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CAT CARE > Cat Litter Tips > 8 Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

8 Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Odor control that makes you and your cat happy.

Almost everything about adopting a new kitty is awesome. They’re loving. They’re playful. They’re beautiful. And they can be incredibly calming companions.

But just like the rest of us, a cat has to go potty several times a day. That odor can be, shall we say, aggressive. But here at Fresh Step, we’re the odor control experts, so we’ve got a lot of ways to keep your home smelling fresh and lovely, every day.

First, what makes cat pee so strong-smelling?

Cat pee isn’t so very different from other animal pee. But younger cats have very efficient kidneys, which absorb water very well to keep them hydrated. And they generally don’t drink much water. As a result, your kitty’s pee is very concentrated. And when it begins to break down, bacteria create a strong ammonia smell. And worse, cat pee isn’t noticeable until it’s a problem. You’ll notice that older cats have even stronger smelling pee, as their geriatric kidneys don’t work as well as they used to.

Let’s get fresh.

But keeping your home smelling sweet and not “catty” isn’t that hard, and is absolutely worth it. Take these steps, and when guests come over, they’ll be surprised (and delighted) that you have a cat or two.

  1. Choose the right litter for your cat(s): Got one cat? Got more than one? Is your cat a kitten or a wise elder? From singletons to multiple and older cats, there’s a Fresh Step® litter that’s right for your cat. Find your cat’s litter here.
  2. Clean litter regularly: Scoop out solids once a day, and clean the rest of the litter according to the instructions on the package. Treat kitty to a nice new litterbox once a year, since plastic will eventually absorb odors and be stinky.
  3. Make sure you have enough boxes to go around: If you have multiple cats, you should have a litter box for each cat, plus one extra. So if you have two cats, get three litter boxes.
  4. Take care of accidents ASAP: Sometimes Kitty will go in the wrong area (say, the rug or a couch). Treat that area as soon as you can with enzyme cleaners so she won’t return after she marked her spot.
  5. Get Kitty fixed: Male cats have an even stronger pee scent, and often will spray to mark territory (nothing says “This is mine!” like peeing on it). Getting cats fixed, male or female, will often help avoid these problems — and a host of others, but we’ll save that for another time.
  6. Vacuum it away: Vacuum rugs and kitty litter area about twice a week. It will help keep odors down and reduce pet hair everywhere.
  7. Keep Kitty’s bedding clean: Make sure any blankets and bedding that Kitty sleeps on are kept fresh for her. Your home will smell better, and your cat will love snoozing on a soft, clean bed (and those “catty” odors should disappear).
  8. Wash Kitty’s food and water bowl: Cleaning your cat’s food and water bowl regularly will discourage stinky bacteria from forming, and keep your cat healthier.

Clean and fresh is the name of the game when it comes to keeping odors from forming. Want to keep that litter coming? With the Fresh Step® Paw Points® program, you’ll earn points for buying the litter your kitty loves. Points add up fast, and you can redeem them for free litter and coupons. That way, you’ll get to enjoy more purr time — and less stink time.

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