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7 Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat

You’re literally saving a life.

We don’t like to use the word “hero,” but…actually, yes we DO. Because that’s exactly what you are when you adopt a cat. You’re giving a forever home to a kitten who can’t wait to start off a great life, or an older cat who might have been waiting to be adopted for some time. In any case, you’re truly saving a life — either from euthanasia, or if it’s a no-kill shelter (which we support), making room for another kitty who needs some TLC.

There are so many reasons to adopt a cat — and encourage friends and family to do the same:

  1. Giving a home to a cat who needs one: According to the Humane Society of the United States, every year 2.7 million animals are euthanized in shelters. Every cat (or dog or hamster or bunny) that’s adopted makes a dent in that number, and helps make room for another fuzzy friend who needs help. And the increasing rate of natural disasters means that even more animals are landing in shelters who need homes. Our motto? Always adopt.
  2. Do it for the love: Adopting a cat means opening your heart to a new fuzzy family member, a beautiful new best friend, one that will fill your home with love, cuddles and two-way adoration.
  3. Pets are good for your health: Again, because of the love. Animals have been shown to be emotionally and physically fantastic for their human parents. They provide a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and reduce stress and loneliness. Recent studies have shown that petting a cat releases endorphins and even lowers blood pressure.
  4. They teach kids a sense of responsibility: A cat is a great way to create a connection between a child and an animal, often one they’ll both remember forever. And it’s an easy way to teach that while a cat is fun to play with and pet, he also needs to be fed — and have his litter cleaned regularly.
  5. They’re independent: Cats are perfect for city-dwellers and other busy people because they can entertain themselves (though prefer to play with you). Make sure you still make time to spend with your fuzzy friend: They need snuggles and companionship, too. Though we’re guessing with an irresistible new friend, that won’t be too hard.
  6. They’re litter-trained: Usually, and if not, can be taught fairly easily. Unlike a dog (though we have nothing against dogs, we love all animals), you won’t have to take your cat for a walk outside at the break of dawn or in the cold, dark and rain.
  7. They’re endlessly fascinating creatures: Cats are gorgeous, mysterious little beings who are so much fun to play with, to get to know, to bond with and of course to snuggle with. Love all around.

Sold on adopting a cat yet? Get on over to How to Adopt a Cat — then get yourself to your local shelter to find your new fuzzy friend.

Want to help other shelter cats live their best lives? As a Paw Points® member, you can donate points to your favorite shelter, which they can redeem for free litter, cozy beds and toys.

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