!
Heartbroken -- Petsmart has dropped this brand We went to Petsmart in Coral Springs FL, our preferred store because we travel in our RV. The manager advised that this brand is no longer on their Planogram, and only the Extreme will be available in unscented form. We have been using this brand for years, because of its low dust factor -- my husband has asthma, and this has worked great. It's a travesty. Please contact Petsmart, and bring this one back!
great! - but where can I find it? I love this stuff - but for some reason, all the stores near me keep stocking only the SCENTED version - and neither I nor my cats like the scented version. In fact, none of the many cats I've had in my lifetime like any scented litter - so why are stores only stocking those?? I can usually find one version of UNSCENTED Fresh Step at the Pet Smart where I go, but it's almost always out of stock - probably because so many other cat owners have the same opinion! Funny, there's always enough stock of the scented kinds... maybe the stores should take the hint that nobody wants to buy those?? Would love to know where to find the unscented multi-cat. It clumps great, covers up odors well, and isn't too dusty.
No one likes a smelly cat I clean the litter box every day, and still I was having a problem with odor. I switched to the Multi-Cat and have not had a problem since!
Best Multi-Cat Litter I have 4 cats, and this handles the lot perfectly!
Supreme Litter We were using a brand of litter recommended to us by someone, until I bought a box of Fresh Step on sale. As soon as I used it I noticed a huge difference in the litter box! First and foremost, my cats don't seem to track as much of it all over the place. Maybe because the granules are smaller than those we've used previously it stays on the litter mat better. It's also easier to scoop. Again because of the smaller granules it seems to make a stronger coating around the droppings. There also seems to be less odor, and because it clumps harder and faster than other litters I can scoop it away sooner.
Best I've Found I've done the run around trying to find a good litter for my two cats. Because I live in an apartment, I'm always worried about the smell, especially when I have guests over. This litter has been, by far, the best overall. Other litters that I have used hold onto the urine smell but not this litter. It's also not as messy as other litters I've tried.
Works great with two cats I have had cats for all of my adult life and I want to provide them with the best litter possible. I have tried many brands throughout all those years testing them to see which works best in my home and for my cats. Fresh Step's Multi-Cat litter surpasses them all. I highly recommend Fresh Step for your cat family.
Long Lasting I've tried other, cheaper brands. With 5 cats, I found myself cleaning all the boxes (5 of them) several times a day. Nothing controls the odor as well as Fresh Step Multi Cat. I now only have to clean their boxes once a day. The clumps stay solid, and I don't have to worry about them falling apart as I'm trying to clean, as I did with other litters. I would recommend this to anyone with a cat.
A must have for Multiple Cats I have three cats and have tried several different brands of litter. Fresh Step scoopable for multiple cats is hands down the best. When company comes over, they always comment on how well my house smells and they would have never guessed I had 3 cats.
BEST brand, type and price!! Can't beat! I don't buy ANYTHING but this for my cat! He LOVES it! I love it! My company never smells it! It's AWESOME! Even though I only have one cat, I like to buy the multiple cat version because it lasts longer than the normal. It smells decent (I feel weird saying a litter smells "good") and keeps it's space smelling fresh and clean for a VERY long time. I actually don't have to scoop it but maybe once a week or sometimes longer. Course, I also have one of those larger corner litter boxes (which I highly recommend as well). This is one very satisfied customer!
Litter, litter everywhere I agree with other posts about the litter not clumping and being mushy. I have three cats and if one would use the litter box right after the other, the wet litter would stick to my cats paws. I had little tiny litter granules ALL over the place. Sticking with my Fresh Step clay litter, non clumping.
4 Indoor Cats, One Litter Box This is the best litter I've used for my 4 Indoor Cats. It is impressive in every aspect.
The Best Litter - Ever The unscented litter is the very best litter - ever. I have a kitty who is sensitive to fragrance - so this is just wonderful. Don't hesitate to buy - it is amazing.
Best cat litter ever We had 3 cats for awhile, and even with just 2, I do not have to worry about what my house smells like. This litter is wonderful at keeping the odor minimal, which EVERYONE in the house likes-people and animals!
Multi-Cat well worth the money I only use Fresh Step. I have couponed and purchased other brands for less money, but I got what I paid for. I have 2 cats and now I will only use Fresh Step Multi Cat or Extreme. It would be nice to have a coupon every now and then in the Sunday paper. The only coupons I have found $1 is on the Walmart website. So... Fresh Step, help us out and distribute some coupons.
Love the litter. Hate the packaging I just love this cat litter...nothing compares to it! However, the multi-cat packaging is so frustrating! When you buy the big box that has two smaller boxes in it, there is no easy way to pour it out without getting it ALL over. Please help a cat lady out and add a pour spout or something!! Although I would recommend it to a friend or two...I would tell hundreds if the packaging was better. Thanks! Michele
MUTLI GREAT! I have tried SWHEAT and the no dust kind from the Vet (can't remember the name). Granted it has no dust, but is also allow odors to escape, as does the Swheat. I know the Swheat is natural and healthy but it just cannot handle a house with 2 litter boxes. The best I can do is mix my Fresh Step with one of the other brands. But then- why bother? if your cat has breathing problems, certainly go with the no dust kind, just don't expect it to cover the smell.
Amazing Product! At one point I had three adult cats and four tiny kittens who all were using the litterbox and this is the only product that I would go out and by because it is the only one that I have found so far that actually works the way it says that it does. I am now down to just two adult cats, one is expecting though (oh boy), and I still only use this product. Thank you FreshStep! ~Alicia Noelle and Elizabeth Marie~
By far the best... I have 3 cats and live in a 1 bedroom apt, so keeping it stink free is very important to me. I tried them all, cheap and expensive, they all fail compared to this brand ( I use both scented and unscented). The clumping and odor control is definitely superior. I always recommend it.
Unscented is a great option After 11 years one of our cats decided he did not want to use the litter box anymore ... After trying lots of options, such as adding separate litter boxes (not the solution as they often climbed into the same box together anyway), I tried the Unscented and Bingo! He has gone back to using the litter box. It seems he had taken a dislike to the scented versions. Only problem is I find it difficult to find the Unscented Multi-Cat in the 25lb boxes sometimes.... Please keep making this product! Would highly recommend to anyone having similar problems.
THE GOOD STUFF! We've tried other brands of clumping litter in the past and Fresh Step clumps the best! It stays clumped and doesn't break apart when you scoop it so the litter stays fresher longer. It's unscented and healthier for the cats, and nicer for the home as there is no weird litter box perfume wafting through your house. The price is less than most of the other litters out there and it works the best for my cats(I have 3 of them). It's also great to have the Paw Points to save and get some extra goodies with. Gotta have the good stuff- gotta have Fresh Step!
Best Litter Ever! This is the ONLY litter that I use in my house. We switched a few months back to another brand and one of my cats started having issues with the pad on her paw. We finally found that she is allergic to the other cat litter. We switched back to Fresh Step and her Paw issues cleared up and haven't happened since. This is also the only litter that keeps the odor under control with my 5 cats and the revolving door of foster cats that I have in my home. (currently, 1 mommy cat and 5 newborns!, FUN) I will NEVER buy another litter!!! Kim
Concerned about the dust I have been very happy w/Fresh Step clay litter, but lately I have had an increase of dust in the packages. I thought it was maybe just the batch, but in continuing to purchase it, nothing has changed. Please lower the dust factor in your product. Thank you!
This product is great I used this product on my own cat and fostering kittens. I love this cat litter it covers the odor so well! It's also affordable!!
MULTICAT UNSCENTED LTTER With 4 cats, keeping the litter boxes clean with other brands was impossible, and the cats really don't like switching. I think they get accustomed to a particular "feel", and freak out if paper shreds or fine grains or wood curls show up in their pans. Fresh Step multi-cat does take care of multi-cats!
Great Product This litter is the best I have used and I have tried many others. I have multiple cats and the odor and clumping abilities are great and overtime have noticed I have not been buying as much as I did with the other brands. Thanks Fresh Step.
