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The allure of a bouncing baby kitten is undeniable. But today we’re going to take a moment to appreciate the charms of an older cat, and why they deserve your consideration when you’re looking to adopt.

  1. Litter Box Know-How: While using a litter box is instinctual in cats, kittens are still figuring it out and are more prone to accidents. Mature cats already have the litter box down pat.
  2. Cute & Calm: Kittens are hyper balls of energy. While they are cuddly, especially when sleepy, they are more often zipping around the house at top speed. Older cats are significantly calmer, generally loving to be petted, or finding a patch of sun to nap in.
  3. Cost-effective: Because older cats tend not to be adopted as quickly as kittens, many shelters sweeten the deal by waiving adoption fees for cats more than a year old. In addition, these cats have already been spayed, so you’re saving there, too.
  4. Good with Kids: Older cats are more tolerant of little kids (although let’s be honest, nobody likes having their tail yanked), and generally more gentle.
  5. Good with Seniors: Seniors for seniors! Because older cats are calmer and gentler than kittens, they’re good as lap cats (and petting them has been shown to have a positive therapeutic effect).
  6. Less Destructive: Oh, did you like that Ming Dynasty vase? Kittens tend to think that precious items look better in pieces, while older cats have already gotten their ya-yas out.
  7. The stats are against them: 82% of kittens get adopted, but after they pass 18 months old, only 60% of adult cats get adopted. That means they might spend a long, long time in a shelter — or end up euthanized.
  8. It’s not their fault: Older cats aren’t usually surrendered because of behavior problems. Often, it’s because their owner is elderly or passed away, someone has developed an allergy, or they move to an apartment that doesn’t accept pets.

The most important thing here is that you’d be saving a life. The cute tiny kitten will get adopted in a hot second, but that adult cat — who might only be two years old — will have a much harder time, and be so, so happy to share your home and your heart. Adulting has never been more rewarding.

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