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Paw Points® FAQ

Got questions about Paw Points®? You may not be the first to ask. The most commonly asked questions are addressed in this FAQ.
  • General Program

    • When can I expect to receive my chosen rewards?

      Physical rewards will be shipped within 6–8 weeks from redemption and digital rewards should arrive in your email inbox within 72 hours of redemption. Please make sure to check your junk folders — sometimes these messages are filtered there! If it’s been longer than that, fill out the form below. You and your cat deserve those rewards.

    • My point balance seems wrong. What should I do?

      Sometimes your computer's cache (this is the short-term memory for your browser) will keep you from seeing the most current information, especially if your point total changed since you signed in. If your total seems incorrect, try refreshing your browser window. Or you could sign out, close all browser windows, open a new browser window, and sign back in. If that doesn't work, let us know by filling out the form below. We’ll get this sorted out.

    • I cannot read the Paw Points® code on the product I purchased. Can you help?

      Yes, we’d be happy to. Just let us know by filling out the form below. Please note, you must submit a separate request for each code that's hard to read on the product you purchased.

    • The product I purchased is on the Qualifying Products page, but is missing the Fresh Step® Paw Points® code. What should I do?

      Oops, our bad. Please let us know immediately by using the form below. And remember, you must submit a separate request for each missing code.

    • Which products qualify for Paw Points® Rewards?

      Click here to see a list of all qualifying products.

    • The Paw Points® code I entered seems to have been used in another account. How come?

      If you entered your Paw Points® code and got the following message: "The code you entered has already been entered," and didn’t enter this code previously, please fill out the form below. Just provide us with your Paw Points® code and the product details. We’ll dig into the issue and get back to you within 2–3 business days.

    • I tried to enter my code but I received an error message. What gives?

      You might not have entered your code correctly. Note that the letters in the code are all uppercase.

    • How can I change my e-mail address or other account information?

      After signing in to Paw Points®, go to the My Account page where you can edit your account information.

    • How can I be removed from your mailing list?

      We’re sad to see you go, but happy to help. Just click here and check the box next to communications preferences.

    • How do I reset my password (or I can’t remember it)?

      If you don’t remember or want to reset your password, click here and follow the directions. We’ll send you an email with simple instructions. If you don’t receive the email, please check your junk folders. You’ll be all set — or reset, as the case may be.

  • General Program

  • Receipt Upload

    • How long do I have to wait from the time of upload until the right number of points show up in my Paw Points® account?

      It may take up to 48 hours for your Paw Points® to show up in your account. We’ll notify you within that time whether your upload was successful or not.

    • Is there any time limit between the time I purchase my Fresh Step® products to the time I can upload my receipts?

      Nope, there’s no limit. But the receipt has to be dated on or after 11/1/2015 .

    • How many receipts can I upload per day?

      We have a limit of 5 receipt uploads daily. But don’t worry, tomorrow is another day.

    • Is there a maximum number of products that are eligible per receipt?

      No. You can have as many Fresh Step® products as you like on a single receipt.

    • Do both online receipts and store receipts count?

      Yes, for online receipts we accept the following image formats; PDFs and .jpgs (including screenshots from your smartphone and scanned images).

    • How do I upload an online receipt?

      First you need to create a digital image, such as a .jpg. This can be done by taking a screenshot of your online order, or snapping a pic or even scanning your printed paper copy. Then all you need to do is upload that image to your smartphone’s image gallery, upload the pic of receipt to the app, and those Paw Points® will be yours (within 48 hours).

    • Is there a limit to how many Paw Points® I can earn?

      Per the Terms & Conditions, a member may earn up to 7,500 Paw Points® per calendar year. Shelters may earn up to 50,000 Paw Points® per calendar year, excluding donated points.

    • My receipt is very long. What are the most important things that need to show on the receipt?

      While we’d ideally like to see the whole receipt, here are the things we absolutely need in order to give you the right number of Paw Points®:

      • --Product Name
      • --Product Quantity
      • --Price
      • --Store name where you bought your Fresh Step® items
      • --Store location
      • --Date purchased
      • --Total amount spent
    • How many inches away should my camera be in order to get a picture of the full receipt?

      That depends on your receipt and device. Make sure you get as close as possible without cropping out the top or bottom of the receipt.

    • What if my receipt is really large? Can I fold it?

      Yes, you can. Fold the center of the receipt to crop out non-Fresh Step® purchases. But always make sure the information included in the list above is visible.

    • Do I need to mark the receipt by putting a check or circling my Fresh Step® purchases?

      Unless your receipt is blurry (and if it’s too blurry, we won’t be able to accept it), there’s no need. If you think the receipt might be a little blurry, then go ahead.

    • Where can I find a history of my receipt uploads?

      Check your Paw Points® account to see the status of accepted receipts, rejected receipts, pending receipts, your Wishlist and redeemed rewards.

  • Receipt Upload

Still Scratching For Answers?

Send us a quick note about Paw Points® questions not answered in the above FAQs.