Best litter on the market I have tried many other brands hoping to save a few dollars, but they just don't control the odor like Fresh Step. Our litter box is just off the kitchen and it is VERY important to us that there not be any lingering odors coming into the kitchen.
I love this product I have been a multiple cat owner for many years and I have to say, by far, my favorite clumping kitty litter is Fresh Step Multi Cat, Unscented. Lets face it, litter boxes aren't fun, they are a necessity. With the Multi Cat Unscented formula, my home isn't overpowered by the extra "perfumy" smells. The kitties seem to like it as well. Going forward, Fresh Step Multi Cat - Unscented will be our only kitty litter.
Best Cat Litter in the Stores I was so excited to see that you guys recently came out with an unscented multi cat litter. It is so nice to walk in my front door without smelling the cat box. I was using your competitions brand unscented multi cat litter and my house would stink no matter how often I scooped the box. I just love Fresh Step Litter!
Our favorite but can't find in stores! We have used this litter for years. Our cats like it and we have no problems. Recently I am not able to find the unscented litter in any of my local stores forcing us to try other brands or the scented versions of Fresh Step. My cats are not happy. They do not like the other brands (nor do I because they lack the odor control that Fresh Step has) but the scented Fresh Step is not working either. My cats are sneezing from allergies as am I from the scent. Is the unscented Fresh Step still out there? Where can I buy it?? Please help!
Favorite Litter I've tried a variety of Fresh Step litters and this is by far my favorite. No strong smells or perfumes to mask odors. Clumps like all the other Fesh Steps. I was ready to switch brands when I discovered unscented multi-cat. When I no longer had to smell odor masking perfumes, I was happy. My cats love it too! Very little tracking and it doesn't seem to get stuck in their paws. If it does, it doesn't leave the smell the others did. I would still like to see a little less dust, but that's minor. Please do not stop making this litter!
Best value I have tried many different brands, trying to save money on the cheaper brands. I always come back to Fresh Step because it simply works the best. I like the option of the unscented as I find the scented versions a bit strong and the unscented version neutralizes the odor so well I don't need the perfumes.
5 indoor cats My husband frequently- comes home with "bargain brand" litter even though I tell him to buy Fresh Step. I have been using this litter for at least 8 years and never have a problem with odor and the clumping, even with urine is excellent. a large box lasts about a month in our house. When my husband brings home the cheap stuff it is used up in less than 4 days and the odor can become very unbearable. He is now forbidden to bring anything but Fresh Step into our household!!!!!!
Not Really Unscented; Not the Best Value for LARGE Litterboxes Although I think this is a decent litter (clumps great and good odor control compared to most "bargain" litters), it is absolutely not unscented. When pouring this litter into my cat's litter box, I could immediately smell an artificial "flowery" perfume. It isn't overwhelming, but it's definitely there. I can only imagine how strong the Fresh Step litters labeled "scented" are. Also, this isn't the best value for those of us who use jumbo litter boxes. I need at least 40 lbs of clumping litter to fill a jumbo litterbox up to the recommended 3.5-4" - this litter only comes in 25 lb boxes, so I have to buy 2 boxes to have enough litter. It is much more economical to buy a 80 lb bag of Precious Cat Ultra litter, which is also hard clumping with great odor control, and truly unscented. I will go back to buying Precious Cat litter even though it requires a trip to a specialty pet store. While I'm not crazy about Fresh Step's clumping litter, I have long used Fresh Step Crystals in our other litter box (I have one cat who will not use clay/clumping litter) and it is absolutely amazing! One 8 lb bag more than fills a jumbo size litter box and lasts approximately one month - the crystal litter by Fresh Step is actually a much better value than their clumping litter (in my opinion).
best product so far i have seven cats all which were a batch of wild kittens. they are great cats and know the kind of litter they like like .i had been using another type of scoopable litter which did ok but when i tryed this one i found my cats liked it better and kept oder down much better and i have three litter boxes in house and two on back deck, very easy to keep clean.
Best loved by the cats I tried a cheaper brand once. The male cat took an instant dislike to it and urinated on my bed. I immediately went back to Fresh Step and no more problems. I really saved nothing with having to wash all my bedding.
Similar to Perfume & Dye Free When I could not find the Perfume & Dye Free in any of the retailers, I finally had to try this new Multi-Cat "unscented". To say the least, I was skeptical because I was not looking to change to another type. This unscented litter is much better than Another Brand on one important thing - oder control. However, Another Brand does have an advantage - it stays in the litter box and does not track out into the room, which then goes into the hallway, and into other rooms. (Yes, my playful cats run, and litter scatters around the house in the most unlikely places.) Trust me, the vacuum notices these things. (We vacuum twice a week.) Maybe it's the carbon, but I find Fresh Step more "dust" than other unscented clumping litters I have tried. I do not think the cats noticed anything different about this version. Fresh Step - can you make an unscented litter that tracks less?
Best litter ever I love this litter I tried others no one compares to this
Great Litter I have the cat litter in the bathroom off of the kitchen. I can't smell it since using this litter. I will never use any other litter again.
Love it but so dusty! I have used Fresh Step for quite a while. I moved on to the multi cat when my cat family grew to 3 and then to 4. The clumps are strong, making it easy to clean the boxes (which I do twice a day) and the odor control is excellent. My cats aren't too picky about their litter as long as it is clean, so they aren't a problem. However, I have noticed that lately the product has been very dusty, clouds of dust rising in the air when I am cleaning or adding new litter. I can't think this is healthy for my cats, as well as it is making my house a mess. I switched to a product that advertised how dust free it is...and it was, but the clumps are not strong and they break apart which is a new problem. I think that Fresh Step needs to create a low dust multi cat litter for the health of their clients (the cats)!
Good for multi cat household Overall, the product is very good for a multicat household. The only problem with this litter is the amount of dust in the product. Some cats have allergies to dust and the amount of dust can bring on sneezing and breathing issues.
The Best on Market The only Scoop Litter that my 3 Cats will use. I have tried other and (cheaper) but they refuse them. Well worth the money. Works well on keeping the odors down. I have recommended this to other friends and family. I know over a 100 Cats are using due to my recommendations. Finally I have gotten some great gifts by redeeming Reward Points in the PAW Club.
Awesome! My cat is very spoiled, so she only likes cat litter that clumps well and doesn't cause odor. This works out perfect for the both of us because I don't like the perfume like sent in other litter, but she still feels clean!
great product this product is great. i have returned to this product after using another cat litter. fresh step is the better product. wont be changing anymore
Fresh Step is the best! I have only one cat and have used and love all Fresh Step products. I have used old scented in the box, the new odor control unscented and the multi-cat unscented and have been thoroughly satisfied. I've tried other cat litter brands but nothing controls odors like Fresh Step! I prefer the unscented because I think the scented can be a bit over powering and the more natural the better for my cat. I bought the unscented multi-cat because it was the only unscented variety available at the time.
Greatest Kitty Litter Ever I have had cats all my life and I have to say that Fresh Step cat litter is the best product I have ever used... I actually have my cats litter box in my bedroom because there is absolutely NO ODOR... Thank you for such a great product...
Best Cat Litter Available Fresh Step Litter is great at clumping and controlling odors. I had 4 cats for many years and scooped a lot of litter daily. Visitors to our house were amazed that we had so many cats because they could not smell a litter box. I highly recommend Fresh Step. The Paw Points are an added bonus.
Multi cat unscented This is by far the best litter. I have 2 cats and this litter is perfect for my family. The extreme was too strong and made my little Miss Daisy go into sneezing fits. No problem with this litter. Crookshanks loves to dig in the box and this litter has very little dust.
great litter I have been using regular clay litter for many years. I tried Fresh Step scented once years ago but my cats started to sneeze every time they used the litter so, I stopped immediately. I recently discovered that it came in unscented. I bought 1 box, my cats seemed to like it. So I purchased ten 14lbs of unscented all at once because my cats like it. It is a good product.
