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Paw Points® Rewards

Earn Paw Points® by purchasing Fresh Step litter and redeem for feline-friendly rewards. You can also donate your Paw Points® to help kitties in need.

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Buy Litter, Get Rewarded. Here's How.

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    Become a member and instantly get 25 Paw Points®.
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    Earn Paw points®

    Grab Paw Points® for every box of litter you buy. Find out more about points here.
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    Spend Paw Points® on rewards

    Get discounts on litter, covetable cat toys and more.

Pick how to spend your Paw Points®

Get discounts on litter or treat your kitty to a gadget other cats will envy.


Enter for a chance to win one 25 lb. bag of cat litter, every month for 12 months, for FREE. Named 2019 Product of the Year in Cat Care!

Use Paw Points® to help kitties in need

Donate some of your Paw Points® to help shelters across the country buy litter and toys. Paw Points® members donated 7,620,214 points in 2018 alone!
  • Blind Cat Rescue received 7,918 Paw Points® Redeemed for 84 cartons of litter.
    7918 Paw Points®

    Blind Cat Rescue

  • PAWS received 7,140 Paw Points® Redeemed for 120 bags of litter, Whistle wands cat toy and a cat mug.
    7140 Paw Points®


  • Purfect Purbaby Rescue received 1,045 Paw Points® Redeemed for 28 cartons of litter and a self-grooming brush.
    1045 Paw Points®

    Purfect Purbaby Rescue

Earn Paw Points® on the go

You get extra 50 Paw Points for downloading the app. Later, you can take pictures of your receipts on the go and never forget to grab your points!

The Paw Points app on the iPhone

How do I earn Paw Points®?

You can earn Paw Points® for every Fresh Step litter purchase. Just enter a code from the box or send us a copy of your receipt.

You'll also get:

  • 25 Paw Points® for registering
  • 10 Paw Points® for uploading your cat’s photo
  • 25 Paw Points® for following us on Twitter
  • 25 Paw Points® for choosing a shelter
  • 50 Paw Points® for subscribing to our newsletter
  • 50 Paw Points® for uploading your first receipt
  • 25 Paw Points® for rating or reviewing our products
  • 50 Paw Points® for downloading the app
  • And more!
25 Points For registering

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