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Paw Points® Rewards

Paw Points® Rewards

Earn Paw Points® by purchasing Fresh Step litter and redeem for feline-friendly rewards. You can also donate your Paw Points® to help kitties in need.

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Buy Litter, Get Rewarded. Here's How.

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    Join Now

    Become a member and instantly get 25 Paw Points®.
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    Earn Paw points®

    Grab Paw Points® for every box of litter you buy. Find out more about points here.
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    Spend Paw Points® on rewards

    Get discounts on litter, covetable cat toys and more.

Pick how to spend your Paw Points®

Get discounts on litter or treat your kitty to a gadget other cats will envy.


Enter for a chance to win one 25 lb. bag of cat litter, every month for 12 months, for FREE. Named 2019 Product of the Year in Cat Care!

Use Paw Points® to help kitties in need

Donate some of your Paw Points® to help shelters across the country buy litter and toys. Paw Points® members donated 7,620,214 points in 2018 alone!

  • Blind Cat Rescue received 7,918 Paw Points® Redeemed for 84 cartons of litter.
    7918 Paw Points®

    Blind Cat Rescue

  • PAWS received 7,140 Paw Points® Redeemed for 120 bags of litter, Whistle wands cat toy and a cat mug.
    7140 Paw Points®


  • Purfect Purbaby Rescue received 1,045 Paw Points® Redeemed for 28 cartons of litter and a self-grooming brush.
    1045 Paw Points®

    Purfect Purbaby Rescue

How do I earn Paw Points®?

You can earn Paw Points® for every Fresh Step litter purchase. Just enter a code from the box or send us a copy of your receipt.

You'll also get:

  • 25 Paw Points® for registering

  • 10 Paw Points® for uploading your cat’s photo

  • 25 Paw Points® for following us on Twitter

  • 25 Paw Points® for choosing a shelter

  • 50 Paw Points® for subscribing to our newsletter

  • 50 Paw Points® for uploading your first receipt

  • 25 Paw Points® for rating or reviewing our products

  • And more!

25 Points For registering

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