Nothing Better I have to clean the litter box at least once a day no matter what, since I have so many cats and it gets full. But when I've tried cheaper cat litters, I have to clean it a couple times a day to keep the smell down. The cheaper litters don't last me nearly as long, and I end up having to spend more money. In the end, its cheaper and better for me to buy fresh step.
It's all we use now. It's everything they say, as long as you clean your litter boxes every day or so and keep the litter deep enough so that the urine doesn't hit the bottom of the boxes and make a wet brick that's hard to remove. I sometimes have to go in and cover the stinkies when they forget to, but soon as they are covered, the odor begins to dissipate. You can hurry this process along with a spritz of air freshener or incense. We have eleven cats and most of them are in the house during the winter because they are over seven years old. We have four large litter boxes and I get the 42 pound bags from Sam's Club and will as long as I am able to lift it, which is not easy. By the way, you only get 50 Paw Points from the 42 pound bag, the same as for the smaller boxes.
I love it Have use fresh step for many years. Did stray away a couple of times only because I had coupons for other brands, but fresh step is the best
Another excellent litter My 3 cats didn't notice a difference and neither did I.I love fresh step products!
Best litter ever Fresh Step is the only litter I have used for ten the new multi cat the best
Great for multiple cats in a busy household Between my roommate and I we have four cats in our tiny house. We're both college students and work full-time and with so many kitties the two litter boxes we have fill up pretty fast, but the Multi-Cat Litter keeps the odor down and it clumps really well for quick clean up! I've been buying this litter for the last two years now.
18 Cats? I recently switched to Fresh Step. I too started with the clay and had to use bags and bags every week. I have 18 cats that I have saved for one reason or another, and keeping them happy is tricky. If the litter box isn't clean, they decide to go wherever it is clean. Following the usage instructions, I have not had a stray mess in the last 3 months. Multi-cat seems to do what I need it to do, and my guys have no complaints either. Until something better comes along, I am a Fresh Step user for good.
Fresh Step Multi-Cat I have six indoor/outdoor cats. We live on 32 acres in TN since 2006 and in FL from 1970 to 2006. I started my Paw Point account in 1995 and I continue to use Fresh Step exclusively. The 6 cats choose to use their litter boxes (4) rather than the outdoors. That is okay because the boxes stay fresher and odor to them is minimal. As I saw in another review, I also had a hard time reading the paw points code because they were not clear at all. The machine or stamp used left blank spaces. I did send an email to customer service to advise of the difficulty in reading the codes. Hopefully, the company will review and solve this issue. I have tried other litters over the years, but I always return to Fresh Step clumping litter.
litter that works I have 2 adult cats using the litter and they seem to like using their cat litter box.. They always go in it and never have any accidents elsewhere...
Works the best I use the MultiCat litter since I have four cats. The clumping works great and it helps control the odor. I wish I was putting in all my paw points, since I go through a 40lb box a month. I could have had a that sweet drinking fountain!
MY Boys I have 4 loveable boys that are inside and outside cats. You can walk into my home and not know I have animals inside. IWhile using Fresh Step my boys always use the litter box. One time I bought the wrong stuff and put it in one of the litter boxes and they refused to go there. I gave the remander of the box to my husband for floor dry. LOL
"Where's the smell?" Multi Cat is withot a doubt in our house the best. We have had people come intoour home sho have been totally surprised to learn we hav two in-dor cats with two litter boxes. We evn had one friend, who has two cats, ask us, " where's the smell?" We wouldn't use anything other than Fresh Step and are very plesed with the new product.
This litter is great for my 3 cats I've used Fresh step scoopable for my 3 cats for about 11 years. It clumps really good & keeps the odor down to minimal and have been complimented several times on how our apartment smells clean....couldn't tell there are 3 cats here with us.
Failure! The code on a 25lb box is unreadable! Litter is great, but we want point credit for this box.
it works I have 5 cats using the litter box and this litter works
I love this product I have been using this product for years. I started using it with just 2 cats in the house and you couldn't tell that there was a cat box. Now that my daughter brought her 2 home to join my 4 (they are all indoor cats), you still can't tell. I have tried others that claim to be as good, don't believe it. I'll never change again
Best litter for Value I have had many problems with litter turning into clay. All other litters don't last long enough. After using this, I use a lot less litter and it lasts longer. The odor control is also exceptional.
The best money can buy I use fresh step clumping,it last for a while before having to add or dispose altogether and refresh completely.I buy it at walmart for the price of $14 or something and get the 2 - 14lb boxes.I think that's the weight if you use it you know what i mean.I highly recommend this fine litter to all cat owners.Awesome product.Keep up the good work folks. Picture has to be clicked on to see her.
Multiple Cat Scoopable I have cats for several years and have tried a lot of different litters. I keep coming back to Fresh Step regretting I tried something else. I've tried cheaper and more expensive brands. I have tried Pet store brands. Nothing can meet the excellent power of Fresh Step. I do recommend to my friends and anyone I see checking out the cat litter. Thanks for being there!
Great product! With as many cats as I have--6--I use a couple of large litter boxes with Fresh step Multi-cat and it's been a live saver!! This is good because not only does it keep the odors in control but there is no added scent that might deter my cats from wanting to use it or that adds one more scent to my home! Thanks for coming up with this product!!
great product keeps odors down Love Fresh Step my house never smells bad now that I use this product.
Multi Cat Works Great My cats give an overall B plus to the new Multi Cat Litter. I have 4 cats and all have their own voice on what they like or not. They went for it right off. Our senior cat sneaked up on it. She was not too sure. It had a different texture form the other Fresh Step Group. After checking it out , she decided that MOM did very well and was happy as could be. My other cats followed thru out the day. I like that the clumping was great and no break downs. Clean up was very easy. The order control could be a little better. I did noticed that after being out for a day and coming home there was a slight odor in the air. All my babies have been fixed. . I give the new litter a 4.
Love Love Love this Product I especially like the new smell of the litter when my cat covers, it is a very pleasant smell opposed to...well you know. Clumping is great and Odor Control is AWESOME!!
Great Clumping Good odor control and great clumping would recommend to any muti cat home.
gr8 stuff My two kittens love Fresh Step Multi-Cat clumping cat litter with carbon
Cat's give it a paws up! I have been using fresh step for years. When I was pet sitting this was on of the products I would recommend.
Too Dusty I have to say something has changed. I have always been a loyal Fresh Step user because of the excellent clumping, good odor control, and dust control, but something has changed. The clumping is still really good and the odor control is good but than I empty every day. The dustiness is out of control. I would always stay away from Tidy Cat and Arm and Hammer because I thought they were to dusty but, Fresh Step is becoming the same way. The entire room that the little box is in is crazy liter dusty. Clearly becomes duster than any other room in the house. I even keep the little box in a closet and it has an encasement over the box and it still makes its way to everything in the room. I don't remember it ever being that bad. Please change back. Thank you for the opportunity to inform you of my satisfaction.
LOVE IT my husband is allergic to all the perfumes, so this works great and my two cats really like it
Air du' None I really appreciate that this product does not leave me (when scooping) or my cat (when pooping) smelling like a reject from a perfume factory. It does not have a clinging scent but it is strong enough to tackle my especially stinky feline productions. It is easier on my asthma as well.
6 Litter Boxes I clean 6 litter boxes every day and I go through about 34 lbs of litter a week...I buy Fresh Step Multi-Cat double box every week...It works. I have 8 cats and people who come into my house can't believe it..It really works!
Unscented and Fabulous It's not always easy to find unscented multi cat, but my two cats and I love it! I have a tendency to kiss my kitties paws, and I HATE the taste of scented litters. They must too!! This stuff controls odor fairly well, clumps great and is my preferred product.
