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Dr. Jacqui

In her practice, Dr. Jacqui sees dogs and cats with a variety of behavioral problems from aggression to house-soiling. She frequently lectures to veteranarians and the public about canine and feline behavior.

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Rotate Toys

Keep cats entertained with interactive cat toys rotated every few weeks. Remember: an empty paper towel roll can be as exciting as a store-bought toy.

Cat Grass Appetizer

Satisfy your cat's craving for vegetation (and save houseplants!) by placing a pot of cat grass nearby. It's found at most pet stores.

Drip Drip... Slurp

Have you ever found your cat sitting patiently in an empty bathtub? Turn on the cold water just a bit—she'll appreciate the fresh drink.

Let's Watch Videos

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Stop Tracking

Does your cat track litter from the box around the house? Place a mat under the litter box where your cat steps to catch litter from her paws.

Privacy Matters

Does your cat love privacy? Place the litter box in a quiet place away from her food — like a bathroom or utility room.

Find the right litter for me

No matter what you litter need is, Fresh Step® litter's got it covered.

Medication Safety

Everyday medications like aspirin can be fatal to cats. If you drop medications on the floor, find them before your cat does.

Preventing Hairballs

If your cat has chronic problems with hairballs, talk to your vet about the benefits of a high-fiber diet.

Dental Care

In addition to dental visits at the vet, cats benefit from regular brushing with a cat-friendly toothbrush and paste.

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