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Fresh Step eliminates odors so
well, it's almost like not having a
litter box at all.

Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable

This unscented litter is strong enough for multiple cat households, but doesn't have any perfumes or dyes.

  • Activated carbon and plant extracts eliminate odors
  • High quality clay absorbs and traps liquid
  • Free of perfumes and dyes for sensitive noses

With Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable litter, you'll have a litter box so fresh, it's like not having one at all.

  • Multi-Cat Unscented Formula

    Powerful odor control without added fragrance

  • Odor-Eliminating Carbon

    Absorbs odors 24/7

  • Plant Extracts

    Paw-activated to neutralize airborne odors

Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Unscented Scoopable
Help! I can't find my favorite litter anymore! I have used the Unscented Multi-Cat for many years. However, I just used my last box and cannot find it at any of the stores I purchased it from before (mainly Target, but I have checked a few more places.) Help! Please let me know where I can find this as I have tried many litters, and this is the "only" one we love!
Love Love It For years I purchased the cheaper brands of litter. I purchase an electric litter box, and the cover. The box needed a high grade scoopable litter. I started using Fresh Step Unscented MultiCat, that work out great. Then the motor burned out after a year an a half, brought another new box, By that time I could only find the unscented some of the times. So I used the scented, cats would not use that box. Had to take the cover off so the cats would use the box with scented litter. Motor stopped working in 6 months, had replace with 2 regular boxes. Liked you old packaging in the plastic boxes, I manage to save a couple. I have someone pour your bags or boxes, outside (for the dust) into the old plastic pail. Now I can easily carry your litter. I liked your litter much that I kept buying your litter. Great clumping, Great odor control, too much scent in the scented, a little dusty; but all in all great litter.
Very happy with this, but can't find it! I have used the unscented litter since my kitty was a few weeks old and have been very happy with this product. But lately I cannot find it at my regular stores...Target, Walmart, grocery stores. I am hesitant to switch to scented because of the added perfumes and how strong the odor is. Please let us know where to get the unscented!
LOVE THIS LITTER! This litter is great! Great odor control and clumps up really well. I like the unscented better than the scented, The scented litter to me is strong and lingers with my cats after they have used the litter box. :( I don't like my cats smelling like the scent of the litter. ;)
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