The Best! The hardest clumping litter out there! I have 3 cats, one a CRF cat that gets 200ml of SubQ fluids everyday, and this litter still keeps up with the moisture and odor. There was a time of panic when I could not find the unscented litter, but it appears to be well stocked again at Target. My only complaint would be the dust, but that minor gripe is outweighed by the sheer awesomeness of this litter.
unscented Who knew that "unscented' meant every time my cat has to go my entire home would stink to high heaven. I normally buy Multi cat extreme even though I only have one small cat, the store I shop was out of my normal stuff so I thought its still fresh step right. wrong. I don't know if I got a box that was missing a major component or what but I will NEVER buy unscented again. SMELLY, Sorry freshstep
Grrrreat! Definately prefer the unscented product. The kitty didn't have a preference, but I found the scented to be a bit strong scented.
We like Fresh Step Multiple Cat We have three cats, one of whom is a Maine Coon. With that many cats I keep two litter boxes going. All three use both boxes, so we don't have a problem with "waiting". They like the boxes clean, but with the clumping litter and the multiple cat formula I don't have to change it everyday. So, it's easier on me too.
Multi cat is the best product Multi cat liter by fresh step is the best product that I have found for three cats and it really works. If you keep up with the liter box and clean it as reguired you would never know there is a liter box in the house
SIMPLY THE BEST I will start with I am not a cat person. My kids have 2 cats and as a result, I have learned to share a house with them in the last year. It's came as a surprise to me that I have learned to love these guys, but I do not love their smells. I have tried every cat litter on the market. The naturals made a mess, the other name brands left smells, I tried Fresh Step as a last resort. Wow what a difference. The litter has a pleasant smell both before and after. Now when friends come over no one notices the smell anymore and I don't either. I love this stuff and don't foresee ever changing brands again.
Expensive! With SIX cats I need a lot of litter - even that Fresh Step is more expensive, I buy it anyhow because of the great clumping and odor control.
Love it Can't say much more about it.. It is a well rounded product.
The best litter! I have four cats and they all use the same litter box (I live in a small apartment). I have used Fresh Step for as long as I can remember and none of my cats have ever had a problem with it. I can't use the scoopable litter because my cats tend to "dig" a lot and it gets in their eyes. The clay litter is fine for my cats!
Love this stuff!!! This stuff is the best litter ever!! My Bella is happy & when The cat is happy everyone is I use to use a different brand or buy what was on sale until I adopted Bella from a shelter. Now its ONLY Fresh Step. Thank you.
it works! People did not know the new kittens temporary litter box was in the tv room. Could not smell anything!
This product is one I will buy often Patches and Squeaky love this muliple cat litter, They asked me go continue buyingit.
Product features I have tried many different brands of cat litter and keep coming back to Fresh Step. I have 4 cats and it really does the job. The only concern is that it is VERY dusty and it gets into the cat's fur, they smell like the litter.
LOVE IT Tried many litters over the years, this is the only one that is odor free. My cat and I love it. My friends and family always comment that they can't believe he is an indoor cat because they can't ever smell the litter box.
VERY HAPPY!!! VERY HAPPY!!! I have three cats too! I will buy more of this product! I never had a brand this good.
Best Value I've been using Fresh Step in various forms for about 10 years. This formula is the best yet and I'll continue using it.
cats love it Tried this for the first time and i fell in love.. the smell is non existent. I will never change brands!
What odor? Excellent product. I tried many store brands, tidy cat, etc. Not one litter can hold a clump, control odor like Fresh Step!
GREAT PRODUCT I am a potter and work with clay like materials all the time. This product is great for helping maintain a clean and comfortable studio. Our 2 cats would verify this if they could speak!
NO MORE SMELL! I have had cats for 40 years and always hated cleaning the wet, smelly litter box. Fresh step does not smell-even if you cannot clean the litter box every day! IT'S GREAT! The way it clumps keeps the box cleaner without liners too.
Great litter!! Although a bit dusty, it works great & I love it. My cats love it as well, great job!
i only use Fresh Step i have tried other cat litter brands.NEVER AGAIN. Fresh Syep is the controls cant even tell i have cats when they walk in my home.its easy to clean and comparative in price
Cats rule in this house! My cats have been using Fresh Step since I brought them home from the APL 7 years ago. I just tried the unscented. It keeps the odors down like the original but I sure miss that nice scent. So I'm going back to scented. Guess I'm a creature of habit! My female cat--the picky one--wasn't sure about using the litter box...always a bad sign--I think when she didn't smell the familiar scent.
purrrrfect!!! i work full time and im also a full time student so im not home as often as i should be to clean litter boxes (which is why i have a few of them) but i cant even tell i have cats with this litter! its great
good litter my cat loves this litter and it clumps well and he loves to play in it
New Kittens Attracted to Box!!! Adopted 3 orphaned kittens 10 days ago. Kitten formula, bottles, training litter box, etc. After 2 days of putting kittens in box (4.5 wks. old) after each feeding they had no more accidents. I like the clumping litter because I must clean box 4-6 times per day! Only suggestion....odor control could be stronger because kittens have very loose bowels as they transition between milk to kibble & it is OOOOO-SO-Fragrant..... (can you do it without perfumes?).
Sorry Did not hold up with my cats. But love your other products.
LOVE IT! We love this litter. I have purchased several different brands and nothing works like this for our two cats. I will never buy another brand again.
Too dusty!! I LOVE this product! It does exactly what it says it will do and does it well. My only problem is with the extreme amount of dust in the litter. I do add new litter by taking the box out doors but it seems my cats can still stir up a dust storm!! Thanks for a great product!
unscented multi cat litter After using the scented litter for oh so many years I had to purchase the unscented - it was the only thing in the store. Was I surprised how much better it worked. The clumping was better, the smell was better without having the scent and my 3 cats seem very happy with it. Thanks for giving us owners an option. This one really worked for me!
Prefer Scented Litter I tried the new unscented multi-cat lltter and really didn't like it. I much prefer the scented litter because it leaves a clean scent in the bathroom all the time. I will go back to one I like best.
Glad it's unscented! Fresh Step is my favorite brand of litter, and I will continue purchasing the "multi-cat" formula. It works great to hide the smell. However, I do not like the fragrance in the new litter. The new litter has a floral fragrance that makes my allergies bad, I don't think my cats like it either. I had 2 litter boxes - one w/ the unscented multi-cat, and one with the "new" litter and my cats mainly used the litter box with the unscented litter in it. I unintentionally had different litter in each box, but it worked out as a little experiment!
Fresh Step Multi cat Great odor control. I have four litter boxes in a small utility room for my three cats. None of my friends can believe that I have cats because there is never any litter box smell in my house. This is a great product at a reasonable price!
Two smelly cats Excellent, best litter I've used yet. Can't stand the perfume in the regular Fresh Step, this is so much better. It has absolutely no odor and I can walk by the cat box without smelling it now, and my furniture doesn't smell like perfume anymore either!
I'll never switch again! I started using this once, switched because I could get others cheaper and quickly realized I made a mistake. This is by far the best! I love my cat and she STINKS, but this clumps the best and masks all odors so well! I've tried all the cheaper brands and all the brands that give out tons of coupons and switched back. I just wish I could get coupons for this!
tried others, this is the best! used to have 1 cat, always used the non-scoopable type litter from other name brands, always smelled have two cats, changed to Fresh Step scoopable multi-cat brand, and loved it ever since..been using for 2 years now, won't use anything else :)
The only litter for my feline family! When I first got my cat Phineas a year ago, I bought Fresh Step. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it(my little boy had some really stinky poops... >.<). A friend said she only used Arm&Hammer. I tried it, and when it was gone, I switched back to Fresh Step and never looked back! When they released the Extreme Odor Control, I snatched it off the shelves, and I must say, it is the greatest! I have now introduced a new kitten into my family, and she used the Fresh Step litter immediately. Every so often, the smell of my older cat's feces will overwhelm my apartment...but I don't blame the litter...he has issues burying it sometimes. Great kitty litter! Best, in fact.
Best overall I have tried every cat litter at Walmart, grocery chain stores and the pet supply stores. This is the best one overall.
And no messy dust! Decided not to go to the big warehouse store for cat litter and just purchased from local grocery store. Will not go back to warehouse brand! Less dust, less mess, less odor and a happy Sparky Spitfire! Worth every extra cent!
