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Fresh Step eliminates odors so
well, it's almost like not having a
litter box at all.

Fresh Step® Odor Shield Scented Litter

The litter that helped make the Fresh Step® name famous. Activated Carbon, plant extracts, and paw-activated fragrance make litter odors a thing of the past.

  • Activated carbon and plant extracts eliminate odors
  • Clumping clay makes it easy to scoop
  • Paw-activated fragrance technology releases scent as needed

Keep your home smelling fresh with Fresh Step® Odor Shield Scented litter. It stops odor immediately and keeps your house smelling fresh.

  • Odor-Eliminating Carbon

    Absorbs odors 24/7

  • Plant Extracts

    Paw-activated to neutralize airborne odors

  • High-Quality Clumping Clay

    Clumps tight to help prevent leaving behind sticky crumbles

Fresh Step® Odor Shield Scented Litter
best cat litter ever created I cannot express how much I love this litter - have always used Fresh Step but this is by far the best - the package is easy to carry and you can use the bag to dispose the litter - the only thing you need to scoop daily is the solid bits and once a week pour out the rest into the bag and toss it away - I have two big male cats using the same box and it took a day for them to get use to the litter but its been bliss ever since - Thank you Fresh Step - my only complaint - its hard to find on line Petco does not carry it - using WalMart
We Needed a "Fresh Step" Towards New Litter After a recent household move, the good news is that our cat has only done his business in his litter box. The bad news is that he likes to sit in his litter box, particularly when we have guests, be they family or friends, in our home. Hence he was tracking his litter dust everywhere. We would find it on his favorite sofa, on our clothing when he'd sit in our laps, etc. We know cats can be problematic when it comes to litter changes, so we decided to try Fresh Step, first mixing it with his prior litter and reducing portions of the prior litter as we made the transition. He is doing so well, and since using Fresh Step Odor Shield Scented Litter, which seems to have larger pieces of litter, he is no longer tracking litter dust, and we are using less and less of his prior litter, placing it at the bottom of his litter box. A special plus is that we seem to be able to go longer without changing his litter (though we regularly scoop). We don't smell his urine in-between, unlike our prior litter. Success story! We are thrilled. We think Fresh Step is a better quality litter! We are happy campers!
Fresh Step Extreme clay litter. This is definitely the best cat litter we've ever bought. Amazing odor control and high quality cat litter at a very good value.
Fantastic!! Just started using the crystals, and we love it! Not much odor (until it's time to change them out) and easy maintenance! Changing out the box once a month works for us for two cats and with as busy as our lives are, this makes life so much easier and smelly litter box free! Also, the cats aren't tracking it all over the house, and with a 10 month old baby, love that!
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