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Happy Hearts Feline Rescue

Manchester, MI
Happy Hearts Feline Rescue is dedicated to providing cats and kittens a second chance for a forever loving home.

We provide rescue, veterinary care and medicine, shelter and adoption opportunities. We are a no-kill shelter.

We have two shelters that are registered with the state of Michigan and working on a third.

Our Board is totally voluntary; we have no staff or employees only volunteers who love cats!

As you can see, we are a fairly young organization. Our first year was spent obtaining our 501c3, developing policies and procedures, locating shelter sites and making sure our organization had sufficient funds to operate a shelter(s) and be successful and sustainable. Our priority is to provide the highest quality of life/care for our feline residents.

Our website is currently under development and should be available by October 1, if not sooner. We are a registered shelter on Pet Finder.

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