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Aren't they adorable?


It’s easy to give your kitty a welcoming space and acclimate him or her to a new fabulous life. Create a happy home and let the love flow.

TAKE IT SLOW: While you’ll be excited to introduce your new furry friend to your friends and neighbors, it’s best to give kitty some quiet time to adjust to new surroundings. A new cat may take a few weeks to get comfortable with a new home and new schedule.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: For the first week or two, keep your cat’s diet similar to what he or she received at the shelter. If you want to change to a different brand or flavor, do it slowly over a period of weeks, mixing the old food with the new.

STAGE THE LOO: Set up the litter box in a quiet, low-traffic area that the cat can always access. Be sure to fill the litter box with 3–4 inches of Fresh Step® litter. Cats need a clean environment and are very fussy about cleanliness, so be sure to clean out solids once a day and clean the rest of the litter according to the package instructions. Leave a nice copy of Cat Fancy next to the box for those longer sessions.

KITTY-PROOF THE HOUSE: Before letting your feline friend loose in the house, be sure to put away any potentially harmful things like cleaning products, medication and any poisonous household items or plants.

TAKE KITTY TO THE VET: Bring your new cat to a caring vet for a wellness exam within one week of adoption. Cats typically should be seen by vets annually in order to keep up with vaccines and other preventive care.