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Dr. Jacqui

In her practice, Dr. Jacqui sees dogs and cats with a variety of behavioral problems from aggression to house-soiling. She frequently lectures to veteranarians and the public about canine and feline behavior.

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Dr. Jacqui

  • Litterbox Clues to Your Cat's Health

    Litterbox Clues to Your Cat's Health

    Topic: Litter

    Caring for your cat's health is a team effort. Important team members include your veterinarian, veterinary technicians and you! You are a critical part of that team because you know your cat better than anyone else and you can identify early signs of illness and bring them to the attention of the veterinary healthcare team. Read More

  • Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh for You and Your Cat

    Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh for You and Your Cat

    Topic: Litter

    Odors are an important part of our daily lives: the smell of brewing coffee starts our day off on the right foot, the perfume of a fragrant rose can lift our spirits and the wafting, rich scents of a freshly baked pie can bring us comfort and make us hungry! Read More

  • Introducing a New Cat to Your Household

    Introducing a New Cat to Your Household

    Introducing a new kitten or cat into your home should be a fun and exciting experience. However, if not introduced properly, it could turn into a fiasco. In general, gradual introductions are advised. The following tips will help the transition be a success. Read More

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Lifestyles

    Indoor vs. Outdoor Lifestyles

    As your cat's guardian, one of the decisions you are faced with is whether to keep your cat exclusively indoors or to allow your cat an indoor and outdoor lifestyle. It is well established that the risks associated with outdoor access in both urban and rural areas are real and significant. Read More