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Study Up. Litter Science 101

Advanced science goes into
our litter. No odor comes out.


The Secret World of Activated Carbon

Carbon's porous nature traps odors instead of masking them.

Just 5 grams of activated carbon has the surface area of a football field to absorb odors.


The Power to Stop Ammonia

Our anti-microbial ingredient helps stop bacterial odors on the litter.

Anti-microbes inhibit the growth of bacterial odors and ammonia smells.


The Beauty of Absorbant Clay

Formed from ancient volcanic ash, our clay quickly absorbs liquids and traps odors.

Our high-quality clay is formulated to absorb liquid in strong clumps that prevent stinky crumbles.


The Benefit of Paw-Activated Fragrance

Enough to control odors but not over-powering, our fragrance works on demand.

The fragrance is "on demand" and released with paw activation so it's only there when needed.


The Force of Plant Extracts

Plant extracts trap odors before they leave the box.

Plant Extracts eliminate odors before they escape. It's like a natural force field for your box.