Clumping Litter is a disaster I have used regular Fresh Step litter for many years and it is the only brand that I buy. However, I tried the clumping litter and it was a disaster. I have two cats. The litter clumped but not in scoopable balls. The litter produced a long unscoopable clump that was the size and shape of the urine flow. I ended up scooping out most of the litter every time the cats urinated. The results were so bad that I did not even finish using the box. I went back to regular litter almost immediately.
The Best! It is the only brand of litter I will buy!! have tried others and found nothing that compares!
Good Clumping, but my cats like crystals! Nice scent, but my cats like crystals. Would recommend if you are a clumping family.
Clumps Better Than Ever! I used to use Fresh Step but then used the baking soda one for a while. I went back to Fresh Step and was pleasantly surprised! They improved the clumping ability of this product. That makes it much easier to scoop out the boxes. I definitely like this product even more than I used to!
This the best I have used all the Fresh Step litters and so far this is the best litter we have had in our home. I have 5 cats and we have mistakenly gotten a not mutlicat formula and we knew the difference in 1 day. This formula the only thing it still has to much dust. But for odor and clumping it is number 1.
The best I have found I have always had a one cat household and have always used Fresh Step. Three months ago my son moved back home, bringing his cat home with him. When he purchased another brand of litter to save money , I was shocked to find how much better Fresh Step works in every way. Now we have 2 litter boxes with Fresh Step. Everybody is happy but the two cats still hate each other. I do have to complain about the rewards program. The last 2 boxes I purchased had no code and the one before that was printed os badly it could not be read. This is not worth the trouble but still a great product.
Really Great Litter I have been using Fresh Step for quite a while. I have tried other brands and every time I did, I regretted it later. With Fresh Step there is absolutely no cat litter oders in my house. Also, when I clean the Fresh Step litter it scoops easily and neatly into the scooper. I have used other brands and found they "beaded", making clean up messy and difficult. I will stick with Fresh Step!!!
DUSTY FRESH STEP I have used Fresh Step for over 10 years now. I give it excellent ratings for odor control, clumping and my cats satisfaction. However within the past year, I would have to rate the quality of dust control a big fat ZERO! I have a room of hospice cats, in which I use Fresh Step, everything in that room is coated with a fine coating of dust from the litter. My curtains even smell like Fresh Step! My lungs- as well as my cats are probably coated too! The company says they sift and vacuum as usual, but proof they are not, is in my house!!!!!!
Luv2Cats This is the best litter! I've tried them all. I like how it doesn't get tracked all through the house. I had 4 cats, down to 2 now, and they all seemed to like this kind the best. They don't like the stink either!! I scoop morning and night---i use less litter so the cost is kept down. Love the free or money off coupons i get with the paw points!!!
Best quality so far!! I've tried several different types & brands this has been the best. When I tried to save a few dollars and used cheaper brand even my cats didn't like the change.( one went outside of litter box in protest)
Two Paws Up~! This is the best cat litter I have ever bought. I've tried them all, but when it came to this one, I stopped looking for others. No one compares to this cat litter, and I have two cats that share the same box. It's wonderful cat litter. It's also got a comparable price to the others of lesser quality. I have recommended this litter to everyone I know who owns cats. This is realllllly good stuff~!!!
The product has no perfumes I have an older cat (Tika). She will only use the litter box that I use with this litter. I have Five cats and I use Fresh step litter in all the boxes I use. I clean them twice a day . I wish the scoopable product came in a bag in larger sizes. Bags are a little easier to carry and to take off the shelves in the stores. I also reuse bags for trash bags.
best clumping litter! We've tried many different kinds of kitty litters; none work as well as Fresh Step! I highly recommend this kind - especially if you're sensitive to changing the dirty litter as Fresh Step really eliminates odors well. This is much better than the alternatives out there.
best new litter yet i found this to be the best litter ive used yet it seems to be really working well and the cat is doing great using
New Multi cat unscented litter I only use Fresh Step products for my Ragdoll cats and kittens and this new type is amazing. I would highly recommend it to everyone >^..^< Really cuts down on the odor.
Yea for unscented! My cats love this litter! We have been using your litter for a long time! I only have to clean my boxes out once a month with your litter as opposed to other brands! Of course I clean it once each day as well. My biggest complaint is that you seem to be phasing out the 20Lb box and for me who is older it's the heaviest one I can pick up and carry just barely! Please don't phase that box size out for us seniors!! Thanks,
could be If the clumping was better, then the odor control would be better.
Best on the market! Fresh Step is the best product on the market for keeping odors under control. I have 3 cats and clean the box morning and night no one smells the box. I live with my sister so I was afraid that having 3 cats would be a deal but since using Fresh Step she says she can't even smell it. Friends and family come over and they can't either!! I have tried other "multiple cat" products and they are all perfume which just makes it worse. If you want a product that keeps odors out this is it!! Great job Fresh Step!!!
Better than all others! I have 4 cats.. I tried Arm & Hammer, Tidy Cats, and other litters... Fresh Step in the only one that does not stink!!! This is the ONLY cat litter I use for my cats.
The Best Litter I have tried Fresh Step Multi-Cat Unscented Litter and I will never use another litter again! I have 2 cats and one has asthma. Having unscented litter is a must for her since any type of perfume smell can cause an attack. My cats love it, it control odor so well nobody even knows 2 cats live in the house when they come to visit! It is very easy to clean the litter box since the litter clumps and you just remove the clumps. I am very glad that Fresh Step has made unscented litter. This is one less worry as far as my Mittens' asthma is concerned! Thank you Fresh Step!
review Works great. Clumps well day after day and it controls the odor and I have 4 cats.
Love the Litter This is the best product I have used. The cat pan is in the bedroom and there is no smell from the pan. My cat loves it so much he has a field day digging in it. I told my daughter about it and she will try it when she finishes the old litter.
Thank Goodness!!!! We have four kitties and some were avoiding the littler box, even though it was cleaned 2x a day!!! This has been our RX - kitties and me are very well pleased
"Kid's" Love it!!! I have two Cats, which are my "Kids". A big grey long haired with one eye - Max, and a black and white shorthair - Missi. This litter works so well that you'd never know I have cats! It's scoopability is excellent. The other good thing is that there isn't a lot of that litter dust from other brands! Missi and Max thank do I....!!!
ONLY FRESH STEP! My two cats are indoor only cats, and they are the bosses! Febbie is 15 years old and Maggie is 13 years old, their fur is always clean, shinny, FRESH smelling and so is the bathroom. My guests never know where the litter box is! If they could talk I know they would say "we know you love us cause you use FRESH STEP!
Multi cat function I have 3 cats. I have tried other brands from time to time, coupon, on sale, etc., but always come back to Fresh Step. The odor control is great on this, however, I do empty the litterbox(s) every morning, so I really don't allow it to build up odor. I do have clumping issues however. I find that it doesnt really clump as well as it used to. Maybe its me, but it does just tend to be a soggy goopy blob in the box, no matter how deep you make it. The overall smell and the ability to keep bads smells under control are work it though.
A little over rated This doesn't kill the smell as good as other ones do. The multi cat is better than the regular one. I ended up switching do a different litter which both me and my cat are happy with.
The best thing since sliced bread. I have tried many brands over the years but keep coming back to fresh step. I recently tried the multi cat litter and, my cats are happy with it and so am I. The clumping is perfect, does not break apart when scooping. I hate when the clumps break as you are scooping, the odor just hits you right in the face. With this litter I am happy too say that I no longer have to subject myself too my cat's eliminations.:) My son came home the other day and asked if we got rid of the cats, He used too smell the cat's odors. Not anymore, I am very happy :) Great job Fresh Step!!!!!
3 happy cats i have 3 cats and they like using this litter have tried to go back to scented and they let me know they do not appreciate it. it is great and does the job which it is designed for. i would recommend it to any one else who has cats. it is easy to use and comes in a 14 lb box that is easy yo handle.
