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DIY: How to Make Your Own Cat Toys

All of the fun, none of the cost.

Cats can be picky about toys — sometimes you buy one and they never play with it, or they play with it for a day or two before moving on to the newest, shiniest object. Instead of blowing your budget to keep your cat entertained, give your favorite feline toys they’ll treasure while saving some dough. How? Create your very own do-it-yourself (DIY) cat toys! Don’t worry — these ideas are for novices and experts alike.

Crafty little Kitty.

Let’s get into some crafty, budget-friendly toys your cat will love:

  1. Reuse your wine cork. We all know that our furry friends are easily distracted. So, if you’re a wine lover, recycle your old cork and glue some feathers, ribbons and strings around the cork to create a fun distraction for your cat. Don’t forget to add bells too!
  2. Old shirt, new toy. Instead of tossing your stained t-shirt, cut off some of the fabric and tie it into knots. This will create a bunch of fun playthings for your cat to chase or claw at. You’ll be able to create so many with just one t-shirt, that you can gift them to your favorite cats around the neighborhood.
  3. Keep the good times rolling. When you’re finished with your next toilet paper roll, instead of tossing the cardboard, simply let your cat roll it around and repurpose it into their next favorite cat toy. Your kitty will love to kick around the cardboard cylinder and stick their paws into the center hole.
  4. Sock it to me. Got some singleton socks lying around (and who doesn’t)? Create an irresistible toy by stuffing an ankle sock with fun crinkly packing paper — or catnip, and tie off the end. Voila! An instant use for that one lonely sock.
  5. Kitty doesn’t smoke, but loves a good pipe cleaner. Bend sparkly pipe cleaners into balls or fish shapes, making sure that all sharp edges are either filed down or bent inward. You can even have fun incorporating little bells. This is one toy that you want to make sure Kitty only plays with under supervision because you don’t want her eating the pipe cleaner.

Want to keep the treats and toys rolling in?

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