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Slide the bar to select the color that best matches the urine spot in your litter.

Orange (low pH)
For demonstration purposes only
Here’s what Orange looks like.
Yellow/Green (typical pH)
For demonstration purposes only
Here’s what Yellow/Green looks like.
Dark Green/Blue (high pH)
For demonstration purposes only
Here’s what Dark Green/Blue looks like.
Red/Pink (potentially blood)
You could be seeing blood in the urine.

Fresh Step®
Online Health
Monitor Tool

Need help using Fresh Step’s pH-activated litter to track your cat’s urinary health? Tap below for FREE access to the Fresh Step® Online Health Monitor, designed for use with Fresh Step® Crystals Health Monitoring Litter.


Detect potential illness early with color-changing litter from Fresh Step. We’ll show you what the color changes could mean and point you to online health tips.

We’re here to help, but remember that your veterinarian is always the best resource for understanding your cat’s health. Consider contacting your vet if an abnormal color change persists for more than 24 hours.

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