Kudos! I have four cats and Fresh Step multi-cat kitty litter really takes care of business!!!
Excellent Product! I have to write this review, because I am absolutely astonished at how well this product works! No one ever believes me when I tell them that I only have to do a complete changing twice a year. Of course I only have one cat and I scoop her litter every morning when I wake up. As the litter becomes less in the pail, I refill with fresh litter. Excellent product!
multi cats and no odor I can't believe how well this litter controls odor. I have never had a litter work this well for odor control. I have 6 cats and you can't tell that when you walk in my house.
Go extreme I bought this one on accident and kitties were not happy. I had to clean it two times as much and the kitty poo smell was pretty strong after 2 days. I recommend the EXTREME version.
Great Product I have 6 cats and by far this is the best litter I have used. Surpasses all other brands with odor control and clumping.
Perfect for ailing cats I have a cat that has stomach problems and frequently suffers from diarreah. I've tried a lot of litters and most cant eliminate the smell or clump decently to allow scooping. All Fresh Step products work great, but the Multi-Cat formula really helps eliminates the odor. The carbon keeps the smell from being overwhelming and doesnt announce the cats frequent usage. The clumps stay solid and allow easy removal and dont leave behind a smelly mess.
Best for odor control I've tried all the brands of cat litter and Fresh Step is the best for odor control. I do wish there were coupons available more frequently.
great product i have used other brands but they didn't get rid of the order like fresh step does. i now only use fresh step i can't smell anything when I'm in that room and it is a small room.
Great product! I have two cats and I am very pleased with this product. I have tried other cat litters and nothing compares. The only reason clumping is rated good, not excellent is because pieces break off when scooping.
awesome This stuff is really good, but you need to try their unscented Odor Shield's even better, if that's possible! I have two cats and you can't even smell anything in our small apartment. I love this stuff!
Fresh Step Multi-Cat Unscented Litter I had to put down my 16 year old Calico who used Frest Step. I have grieved on her passing. I have used Fresh Step for many years; have found it to be very good; The cats are using it without difficulty. Clumping is excellent. I miss my older cat. I have two other cats who miss her as well.
Love, love, love this product.. I have 2 cats, one long hair, one short hair. I love the unscented because I don't like the cats grooming themselves with the scented litter.. I love everything about this product. My cats love it also. Thanks for this great litter.
Best Litter Yet I have 13 cats, all strays. They love Fresh Step and if I try something else cheeper, they put their nose up and go outside the box. I have tried many other brands, but I keep going back to Fresh Step! I pride myself in my house not smelling like a litter box when you walk in. I am always asking people if they can smell the litter boxes or the mess my little kids have left for me. I also like that I can use my paw points to get coupons for money off the next box of litter, lord knows we use lots of litter. Thank You Fresh Step.
The Best Cat Litter Multiple cats and extreme FreshStep cat litter are the best cat litters on the marketing in my opinion. It smells good, the cat loves it and it actually works as advertised. The price is also great especially knowing that it actually does what it says it does.
Since I have tried Fresh Step Urine & Feces brand for Multi-Cats I'm sold. I will not buy another brand even if it is on sale. Since I have tried Fresh Step Urine & Feces brand for Multi-Cats I'm sold. I will not buy another brand even if it is on sale. Not only does it make cleaning the cat box much nicer and easier I don't have to buy cat litter as often because when it clumps it doesn't soak to the bottom like most cat litters. You just scoop off the dirty and the rest stays clean smelling and last about 3 weeks longer than the rest so you save loads of money by not having to buy cat litter as often. I have 4 cats and since I have been using Fresh Step Urine & Feces Control a friend came over and ask did I get rid of my cats. That is how good it is. You can't beat it with any other brand on the market and believe me I rescue animals for years so I have tried every brand there is. Fresh Steps passes all of them by far. I love it .
I work two jobs..... I work two jobs and don't always have the time to scoop the litter pan everyday as I would like. I can actually go a week without scooping the pan and there is still no smell! This is by far the best litter I have found yet!
Unscented and oder free We have been using unscented and dye-free product for years and happy to see it now come in a larger size. No problems with oders and daily cleanings are quick and easy to do. Thanks
love it I tried other litters but I always come back to Fresh Step .I think it is the best smelling littter out there.
unhappy Still not impressed with Freshstep's "dust" control - I think Freshstep is the best as far as odor control...but it lacks in dust control - PLEASE fix this problem, I would love to go back to FRESHSTEP.
Not happy campers I have 11 cats and have been having a problem with someone not using the litter box. I decided to switch to an unscented litter and there have been no "mistakes" since I changed. In one of the boxes I am using what I have left of the scented litter. It used to be full every night when I scooped but now only one cat is using it as she doesn't have access to the other boxes. With cats having scent glands 1000 times stronger the humans I can see where this scent would bother some cats. The new litter is much less dusty than Fresh Step. You need to make an unscented litter and I'll buy it because otherwise this litter is very good.
Excellent Best yet!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fresh Step Litter. The products are the BEST!!!!
Love It I don't use any other litter. I have tried tons of different brands and none of the others control the smell.
the Best There Is-Fresh Step Cat litter I bet ive tried every different brand out there-from the clay-to the other clumping brands-And would have to say-this is the best-And i normally have to stock up on it-because if the store i buy it at locally does not have it in stock-i end up going to another store out of town to buy it-Because nothing works better-it clumps the way you want it to-And the urine settles near the bottom and can be all taken out with the scooper-And theres ( NO ODER ) And thats the thing in my house-If you can smell it-Theres a problem-Sure it may cost a little more than some others-But you get what you paid for here-you buy cheap-You end up getting CHEAP results-thanks for such a great product
The best I've ever tried.... I have 2 adult cats, and I have always been brand loyal to fresh step, so we were certain we would not be disappointed by they multiple cat brand. It has worked beyond our expectations, in every possible way. I will continue to be brand loyal to fresh step, and will recommend the fresh step brand to anyone and everyone i know.
Callie I have one cat and the fresh step is the best litter that I have ever used
what happened I have three cats litter trained and have used fresh steps for over 12 plus yrs. I noticed that the litter smells like litter even tho I clean am and pm. Also it seems dustier and the clumps are mushy and sticky. when I use the scoop it is is hard to release it into bag. Cats don't care but I do. What happened to the good stuff??? It still beats that other brand (cheaper) but really wonder if its worth it if it doesn't do the job.
Multi-Cat Odor Control Compared to the regular fresh step, this one really controlled the smell from the litter box. I have two cats and had some issues with urine smell. However, I have noticed a difference with this litter. I really like it. I also like the "extreme odor control" litter as well.
Mr. Sparkles approves!! I have had cats in the past and have used Fresh Step conventional litter. When I adopted Mr.Sparkles I figured I would try the clumping litter. At first, I tried another brand and Sparky smelled horrible. I purchased Fresh Step Clumping Litter. Sparky doesn't smell badly anymore and it works great!!!! We are both very happy.
Fresh Step Multi-Cat Unscented Litter We have three cats and two boxes one medium and one large box. Our cats seem to like the unscented letter better, one of our cats, Ruby, actually has allergies and sneezes with the scented litter. They really seem to like the strength of the odor control and we do too!! One of my cats, Gabriel, cries if the litter box smells dirty. Other litters just didn't have a strong odor control, i.e. Tidy Cat.
Fresh Step litter I love the clay litter but will not use the clumping litter. It is deadly to our cats. I would recomment the clay to breeder friends but not the clumping
BEST litter!!!! This is the best litter that i have found for 8+ cats! exceptional quality for clumping and odor control!!!
Best yet! My two boys use one box, which I clean every night. I try to buy Fresh Step only, particularly the Multi-Cat version, because I think it does the job better than anything else I've tried. I prefer the unscented, and it seems to control odor nicely, even in hot weather when the boys drink a lot. Clumps well, goes a long way. Happy boys!
