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CFA Breed Rescue

Cape Coral, FL
The Breed Rescue Program is here to help purebred cats at risk or in shelters across the country. We, in cooperation with the CFA Breed Councils, are building a coalition of breed specific Rescue Groups who use Home Fosters, as well as locally operated Rescue Organizations for Cats location.
While our main focus is the CFA recognized breeds, our ever-growing network of concerned breeders, pet owners, and fosters work with many organizations to secure the safety of all cats. We also provide Breed Specific Education.

Help Us Reach Our Goal


Our shelter has set a goal to collect 30000 Paw Points®. That’s enough to help us buy 70 boxes of Fresh Step®! If you want to help us reach our goal, donate some of your Paw Points®.

That's 70 Boxes
Fresh Step® Odor Shield products

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TRACY donated 280pts to CFA Breed Rescue.

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