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Welcoming Home Your Newest Family Member

Congratulations on bringing home the cutest cat ever. In addition to having toys, food and a special spot for them, you’ll want to be sure to have the right litter. The guide below can help you choose.

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For The City Cat

Fresh Step® Odor Shield Unscented Litter is formulated for typical cat's litter box usage, with odor-trapping carbon and plant extracts and clumping clay. It's the perfect formula for a fresh and tidy home with your cat.

For the House Cat

For cats that are, well, a little stinky, Fresh Step® Extreme Odor Control Litter takes the odor-absorbing power of carbon and plant extracts to the next level. It features three lines of defense: extreme odor neutralization with Carbon Plus™, bacterial odor inhibition, and 24/7 odor elimination with fragrance technologies.

For Daily Scoopers

If you plan on cleaning the box almost every day, our scoopable litters are for you. Simply scoop out the clumps daily and refresh the litter entirely once a month. The high-quality clay clumps tightly making it a breeze to scoop.

For Weekly Box Changers

If you prefer changing litter once a week, you will love our best-selling Fresh Step® Clay litter. With the odor eliminating power of carbon, highly absorbent quality clay and paw-activated fresheners, its no wonder our clay litter is so pawpular.

For Multi-Cat Households

More cats mean more love. But they also need more odor control. Fresh Step® Multi-Cat formulas (Scented & Unscented) keep high traffic litter boxes clean and smelling fresh with odor-eliminating carbon and plant extracts.

For Boxes That Can Be Seen

For those looking for superior odor control that's easy to carry, we recommend Fresh Step® Crystals Cat Litter. Fresh Step® Crystals Cat Litter absorbs moisture on contact and locks in odors stop odor 5 times better than the leading regular litter. Crystals are soft on kitty's paws and add a nice sparkle to the box.