A MUST BUY! :) I have two cats who LOVE to eat, so of course there is LOTS to clean after. I have been using this litter for a few years now and it has been a life saver. One of my cats had problems with almost all the other litters I had tried and made it clear by peeing on my bed. After switching to the multi-cat litter by Fresh Step, all mine and his problems were solved. I had originally started with the scented one but soon realized the other of my cats was allergic. Needless to say, the unscented multi-cat has made them both happy. The clumping is amazing and the odor control perfect! I havent had any issues at all and have even convinced other family members to switch their litter.
odor control I only have one cat, but this unscented litter for multiple cats works super for me. No perfume smells and no urine odor. Clumps well and is easy to clean the box! I have recommended this product to others and will continue to do so.
Always dependable litter I have had cats in my home for years. I always bought Fresh Step scoopable cat litter. If I had to try another brand because of assorted reasons, I always went back to Fresh Step Scoopable. I really think this new one for multiple cats is top notch. Can't beat it and they think so too because there is no scent to keep them away. Thanks so much.
The best cat litter. I love fresh step I think it is the best ever my cat will only use fresh step.
only one cat We have only one cat but we like to get the multi-cat strength because it tends to control odor a bit more. We live in a small apartment and our cat litter has to be in the bedroom right by the bed. Needless to say we scoop the litter every night to avoid as much unpleasant odor as possible but I find that with this litter we had to change it every other day!. This litter is not cheap so we switched back to our old litter.
Couldn't be happier! I foster mom cats and their kittens for the animal shelter that I work at. When I have 8 cats in the house, I wouldn't choose anything other than Fresh Step Multi-Cat. I started off just using regular non clumping litter that someone donated to the shelter and the smell of all these cats was horrible, but with Fresh Step, you can't even tell I have 8 cats in my house! Its amazing how it clumps to everything in the litter box. I would recommend any Fresh Step product to anyone with a cat.
Improvement! With four cats, this litter is much better than my previous "multi-cat" litter from the competitor. The carbon is much better at controlling odors than baking soda and the excellent clumping makes cleaning the litter box so much easier.
Jade & I love it !!!!! Jade is now 1 year old ...For her early we used crystals and loved them..Well, I tried Fresh Step multi cat (even though I have only 1 kitten. We love this product. I find I do not have to use liners, which she tore to shreds. Stays fresh...easy to scoop....This is what I will use from now on !!!!! Thank you Fresh Step !!!!!
No cat usage smell We have a very small house with five cats and the only place to put the litter box is in my clothes closet. I have had no complaints of odor on my clothes and when people come over they are surprised to learn how many cats we have because there is no liter odor or usage waste smell. We are so more than happy with the product and seems so are the cats. Thank you so much for this great product!
just doesn't last long I like the odor control, and it clumps very well, sometimes too good that I can't scoop it. My only problem is it seems to not last as long as other cat litters. I am wondering if it is because it clumps so much. I don't know, but I have been using for about 2 months now. It just seems like I am buying more frequently, and filling box more.
cats love it My cats absolutely love this litter. Sometimes it's a bit expensive, without a coupon, and I must purchase something else. the cats just paw all around the box, signifying that they don't like it.
Does what it Says Good clumping and good ordor control. We have two cats, one very old and one only 2 years old. My house does NOT smell like cats. Also, I feel like it absorbs well and last long.
This is great! I have four cats and they all love this litter! I've tried other litters but none can compare to the quality and odor control.
Best Out There! I have tried MANY different brands and types of cat litter and this is by far my favorite. No scent and clumps very well, exactly what I'm looking for. My only complaint is that it's a little dusty, but that is typical for this type of litter no matter the brand. Love this litter, won't use anything else!
Best yet........ I have six cats and have been using the scented multicat litter, but I think the unscented is better. When I was using the scented and would add more to the litter box at least one of the cats would start sneezing from the fragrance. That's not the case now that I've switched to the unscented. It also seems less 'fly away' when you pour it.
Both of my cats refuse to use anything else! We've had our cats for about 2.5 years. We started out using another brand, but the odor control and clumping didn't really satisfy us. After that, we switched to Fresh Step. I will admit that I have purchased a few of their competitors kitty liters, because of price, etc. However, my cats refuse to use anything but Fresh Step now that we've made the change! We're definately satisfied with Fresh Step, and feel comfortable using any of their multiple cat varieties!
What happened to the FRESH SCENT ? I have 4 cats and 3 liter boxes throughout the house. In the last few months, I have noticed I seem to be using alot more liter than before, due to the odor. Before, you never even knew I had a cat in the house and now it's really a chore to make sure the odor is under control. What's happened to the odor control in Fresh Step? I have also noticed alot more dust :( I'll try it a few more times and see if was just a few bad batches I've gotten, if not, I will surely have to change brands. Sorry :(
The Best of the Fresh Step Products Don't go for the highly scented products -- your cats will thank you. Some of them had the scent on their paws, and I didn't like it, either -- and my nose isn't nearly as good as theirs! This product does the job, and no strong smells. This is the one I will go out of my way to buy.
Just as good as the old version. But better. My kids like it a lot. They don't carry it on their paws as much as the old one. Smells good!
wonderful I have 3 cats, one is 17 years old one is about 5years old and the other one is 1 and a half years old. I love this litter wont buy NOTHING else.
It's not the same and that is a shame I have been using fresh step multicat unscented litter for many years. I have tried other brands and felt nothing clumps as well or holds odor as well as the old formula. This new formula does not work as well. The litter clumps, but it is sticky and falls apart more easily. I also feel that the odor control is not nearly as good as the old formula. It doesn't make sense that an excellent premium litter has decided to cheapen the product that worked perfectly. I guess I need to look for a new brand, I am saddend by this, my cats have used it for their whole lives and until the changes it worked well.
Multi cats I have 3 male cats with 2 large litter boxes for them. I clean the boxes in the am before work and again in the pm after work. I'll use 3 boxes of the 25 lb every 2-3 weeks - then the boxes are dumped, cleaned and refilled. With the paw points and coupons - the product works great, will last a long time and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Now feeding a Maine Coon is another thing.
Dust Dust Dust Since I have used this new formula one (I bought 3 boxes, I'm stuck for awhile) - there seems to be a LOT more dust than with the previous Multi-Cat boxes I purchased in the past. I am constantly dusting the guest room/office where the cat box is located. Also a box doesn't seem to last as long as before.
Does the job Tryed other brands nothing works as good as fresh step multi luv it
It ain't what it used to be I ran out of litter and had to borrow some from my neighbor. While I have 2 cats, I usually buy the regular, scented, with carbon for odor control. The multi-cat does not have the fresh clean scent as the regular. Actually, even the regular does not smell as good anymore. I could always tell when my cat went 'potty' as she smelled so good. Now I cannot tell so much as the wonderful 'fresh scent' is not as strong. The multi-cat does not seem to clump as well as the original. JMHO
Not Happy w/ New Formula I agree with another reviewer: "The litter does not clump when urine soaked. The litter becomes a mushy mess and sticks to the litter box and scooper." This formula doesn't control odor well, there's a lot of litter dust, and there's a lot more litter on the bottom of my cat's feet/coming out of the litter box and onto the floors. I am very unhappy with this product. And I'm sick and tired of all the "scents". I don't want to mask the scent, I want to neutralize it. Stop with the frickin scents and start making the unscented more widely available - it's NOT always available at my local pet stores.
13 Siamese cats use Fresh Step I rate the new unscented multi cat clumping litter above average. I have 13 Siamese Cats & 14 litter pans throughout my home. Most are in my "Cat Room", a room of my home converted to a cat habitat, with 9 cat trees and stacking kittie condos. This is their "Safe Area" in my house. When stangers are here, they go there to be secure and safe. As you can imagine, odor control is important and every little bit helps. We enploy 4 hepa air filters (each big enough for the whole house) equiped with UV lights to kill bacteria. The combination of Fresh Step clumping litter, along with Air filtration, general house keeping and a regiment of cleaning all cat pans with a bleach solution every 2 weeks, really does help control odor.
Only One I Use I have tried almost every brand out there in the past 10+ years and I always come back to Fresh Step. It's the least dustiest, the most odor absorbing, and the best clumping out there. It's now the only litter I will use. We have 3 cats and believe me, they can get stinky. With Fresh Step, as long as I keep up on the scooping, I never have to worry about odor or falling apart clumps when it's time to clean.
One Satisfied Cat Great Product! While the odor control factor doesn't seem to be quite as good as the multi-cat scented, my cat has no problem with it (I'm probably just used to the other). The clumping is great, and makes for easy cleanup. I've been a fan of Fresh Step since I first tried it over ten years ago. And they've made strides to control the dust as well, which makes ME breathe easier in regards to my cat's respiratory health!
Best Litter on the Market I've tried so many different brands over the years and I always come back to Fresh Step Multi-Cat. I have four cats and this litter is the best for odor control and clumping. I maintenance two litter boxes twice a day, and with Fresh Step I am able to go several more weeks than with other brands before I need to completely change out the litter, thereby saving me money. My cats are happy and I'm happy. Fresh Step Multi-Cat formula is the BEST!!!!
Only one that doesn't stink! I have tried all the litters on the market in the past 13+ years and this is the only litter that doesn't stink. All the other products on the market still stink, but this one(as long as I clean it out every 5 days works great.
Five Cats, No Odor All 3 of my cats have gone to kitty heaven in the last 20 months, but I still care for my grandchildrens 2 cats, and continue to purchase the pet supplies for them. I use nothing but Fresh Step Multi Cat Unscented litter with carbon. Even when we had all five cats, you could not ever smell the litter box. I believe the cats really appreciate not having to deal with fragrance. Smells good to us humans, but their very sensitive noses disagree, according to my veterinarian. I also love the way the litter clumps so solid; makes it easy to clean the box. One day I hope to have a couple more litter mate brothers and they too will use Fresh Step.
The best I've ever used I've tried several other brands and this is just far and above the best...
This product is awesome! I have been using Fresh Step for many years. I was recently looking for a place to move to because I have to sell my condo and I was showing my home to a prospective buyer who later ended up being my perspective landlady when I move. When I asked her how much of a pet deposit she wanted she told me, " I've been in your home and I've seen how clean you are and I couldn't even smell your cats or even tell you had any, so I don't need a pet deposit." Wow! I have 4 cats and she could not smell them all because I use Fresh Step. This litter is amazing and I won't use anything else. Bravo Fresh Step!
Loving Litter We have found a love for litter in our home. It clumps great, keeps odor down even though my senior kitty doesn't like to bury as much anymore!
Tiger's Allergy Bumps Are Gone I don't know why, but Tiger, one of the cats I've adopted because they were abandoned either in the neighborhood or on one of our city streets, had tiny dermatitis-like bumps that only an occasional injection would cure -- but within a few weeks or months, they would return, beginning at the base of his tail and buttocks and progressing toward his head. By chance, I purchased unscented Fresh Step for a single cat last year ... and the bumps gradually disappeared and have not returned. With that many felines, it was only natural that when a "multi-cat" unscented Fresh Step came out, I would start using it right away. The lack of scent doesn't bother me -- in fact, I prefer "non-perfumed" litter -- and my cats, especially Tiger, all appreciate it!
Too BOLD of scent! Multi Cat takes away the odors BUT the scent is TOO strong. My cat now sneezes when he gets out of the box. Will try your other cat litter products to find one not so bold in smell. I dont want to have to leave Fresh Step!!!!!
Multi Cat Unscented Overall very good product and the cats have not shown any unhappiness with it.
AWESOME I think it is the best product you have on the market. My two cats love it better than any other product. Dr. Stan
Unscented, Keep making it! Never quit making Unscented! We searched & searched & this is best for my husband's allergys. When people visit our home, they don't believe we have 4 housecats--because it does not smell like cats! We have used various Fresh Step Uncented (previously perfume & dye free)--best for allergies, best on cost, best on clumping, best on odor control. I do think it has more dust than in past years.
It's pretty good Does a great job keeping the odors down but this product seems even dustier than other Fresh Step litters I've bought in the past.
3 Cats less smell! I think this litter is great for covering up the urine smell from our cats!
This is ok I dont like it, hard to use, everything isnt good.
its the best ! It is great !!! If only we could get rid of the dust when you pour it!!!
Very disappointed I am also very disappointed in the changes to fresh step. I have been using fresh step scoopable litters of all different kinds for over 14 yrs. The odor control is no longer effective and trying to scoop the litter out of the box is horrible. It's like cement in the bottom of the box. I have 4 cats and 3 boxes and 2 cats using the outside of the box. Disappointed that I have to switch litters.
Dust Love the product and would love a lot more if the dust could be improved. It goes through my entire house and I hate it. I would use something else that met the above like this product and was not dusty...can't find one that does it all.
Johnny Cat is Gone forever I used Johnny Cat for 30 years. When I moved to Alaska last year, I tried Fresh Step for the 1st time. I love it and will never go back. I have 4 indoor cats and no one ever smells the box. I just scoop every morning and toss it away on the way to work. I only change the 2 boxes on the first of every month.
Great product! I've used Fresh Step as the primary litter in my house from day one. I don't have a lot of cats compared to other households but I do love the larger breeds and find that keeping the house smelling fresh can be difficult. I've had no problem with odor control and the litter is very scoopable. There doesn't seem to be a lot of dust either, which surprised me.
Love It! I love this formula. I have three cats and you would never know it. Fresh Step Multi-Cat is the only brand I pick up. My cats have little parties in their boxes due to no overwhelming oder of urine or feces.
Sad the formula changed We've been a Fresh Step user for many years. It's the only cat litter my cats would use and now that the formulas have changed, my cats are not happy with the cat litter. Odor control is not as good as the older formula, and I have to change the cat boxes more often. I'm pretty disappointed in this product. The new scented ones are worse, and my cats will go outside the box instead of use them. I've had to mix the clay into this scoopable for them to use the cat boxes, but I still have 2 going outside the cat boxes. If they opt to change the formula back, we'd be forever grateful but I don't see that happening. The other problem I'm having with this formula cat litter is that scooping it out of the cat boxes is like trying to scoop cement. It's so hard to scoop and I've broken a litter scooper already. It's hard to pry off the bottom of the cat boxes. Now that I've added the clay litter, it's been a little easier to scoop, but it's just adding more to what I have to buy and do.
Great Product I wish it were completely unscented (it still has a bit of a scent) but it is definitely the best unscented litter out there. This is the only litter that doesn't cause my allergic cat to wheeze.
Pur...fered by cats My cats perfer this litter. I tried to change to natural litter because it was lighter and no dust but cats would not use it. Changed back and they are now happy. Do wish this litter was dust free. Also I do agree with another review that it does become like mush with urine. It does clog the rake in the auto litter box.
Fresh smelling house. With four cats and litter boxes in the house, visitors are always surprised to learn of our feline population. No bad odors. Just a clean fresh smelling home.
Help finding the litter box.... Besides the attention that 4 indoor and 4 outdoor cats need, along with the toys all over the floor, and food, you would never know we had cats. A couple of friends even asked if they were toilet trained because our house had no litter box odor! Have used the multi-cat formula for a while now and couldn't be happier. The ONLY time I notice odor is when my older cat goes to the restroom and forgets to cover up his business -- OR the litter works so well that he can't smell his own business! :) Thanks for such an exceptional product! Would never use anything else!
Mushy no clumping The litter does not clump when urine soaked. The litter becomes a mushy mess and sticks to the litter box and scooper. The non-multi-cat variety never has this issue.
A darn good litter! Fresh Step is the only litter I will use and believe me, I have tried them all. I have to put our litter box in a tiny bathroom that both of the cats use. You cannot even smell it even if one of the cats just used it. I tried the unscented multi-cat because that is all the store had but I usually buy the scented kind. I will next time if the store has it. This is the only litter worth paying for for multi-cat households!